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    Worked every day this week and is doing good. The transmission is definitely a change but for the better so far. Rob and some others had said that the power curve would feel a bit flat, and that’s a pretty accurate way to describe it. My driving habit has always been to “short shift” and it seems to really like that. It doesn’t need to be wound out before you shift it like it did before. I am going to work it a while and then I’m probably gonna take Rob’s advice and and have the pump calibrated to 300+ settings and try to fit my chassis mounted cooler. It’s gonna have to make some $$ for a while first. Lol. The air ride cab and all the insulation and new rubbers everywhere is sooo much nicer. Got cold a/c and a pretty good stereo too. But I’m still cruising with the window down because I love the way the 6” straights sound. Lol. Took forever but I’m very happy with the way it turned out. Thank you guys for all the free help and advice. I really appreciate it
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    After looking at that new Autocar I would say Diamond T needs to step up their game if they want back in. That Autocar looks light years ahead of the DT. Wonder if they will step up?
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    As an update on the project, I’ve got everything back from the blaster except the 3 axles. All the stuff I have back has been primed and painted. I ordered a Hougen HMD904S mag drill with the fabricators kit and any additional bits I should need. That should be here tomorrow. The frame rails showed up last week. Additionally, I went to the local spring shop and was blown away by how helpful they have been so far. The front springs and hangers are a mess, all the bushings and pins were junk and some of the hangers are beyond repair. They actually had nos hangers and pins in stock. They are gonna take the springs apart and install new rollers, bushings and centering pins. I also brought the air liner springs and they are gonna install new bushings and center pins in those as well. The spring shop is Palmer spring in Woburn, Ma., they are the oldest spring shop in America (EST. 1849). and they are definitely cool and helpful to people like us who have old, and odd stuff. Andy
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    Here she is, gents. Looks almost like a Paccar cab (photo not my own)
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    Anyone else as excited and aroused as I am?
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    If you haven't been to the Mack Museum in Allentown, this is a glimpse into what they have to offer. www.macktruckshistoricalmuseum.org
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    Likewise-if its vocational no need for aero-and besides, all that plastic fairing shit gets ripped off when you back into the job site that is half cleared of brush -trees😎
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    I see more International HX in that cab. How about it KSC- are the International cabs done by an outside builder? as for the grill IMO I think too much 40's A-car. Square that up a little and its looking like a true A-car! And let's face it-this thing is going to be a true vocational truck I would imagine so aero is the least of the attributes they would have to be pushing. Nuts and Bolts A-car toughness is what will sell. As well as simplicity.
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    I think the power train was getting a bit tired. But I hear you-when you listen to the horror stories today with new stuff, I always say, if you have old solid iron, put the money in that and you will be ahead of the game. In particular old Macks with true Mack power trains.
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    I was out by the steam shop over the summer and caught a glimpse of them moving 3985’s tender around the yard, I thought they were just moving it but that’s what they used, that way they could save time on the restoration. 4014’s real tender is right outside the steam shop with 4014 still written on it. It’s great to see it back on the rails, I had planned to go out and see it running but stuff got in the way. Only UP could do a huge restoration like this, and considering it was still in a bunch of pieces a few months ago shows how truly amazing it is that it’s back on the rails. Can’t wait until 3985 gets Becks on the rails and we can see a huge triple header. They also sometimes use these engines to help out diesels in a pinch, and both Big Boy and Challenger are both well suited for that. I love preserving the history of steam that built this country. Have some picture I took while I was out there. 3985’s tender I mentioned which is now being pulled by 4014 The engine I have photos of is 4004, another big boy, which is a static display in the park by the steam shop. Even saw this Mack being used as a billboard in South Dakota along the way there.
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    I can't wait to see more pics of the cab. I see so many components of that truck that look like they are from suppliers that are used on other makes. Do you think it's all an in house build or is it sourced from other manufacturers? Their low cabovers are still well liked in the refuse industry and now with this I can see them taking some of the roll-off, dump and maybe even ready-mix markets.
