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    If you haven't been to the Mack Museum in Allentown, this is a glimpse into what they have to offer. www.macktruckshistoricalmuseum.org
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    It's not an LTL, but here's an old LTS I've owned for the last 19 yrs..
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    Ex-White Oak DM at the IUOE 478 hall 2stacksuperdog doing his thing with Grimace at the local DOT salt shed My friend's 1967 DM815 waiting to get restored eventually. Spent most of its life as a tractor with a 864, then that blew and got a reman 285 put in and a few years later the dump body was added. Will likely be a tractor again. Side note...last few months I've seen one each new International and Paccar tractors for Herb Holden. Manafort's KWs seem to be multiplying. Tilcon dumped 3 R models at the auction this week: 2 ex-Balf lube trucks and a water truck.
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    It took a while but finally got the 7.00 X 17 demounted. Probably been together for 70 years. The tire is junk but hopefully the rim with non split ring can be saved for use or as a spare. Now, gotta clean the shop floor.
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    Yup guess all the manufactures have their crosses to bare ! that said ! Get tired of Us looking like fools or being blamed for faulty installs bla bla bla! We have been experimenting with simply torquing ,see how it goes This bullshit torquing backing it off tightening it twice shit ain't workin. After all tightening it and loosening it is hardly different than using the bolt over in my mind !( I stand corrected if it can be logically explained! ) so if they ain't going to fix it! we are forced as usual to try find a better solution! For the sake of trying to save face ! All a steer can do is try! Or Keep doing the same thing over and over ! Definition of crazy ! / Forced obsessive compulsive disorder! defiantly job security How ever there is no shortage of work! with all the other dollar store bits and pieces they use to build the rest of the truck with!
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    I see you had the saw on the floor at the ready just in case.
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    Business end of my 95 rd688s doing business.
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    I'm Rick. I've got a medium duty renault with a mack badge (ms200p) for a toy hauler Joined to hopefully get a little help. I need either rotors or a front axle swap *sigh*
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    The injector yokes are beefy & cup basement is thick. Find a fed-up guy who has an old engine that burns a little oil and has chronic cup leakage. Drill yokes a size up and tap the cap screw one size up? Install a 12.9 bolt and lay into that prick just short of injector distortion. Worse case would be bore shoulder collapses dropping injector into the cylinder and it's reman time. Best case he never has another injector cup leak and Mack sends a hitman to kill you for all the injector sales you cost Volvo.
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    Used to be common on Rocket mixers.
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    Welcome to the forums. Few guys here with Midliner backround. Should be able to help you out.
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    They got all the good out of this circa 1945 Autocar.
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    I'm of the opinion; It'll be before 2023.... But I have been wrong before...
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    A mild recession in 3rd qtr 2019 A more significant recession by 2023.
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    You'll see some trucks with steel bumper center sections, and plastic wings that bolt on so they're easy to replace and won't cut the tire.
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    That will buff out...
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    Damn your hard on equipment!! .....Hippy
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    And a few years later. .........
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    Ok, my small addition to the thread. Spotted this Granite in November 2018 not far from Bethlehem CT. Not ready to name the company, the guys provided pavement works. Sure not a state of the art picture but at least it's not Volvo or Pete.
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    About, close to, around, whatever.....we have fooled around with a few and found some have been torqued as high as just under 60ft lbs. Like it or not that's what we have seen. With age, temps,materials, mating surfaces and heavy versus light use duty cycles/applications of the engines, it almost seems the cup design is just not meant to last.
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    Denis Yaworski's beautiful R model at his yard about a year and a half ago. Thought it made a good photo op with my F350.
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    When you torque the inj. hold downs to 15 ft/lb, 180 deg, back off to 7-8 ft/lb, torque to 18 ft/lb and torque turn to 90 deg that averages 45-50 ft/lb. Therefore there is no way when backing off a bolt that you are going to get 60 ft/lbs. Several years ago there was a recall that require retorque/check of MP8 injector hold downs and the torque spec was 45 ft/lbs. It may be that is the problem, not tight enough. But, what do I know, I'm not an engineer, just a dude that fixes their mess ups.
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    Usually they also have one on the passenger side of the block near the back, near the air compressor.
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    Always good to see rd and rb models working. Cherry on the top was finding two rusted b models hiding behind buildings.
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    As well as a 10 speed transmission. FW
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