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    After about 3 plus years pulled the truck out of the shop for some insurance pictures . Truck was built March 1961 third of an order of twenty four for Genesee Valley Transportation Inc. Buffalo, NY. Painted to U.S. Post Office Specifications . Used by Genesee Valley Trans to haul mail. I could have finished the truck about a year sooner if I did not spend some much time looking for the last tool I was using .
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    just acquired a 1961 G-75 LT with ENDT 673 engine, and triplex trans. what kind/weight of oil should I use? thanks for your advice!! thinking of rotating engine with starter with fuel shut off, for a few times and hope to see oil pressure, over a week or so. then changing oil and fuel filters and hopefully starting the girl. any other suggestions? existing fuel in tanks looks clear and clean.
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    Mack makes a great truck and this is the site for people who like them, I literally grew up in Mack trucks so I keep going back to them, my first Mack was a B61 with factory sleeper, 673 and triplex, single axle with tag, last new Mack was a Granite with a 460 from the Mack dealer in Montgomery NY, Great truck no power, would have to split a gear just to make it over small rise on the interstate, it did not stay around long, this is a great site for help with problems, also great place to be reminded why you don't want to buy a new truck, I like the pictures and the stories, as much as I like the my Macks I hate the transmissions, great little motors, really well built truck just bad trans, but that comes from our experience and some others do fine with them, that's great for them. Odds and ends is great because on this site the intelligence level might be a little higher than some other places, but if you don't like what you read don't read it, reminds me of the pastor who went and watched a certain porn movie and then went around telling people how bad it was, when you find people who do not speak or debate subjects you tend find people who cannot figure out how their 14 year old daughter got pregnant, those that want to do away with threads that do not match their thoughts are the ones who cannot debate their ideas because they know they are wrong but continue to live in their own dark little closet trying to convince themselves they are right. If positive comments about Trump bother someone they should not read it, fact still remains that Trump has done a great job for this country and Obama was the worst which makes Carter feel great. If you’re a man that's grown a vagina than maybe you should get a vaginaloptomy and grown some man stuff, you might see things in different light. BMT is great, I hope those that are missing are fine, some people have problems and like to keep to themselves, some need support from others. MAPA- Make America Poor Again, Vote Democrat
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    Heavy haul tractor.
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    The piece of crap that was in the White House last said you would never seen unemployment down where it is today, also said that those manufacturing jobs were gone for EVER, EVER he said, really what happened, we have a President that grabs a little Volvo, better than grabbing a Weiner, calls out Rocket Man, tries to find out who really screwed up the election (Clinton) brings back oil, has really lowered unemployment, is really trying to fix the southern border problem (less warren/sanders voters) if the guy pooped out gold bricks and cured cancer the America hating left would still find something to impeach him, how about we impeach THEM, how about we declare the Democrat party a Terrorist group, they really hate America and really try to harm us, all the left talks about is about everyone else in the world and what they think, who cares what they(any other country ) thinks, how about we the working people of this country think, do you live by what others think or what is right for you ??? Impeach the Democrats and declare the them Terrorists.(not the NRA).
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    Saw this the other day at the Granite State Show. It is an ex Barnhart Crane and Rigging and believe it is the one that Hobert spied doing some work in his neighborhood a few years ago. https://www.bigmacktrucks.com/topic/45748-a-big-cool-mack/?_fromLogin=1 What a BEAST!
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    Well I borrowed a truck from some very good people and hauled my Mack home today. So yes I have a Mack and a shop in the same town!
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    The High School on my road is getting the parking lot repaved and the contractor hauls their paver with a B75. It's always nice to see an old dog still at work! It looks pretty good and well cared for.
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    Plus a Mack ED hiding behind three Super's.
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    Had a few extra minuets today so I installed the BCII 400 and 15 spd.
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    Heavy duty, heavy haul.
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    More better upright. Nice catch to put on film!
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    Rugged harvest farm truck. No worries from ECMs, ABS, DEF, regen,.....
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    Nice clean example with a little bling.
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    Today is Vietnam Veterans Day and today we remember. The day was originally known as Long Tan Day, chosen to commemorate the men of D Company, 6RAR who fought in the battle of Long Tan in 1966. On that day, 108 Australian and New Zealand soldiers fought a pitched battle against over 2,000 North Vietnamese and Viet Cong troops in a rubber plantation not far from the small village of Long Tan. The Australians prevailed, but only after fighting in torrential rain for four hours. They were nearly overrun, but were saved by a timely ammunition resupply, accurate artillery fire from the nearby Australian base, and the arrival of reinforcements by armoured personnel carrier. Eighteen Australians lost their lives and 24 were wounded, the largest number of casualties in one operation since the Australian task force had arrived a few months earlier. After the battle the bodies of 245 enemy soldiers were found, but there was evidence that many more bodies had been carried away. On the third anniversary of Long Tan, 18 August 1969, a cross was raised on the site of the battle by the men of 6RAR. Veterans from the battle gathered at the cross to commemorate the fallen, and the day was commemorated by them as Long Tan Day from then on. Over time, all Vietnam veterans adopted the day as one to commemorate those who served and died in Vietnam. In 1987, following the very successful Welcome Home parade for Vietnam veterans in Sydney, Prime Minister Bob Hawke announced that Long Tan Day would be known as Vietnam Veterans Day. Since then, it has been commemorated every year as the day on which the service of all those men and women who served in Vietnam is remembered. The Vietnam War was Australia’s longest military engagement of the 20th century. Almost 60,000 Australians fought in the war and more than 500 lost their lives. Vietnam Veterans Day is commemorated on 18 August every year. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan which would become one of the most extraordinary chapters in Australia’s military history. I have copied and pasted this as quicker than me typing a mess up here and making a hash of it to all the blokes who fought in that war and all the wars that Australia gets involved in thank you Paul
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    Standing tall and is almost at the end of the line for the B model.
