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    The "Tractor Guy" hauling a Ford and GMC. The Mack isn't powered by a 2 cylinder Johnny Popper.
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    I really don't know anything about Brian, nor the business. However he did me right through an unseen internet purchase, (I feel) and only relaying the same. I've heard horror stories myself, but in a world where most look to discredit and spread hate for whatever subject they can participate in, credit needs given where due and his business seems to be successful as it's been around a lot of years. He is not one of those vendors I would "blanket" disregard if there was something of interest to me. Just my thoughts; sorry if any disagree.
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    Well, I certainly hope the Autocar hyperbole lasts longer than the 18-odd months the HN80 party lasted. But, everything I have seen of the Autocar conventional so far leeds me to believe this is a very serious effort. Not to change the subject, but to this day Ford's abrupt exit of the heavy truck market after designing a whole new series of vehicles for it has to be the most bizarre thing I have ever seen a major manufacturer ever do. Did someone not get the memo? Wonder if there wasn't more to the story.
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    Powered with a Mack 510 gasoline engine.
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    It's amazing what can happen when you listen to your customers!
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    I have 2 steering, and 2 outside drives with 2 steel insides. Wheels have 6, 10.00x20 Michelins, 2 steering tires have some cracking and the 4 matching drives have been flat spotted from looks like being drug. I can bring with to macungie. $425. It was raining when I took the pictures. They where off an old firetruck.
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    Talk about a stout truck. https://www.truckpaper.com/listings/trucks/for-sale/20855687/1970-mack-dm800
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    First run up for a number of years. just over 300 hours run since 1949.... Fire It Up Friday - delayed till Sunday! I was going to do this on friday but the combination of rotten weather and work for clients kept me inside the workshop rather than outside working on one of my own projects. Which in this case is an unusual Mack LFSW , super rare on this side of the Atlantic and one of 8 built in 1949 for the newly-formed Central Intelligence Agency. Four of the 8 made it to UK where, painted in USAF colours, and fitted with generating sets, they prov...ided power for communications trailers. They were eventually sold off and 3 of the 4 ended up on the Dalmeny estate near Queensferry destined to provide power for rock concerts, although this was short lived. This one had a crane mounted on it and was used in the somewhat more modest role shifting timber. Even so it has only 300 hours on the clock. It was dragged off the estate a number of years ago by a chap who got it running but then decided that as a project it was a little ambitious so it has come to live with us here in Cumbria. It has taken me a further number of years to get to grips with it, let alone get it running. So with everything cleaned repaired re- plumbed and generally tidied, and with what was probably its first oil change since 1949 it was time to see if it would strike gallop. Anyway, apply 24 volts and see what happens.....
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    Brian is a good guy with a passion for the same thing that all of us have. He has put his money where his mouth is an what is shown on the internet is the tip of the iceberg as to what he has. He just last week bought a dm800 that is far cooler then the one listed for sale.....
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    Why do a cab when you can buy a new roof panel from Mack for less then a used cab and 75% less work. Call Barry at Watts Mack the owners of this site and talk to him. Address: Watt's Truck Center 8059 Route 22 Po Box 707 New Alexandria, PA 15670 Telephone: 888-304-6225 Fax: 724-668-8173
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    On the Ford thing......I watch some cars shows on the weekends on tv when I'm having breakfast. A couple years ago I was watching Autoline Detroit and they had some execs from Ford on the discussion panel. They were saying how Ford is going to get back into class 8 trucks in north America because they feel they once again want to offer a full commercial portfolio. They wanted to be able to offer everything from vans and F150's all the way up. The most interesting thing he said was "we still own all our old tooling and dies." I wonder what ever happened to that plan? And what tooling do they still own? The old Louisville stuff or Sterling era stuff?
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    I think classic case of corporate infighting. You are right-bizarre is the word. Think of it. How many millions did they spend on the design and as someone previously noted, he saw mules running around as early as 94. Think of the study that went into this BEFORE the huge expenditure was approved. The lesser profitability of heavy trucks was I'm sure a known factor when that decision was made-and understood-not all facets of the business produce the same rate of return. By 98 Jac Nassar was in control and doing all sorts of stupid stuff-like buying junkyards so.."we can study parts failures"- etc etc. And for sure there was a faction by then that looked at only one thing-the profitability of every vehicle. Not a bad thing-but it is a lot more complicated than that I'm sure. And recognized and accepted when HN-80 was authorized. Had Jac not have been on the throne at that point, my bet is Ford would still be cranking out big trucks in Louisville.
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    Originally belonged to the "Boogie Man" you were warned about. I too did not realize he was a truck driver also. I just thought his job was to scare the living shit out of young kids????
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    Think someone has beaten Him to It...... http://dashdesigncorp.com/
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    The max HP rating for a export MP8 with no EGR is 440. I’ve seen 3 major engine failures on low mileage deleted MP8s . One I know was a 505 , the other 2 I’m unsure on HP. I would feel better if the EGR was not deleted but the DPF/SCR was
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    He really is not a bad guy in my opinion. I purchased my drop deck from there and once here it was much worse than he thought. My photos proved it. He offered to reverse the transaction if I returned the trailer, or refunded enough from the purchase price to pay for the steel to replace the complete neck after I submitted an estimate. This is what I elected to do and the trailer has served me well. Again this is back when I knew how to do this kind of crap: These days I need somebody to show me how to tie my shoes.....
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    A lot of the first and a bit of the second...I have most of the parts for it bar the drivers door. We restore quite a few timber framed truck cabs and car bodies so it is not beyond repair. It is a sleeper cab I also have a second LFSW from the same batch with a slightly better cab so that will help too. Oh and I must admit I thought that it was relatively quiet - it had no exhaust system on at all. Plus my recovery truck was running alongside it with the jump leads attached because I thought that I was going to have to spend a while bleeding air from the system, which proved not to be required as it started pretty much straight away having primed up the lift pump and filled the fuel filter bleeding off the air as I did so.
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    My Superliner is spec'd: E9-500, RTX15715, 44K cast steel housings, 4.64, double frame.!! Purchased new in the spring of 1989 @ South Kentucky Mack truck sales in Somerset, KY. Showing 150K miles and still sporting all original paint.
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    Been a while since I posted so I thought ya'll needed to know I still own it. Hauling my 700K this week. My Super Liner and me are celebrating 30 years together.!
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    Interesting. A B733 would have had 262 HP. Sort of funny that the interior picture is from a standard B cab truck not a B with L cab (CA31). Ooops!
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    More parts printed: Door latches Emblems Horn button If there's interest, I can custom print emblems The blue parts are plastic (PLA) and as-printed without any cleaning. I spent about 10 minutes cleaning the blue parts and then sprayed them with primer. Another 20 minutes detailing can make a big difference Plastic can be chrome plated, but it requires a lot of prep work as every flaw will show The Horn Button Still tweaking the pieces Three pieces Super-glued together Will need detailing to look smooth like the original I'm not sure the hardware for my horn button is correct - the button is too far above the steering wheel Door Latches Not sure how the plastic will hold up. It wouldn't pass today's requirements of: Double lock Door beam Roll-over test 500lb Gorilla tugging on the handle But, they're better than what's on my truck If there's interest, I could make a mold and cast them in brass or bronze (or alum or...)
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