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    For there first shot at a conventional in a long time it looks promising. If this thing is specked and priced right I think they could sell some trucks. them showing it as a vocational truck means they want back in the game. Its refreshing to see a old name out here trying something different. you can see they went a little retro but stands out as a modern truck as well. Looking forward to its release
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    Holy sh!!!!!!!!!! They did build one. Well they beat the T-Line guys to it. That looks like a cross between everything out there. When I look at it I see International HX, Peterbilt, Granite, Freightliner with a 1960's Autocar grill styling. I can't wait to see the interior. I hope it works out for them. Thanks for posting Engineer!
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    Volvo must have the same issues. No? Keep it under 400 HP. No wonder they are out of heavy haul. It sounds like increasing bolt cross section might be the answer provided there is enough head meat to allow this. Selling more injectors/cups/labor vs loss of market share is a no should be a no brainer. It used to be that field testing new products should take about 18 months to correct design defects. May bee Volvo thought it was 18 years.
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    Paul, Do NOT quote me but I THINK it is about 50/50 maybe 70/30 in favor of loaner trucks??? Hopefully someone will have a better answer.. Maybe some year you and the Princess can make it up to the Macungie show.
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    SM Fire History , try his guy he has tons of 'L" Mack parts , located near Hershey ,Pa. ,PA and most states in the north east the F.D. where big buyers of Macks Cal Little ( Pine Hill Restorations) 329 pine hill rd. Hummelstown,Pa.17036 717-566-8973
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    Using worn swedge tools, improper torque procedures, using stretched hold down bolts, not sucking oil out of the injector hold down bolt bores, techs in a rush, oh....and just a poor design that really has yet to be updated. 60series had a similar combustion gas to fuel system issue so meh.... Job security
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    Volvo has had the injector cup problem in the D12 and their other engines before the D11,13,16 and MP7,8 and 10 came out. Back in 2008 I went to a Mack engine class on the then new MP engines. In the class there were also techs from some Volvo dealerships. The instructor kept going over injector cup installations. After 4 + hours on injector cups , I asked what’s the big deal with the injector cups, the Volvo techs laughed and said I needed to pay attention because I would be using my new knowledge and they were not kidding.
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    Following!!!! Here's mine 💪
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    Finally got around to the 80 gallon fuel tanks I snagged off a 97 FL80 Freightliner. Acid washed, sanded with 400/800 then polished.
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    And in construction, heavy haul, etc etc.🙄
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    Good for Autocar. Volvo seems to be pissing away Mack's dominance in the refuse business.
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    35 years ago a friend was getting into paving and was looking for used equipment to save a little money. i knew one of the local contractors was selling a roller and a few trucks, so i took Al to see him. when he said 10 grand for the 1958 Galion 6 ton rollomatic roller, i knew he was having a bad day and said see ya later. he was normally a nice guy, but for some reason he would not sell that damn roller. for about 5 years whenever we asked about it he said "10 grand. take it or leave it. i got it , you want it. pay my price or get out" in 1990 he died, and later that year they held an auction. we bought that roller, a 1980 F350, 1989 eager beaver 10 ton tag along trailer and a 1980 Autocar tandem dump for $4,500. at the end of the auction when we were paying, his daughter came up to us and told us she was glad we got the roller and trucks, because if we did not buy them they most likely would have gone to the scrap yard. we later found out the F350 and dump trucks both had brand new engines in them. the 350 blew the engine due to lack of oil and only had 500 miles on the engine, truck only had 22,000 miles on it. autocar had a brand new 390 cummins in it. the truck was hit the year before and the car cracked the block when it hit the front axle. new front axle and engine, then it was never put back on the road, but used to empty the asphalt plant. 125 miles on the engine, and 94,000 miles on the truck all were still in use when Al died from a heart attack last year.
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