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    It was my understanding that when Ford did the Daimler deal, along with the 10 year no compete, all the tooling went to Daimler. Now Roadway, check the box....From your earlier post.....Not to change the subject, but to this day Ford's abrupt exit of the heavy truck market after designing a whole new series of vehicles for it has to be the most bizarre thing I have ever seen a major manufacturer ever do. Did someone not get the memo? Wonder if there wasn't more to the story. Now you are posting that it was the right thing or words to that effect. So which is it? Again I allude to the fact that this was NOT a blind decision to spend a fortune on HN-80. Are you saying Ford had no financial analysts that did not beat the shit out of this subject before senior management signed off? Do you really think that they were clueless as to how much they could make on say 200,000 HD PICK UPS a year vs 50,000 class 7 and 8 trucks? I don't think so. But I believe when HN-80 was committed the guys at the top were comfortable with the return on heavy trucks and felt it was an integral part of Ford. And I'm sure when that decision was made, there were plenty of "car guys" who had no use for big trucks. All of a sudden Jac the Knife is on the scene and guess who had his ear? Those car guys I would bet. And from all the dumb ass moves he made, my guess is he could very easily paint a picture as to why this was such a good move. I think it goes back to the theory of profitability along product lines. Are there some product lines in ANY company that do better than others? For sure. Do some companies bail out on less profitable products to concentrate on their "core business"? For sure. But not all managements subscribe to that theory. If that were the case perhaps John Deere would only need yellow or green paint!😎 At least that is how I see it-an opinion of course. Final opinion-if Ford made a mistake, they should have truly concentrated on the vocational market-and I include the fleet linehaul market to the ABF's ConWays, etc of the era in that vocational mix. The true "owner operator "large car" market? They should have let that be because Paccar could build the biggest pile of shit and those guys would stand around and say.."isn't it beautiful". And I'm not saying they are crap -I'm just saying you will never get the majority of those guys out of a Pete or KW.
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    Red Horse I think Roadway is right Ford at that time was not rational in the things they did. HN80 was a good idea, but not well done. But I do think Ford made money on heavy trucks, the car side of Ford did not like heavy trucks. The L series cab was designed to be a heavy truck and was well built to the end. With upgrades it would still sell in 2019. Ford could sell just a LT 8000 and LTS 8000 today and do well. HN80 cab was too much like a car and not well built. It is a long time ago but I think Ford owned the baby 8 market in the 1980's and 1990's. The Mack DM 600 was a great truck but a LTS 8000 would do the same job and hold up for a lot less money. Ford Heavy trucks made money for the truck owner that is what counts. The heavy truck side of Ford may of understood there market, but the fools running Ford ( Bill Ford too ) did not.
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    Mack, LF, and Lanova caught my attention as I drove that type of ten wheeler for a construction materials company one summer in the mid-1950s. That dumper, probably a 1950 model, looker okay, but had been wrecked and rebuilt and had a bad reputation, so it was assigned to the junior kid who didn't know better. It tracked like a crab, smoked a lot, and was generally poorly maintained, but it pulled well. On hills it would stay with or pass the yard's new B-63s even when everybody was overloaded by ten tons as was usual. On long flats the LF would show 52 MPH when the new trucks could not break 50. Senior drivers made it very clear they were not to be passed, so those contests ended quickly. The Lanova must have been a big one, whether it was original or not. The main 5-speed box was called "backwards" because first and reverse were in the far right slot and second and third in the near left. The 2-speed behind it was a very low "pit stick"-no splitting. If you started in first high uphill, you stayed there until flat or downhill because by the time you got out of first and across the gate to second you were rolling backwards. At least the clutch was not needed except to start. Its a wonder the kid and the truck survived the summer and it is good to know there is another LF Lanova out there.
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    Roadway is right about L and HN80 tooling I think Ford sold them everything. Freightliner Dealers have Ford heavy truck parts, what is left is few, the right dealer will try to order them. Daimler wanted to kill Ford heavy trucks off and did not make any more parts. I hear same thing about Sterling parts now. That did not make any money on "old L series trucks" is a BS story the clowns running Ford in 1997 used to sell off Ford Heavy Truck. All the fools running Ford in 1997 are too blame for that dumb sale and the HN80 issues that year. Ford could have built 1999 Super Duty some where else, they had under used plants. If the L series was such poor truck why are there so many still on the road today. The HN80 had issues from the start, I knew two truckers that had some of the first 9500 MI specials (tractors, 8 axle dump trains) they had a lot of issues. One told me back then he could not understand how Ford could build a great truck (LTL 9000) and then build the 1997 Louisville 9500, junk. I remember thinking that new Ford 9500 was a great looking truck, till I heard that. This is what I am saying about Autocar today, they can talk all they want , but make it right before they sell it. I do not drink cool aid sold by any truck maker, buyer beware of any truck sold today.