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    my backyard in Iowa, and looks like thats where it's gonna stay unless I wanna see it turned into either a farm truck,a mudding truck,or god knows what overseas. I really thought there'd be some serious interest in such a rare piece of history.
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    I found this and the pics on the Fecesbook-inter-web-o-gram where some lucky guy found an original Waylon Jennings Mack. Such an important music icon and part of Western American culture and history that it deserves to be restored, displayed and enjoyed by future generations. AMAZINGLY COOL BADASS FIND!!!
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    A fine example of Mack's exceptional COE. It appeared to have LED headlights or updated lights of some sort.
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    Any good articles in them? From what I hear that’s the only reason guys buy them.
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    Great looking heavy duty chain drive dump truck at Macungie. 150 FN models produced.
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    Here id the truck
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    I do believe that was Teamstergrrrl.....................
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    Classic lines and some nice pinstriping with a 350 under the hood.
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    Not too many around anymore.
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    Nice flatbed at Macungie. The EF model was a very popular size and 13,783 trucks were produced between 1938-1951.
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    Put it on the scrap scale, just don’t go home with cash!
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    oops wildheavyhaul.com
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    Well you just offended all the liberals with pic of our flag, but then AOC and her hate squad can leave if it bothers them that bad. I like it.
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    All the tires were sunk down that far. Looks as if new tires were installed before storage, and not one sign of cracks or weather check. Yes dirt floor barn find. sitting for 25-30 years. no rust/corrosion , frame clean, has always been a northern mn truck. Owner was a flatbedder and made many runs to Alaska. complete with 8 track tapes. picture is of her coming out of storage.
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    They got “bit” by CAT when the construction equipment maker forced them to all build truck shops, at considerable investment, and then pulled the plug on trucks. This effort is an idea, an attempt to make use of their investment, and they all feel CAT dare not complain.
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    A nice parts runner from the Blue Oval.
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    1970 Diamond Reo tractor with hummin' Cummins for power.
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    Most cam issues for a mp8 are most likely from either poor maintenance (no valve adjustment) or improper valve adjustment. Mack/Volvo had some issues with the rocker arms but by your year model that should have been fixed. Seen some issues with the reman injectors, hopefully Mack is on their ass about improving the quality. I'm currently overhauling a 1996 e7 engine (level 3 overhaul) in a R model (cotton module hauler). Everyone in the shop was saying the truck wasn't worth it and the owner was crazy to spend that kind of money. The truck is in awesome shape, they take great care of their equipment. It is a mechanical engine (non V-Mac) with no emissions other than a LDA (puff limiter), it's a no-brainer in my book. I'm not a fan of modern emissions but it is what it is and that's what I get paid to fix.
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    No can do on this engine, no puff limiter and boost is less than 12 psi max on the twin turbo set-up. Clear no smoke exhaust, Pump needs turned up plus turbo boost is low. Injectors may be fine but that old spider pump need to put out more fuel. Then worry about turbos and boost psi. For hobby I would not worry about low power unless you plan on pulling 32 tons to a show. Check pump timing as it can be off wit not enough advance.
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    As a bloke who has spent more of his life in a tractor seat than a truck seat I reckon one of the best value tractors is the 86 series International This one I have had for many many years and its still going strong Have rebuilt both boxes and the front axle over the years but it still goes good and will work a full day with out missing a beat Paul
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    The BF model was made between 1931-1939 with a production of 1,179 trucks. Available with either shaft drive or chain drive as this remarkable survivor is equipped.
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    Mine is a 1941 Mack DE which is a 9,000 LBS GVW truck. The EF is a 14,000 LBS GVW truck.
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    Yesterday we loaded up the kids and went to the CAFAA muster in Westminster, MD. Lots of nice rigs this year (I think they said 58 total), and plenty I had never seen before.
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    For Billy Goat Landscaping.
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    Those power spin out rims are called P.A.V.T power adjustable variable track (todays useless information lol) We never had many tractors with variable wheel tracks until recent years as most of Australia is broad acre farming not row crop farming I have had many tractors over the years but I seem to hang on to these two My good old C 670 Chamberlain, the best tractor I have ever owned, up graded to the other Chamberlain with a cab Paul
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    The "Tractor Guy" hauling a Ford and GMC. The Mack isn't powered by a 2 cylinder Johnny Popper.
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