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    Here's a Aussie one with a Bit of Weight on..
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    Finally got around to the 80 gallon fuel tanks I snagged off a 97 FL80 Freightliner. Acid washed, sanded with 400/800 then polished.
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    Figured I'd post a few pics. Grey one is a 93. Was a 350 but not anymore. Old school double over. RTX 14609B with the back half of a RTO 14613 3.91 rears. 15.3 pistons, stg 2 injectors and blixxton with a big s475 turbo 99 is a 460 with the blixxton. 18 speed 4.42. 44k rears 14.3 front. The 93 will walk all over it still
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    And in construction, heavy haul, etc etc.🙄
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    Volvo Group / April 22, 2019 .
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    There are still a ton of fords operating in St. Louis as dumps, mixers and roll offs. Here are a few from the past couple days. I love old workhorses rocking spokes.
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    A 1952 or 53 White WC for RT Curtis Concrete in Barre, MA with a Rex mixer pouring some concrete in 1964.
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    I wonder how many old macks are hiding around in garages and back fenced in areas of the big cities. Probably a gold mine out of sight out of mind.
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    It doesn't need to be filled to the axle center line, just barely above the bottom of the axle tubes so oil will flow to the wheel bearings. Also, as the ring gear spins it should swirl the oil outwards, helping to circulate the oil to the wheel bearings. As you make turns and go over uneven terrain oil should flow back and forth from the wheel bearings.
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    also unsure how ever 38 psi on a 350 is quite high average boost on a Stock 350 Might see 30 psi 38 psi I would expect to see on a 454- 427
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    It is Asian...Chinese actually. It's the old Hongyan cab, produced by cab manufacturer Qixing. http://www.qixingauto.com/html/products/cabin/
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    I pulled the outer bearings and filled the hubs, and put another 1-1/2 in the center through the vent. Should be 8-1/2 qts now.
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    Make sure snow plow pump housing is nice and clean, lots of stuff builds up over years of use. Flush it out real well.
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    A little snarky for your first ever post. Much more productive to ask if there is a follow up to the situation because you might be having a similar problem.
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    Good for Autocar. Volvo seems to be pissing away Mack's dominance in the refuse business.
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