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    1988 R688ST E6 350 - Fresh in frame overhaul 9 speed Fuller Double frame 24.5 good rubber Mack camel back rears -44K Air slide 5th wheel Wet kit Air ride cab A/C truck - not working Rust free clean southern truck $16000.00 731-four four six- eight three zero six
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    Hi everyone, I have just joined up to this great site , I live in England and have been a big Mack truck fan since I was probably 4 . Now at 45 I really want to build a Rubberduck replica out of an R model. Living in England these are obviously not very common at all , however importing from the States is pretty easy. My other passions are my 800hp NASCAR , ex Carl Edwards 99 Ford Fusion and I have owned and raced so many Mustangs I’ve probably lost count . Guess I was just born in the wrong country, growing up in the 70s and 80s every thing I used to watch on tv involved American cars and Trucks , guess that made us like we are 👍. I’m also a big country music fan .Thanks for letting me join . Regards Simon
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    I I would’ve loved to seen that. It’s a shame a lot of great places like this are gone
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    Assembling a Volumetric Concrete Mixer, and thought I'd share a welding trick I learned about and am trying to keep large pieces of sheet metal from warping! Use drywall compound as a heat sink to keep heat from extending out into the sheet. Share your welding tips and tricks below.
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    Look for the flat on the drivers side of the differential and see if it is stamped?
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    Jody, from Welding Tips and Tricks? I enjoy his channel. Saw him giving a lecture at the big Fab show down in Atlanta last fall. The company VP and I were down there looking at Plasma Welders. Heck, I learned to weld cast iron from ChuckE9000 Young fellow, moved from Ohio down to Texas. I needed to weld some cast at work, saw that video and tried it. Worked just fine> Have fixed a few things here at work using SS mig wire and preheating.
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    My father says he’s going tubeless. Thanks anyway.
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    With some nicer weather, in between rainy days, I've been able to dive back into this rig. I've removed the 1" discharge valves from the pump (booster lines and pump to tank), and found that 1 is an akron, but I am not finding any manufacturer name or number for the other two, which look like this:
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    NVGAmerica / May 8, 2019 (The 200-member national trade association for the U.S. natural gas vehicle industry.) https://www.ngvamerica.org/ .
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    Any one ever eat at the Choo Choo Diner in Huntington Village? They would deliver you order to you at the counter on a LGB steam engine and flatcars. Also there was the Rail Car Cafe in Stony Brook. A half dozen rail cars from passenger coaches to a few boxcars for dinning areas. Shame it's now the Curry Club Indian Restaurant.
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    There is a signal marker on the underside of the mirror arm though.
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    Love it-except for that rounded off snout. Brink back the DK look. But one thing that is great from a safety perspective-as many of us have posted, these light groupings where the turn signal is in the same housing as the headlights leave a lot to be desired. the visibility of that turn signal is lost. Bring back the "lollypop"! then the idiot that is trying to get by you on the right as you make a wide swing for a right hand turn has one more blinking light in his face. Granted- that lollypop will cost you .00045 mpg because of wind resistance.😎
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    "The new Autocar DC cab: 1) It's 100% new, 100% Autocar. 2) It's made in America from galvanized steel and a touch of aluminum for strength+weight optimization, tested for severe-duty beatings. 3) Inspired by the classic Autocar Driver Cab with wraparound glass and tons of operator space. 4) The dash has a steel structure and aluminum panels with exposed fasteners for serviceability. 5) Inside, more authentic custom metals, less plastics. 6) 100% #BadtotheBone #AutocarDC #AlwaysUp" .
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    "Now that we revealed the new #Autocar #DC-64R purpose-built conventional refuse truck, the wraps are off the truck we had hidden as a teaser in our WasteExpo booth. It's the 1990 Autocar ACL64B rolloff graciously loaned by All American Waste in New Mexico. Thanks to Carmine Capone and his family for sharing our celebrations of the new #AutocarDC. #AlwaysUp" .
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    1971, 22k ft 80k rears, winch, 14.00r24 rubber. Awesome looking ramp up to the fifth wheel. Just an awesome truck
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    That's how it works here, I still have a a couple of L series & It's surprising what they still have in Stock. Though lately I do get told a lot "that part is NLA"
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    Why do a cab when you can buy a new roof panel from Mack for less then a used cab and 75% less work. Call Barry at Watts Mack the owners of this site and talk to him. Address: Watt's Truck Center 8059 Route 22 Po Box 707 New Alexandria, PA 15670 Telephone: 888-304-6225 Fax: 724-668-8173
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    I see that as well now. I'll place an order for that. I also have a 2005 CHN613 but do not see an option to select CHN, only CHU. Hopefully the schematic I purchased originally is the right schematic for my other truck. Thanks again for the help.
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    The "Tractor Guy" hauling a Ford and GMC. The Mack isn't powered by a 2 cylinder Johnny Popper.
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    Redmond Washington. Not mine https://bend.craigslist.org/grd/d/redmond-mack-truck/6882280378.html
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    Seems like a good price...$25 each, free shipping. https://www.ebay.com/itm/372667774391?ul_noapp=true
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    Apparently a fella in Toowoomba owns that now Paul
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