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    I bought it out of state and I’m having it delivered in two days, I’ll take a few photos when it gets here. This is all I have from the sale ad for now.
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    Well I’ve been so busy these past few weeks that nothing much has been done. We plan on putting the fuel pump back in ASAP which if it isn’t tomorrow won’t be until sometime next week. Some work needs to be done pretty quickly because it almost become a tradition at this point to take one of them to the school dances over at the local art high school, give everyone something cool to look at. This homecoming was the homecoming king and his gang making a grand entrance, we’ll see about this year replacing the CF with the old L. If that goes well we have a few shows that are relatively close we’re going to try to take them both to and if that all works out you can expect to see them relatively often at shows along the east coast. Right now the goal is to get it running and then re wire the driver side headlight which currently doesn’t have any power going to it. Wish us luck. Enjoy some old pictures I’ve found of the two.
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    Guys, check this cool truck! Not mine. Ray https://cosprings.craigslist.org/cto/d/limon-1956-reo-tow-truck/6860429331.html
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    I’ve been on the hunt for a restorable Mack EEU, EFU, EGU, cab over for a few years when a deal popped up on one of my searches for a 1952 LH, three stick trans and a 220 Cummins that I had to have. I’ll be asking plenty of questions trying to get this old Mack back on the road and appreciate having you guys as a resource.
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    I’m having problems posting any pictures to the form It just keeps showing me an upload failed With an exclamation point ? It has been quite a while since I have posted any pictures is there’s something different I need to do than what we have done in the past ?
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    I spent plenty of time just looking under the hood to come up with everything to make sure it would work before buying the kit. I removed the fuel filter off the engine and re purposed the two bolts to hold the bracket. This is what they did on an R model engine. The biggest difference is the B model is such a short hood there is no extra room for another pulley behind the water pump pulley. You can't use the rear groove because of the accy drive on the diesel sticks out, so I used the front groove. It just clears everything. Here you can see the original two bolt bracket from the fuel filter. I cut the band section off and welded the plate to it. The lower tabs run gussets down to the accy drive to support everything. I then welded the original bands to another bracket and mounted the filter on the front frame rail, under the outer hood panel. I hung the evaporator under the dash using my own brackets to clear my CB radio. The condenser is hung under the bunk horizontally with a fan on it. It makes instant cold air this way. I ran a hot wire from the a/c power switch to the fan relay so it turns on as soon as I turn the system on. It's suppose to work off the trinary switch, but I want it running full time to keep the condenser as cool as possible since being where it is gets no real air flow, especially sitting still. I got the kit from Retro Air in Texas. They don't offer the same one anymore, but you can find it on Ebay also. I paid $600 for all. Comes with Sanden pump and all hoses. I needed longer hoses to reach behind the bunk, but I bought some from Retro air. It uses very good Parker a/c line. It's been running for 5? yrs now without issue. It's a 14K btu unit and will freeze you out even on a drafty old B model. It only needs to be set on low to be more then comfortable on a warm day in Ohio.
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    Thanks Vlad. I like going to shows and taking pictures. 11 and 12 were at a show in Scituate, RI in 2001.
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    Pictures?! More the better! .....Hippy
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    I clicked on this so fast expecting to see the Truck 11 & 12 I know and love.
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    At one point on Long Island we lived near Fairchild - Republic Aircraft in Farmingdale and could see them take off from the factory.
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    A friend sent me photos of the few trucks on display at the Steam Fest in N.S.W.
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    Looks like 10,500 OBO
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    That's the question flying in the air. Worth to make a call? As for me I'm afraid doing that. Because if the cost is attractive I would get plenty of rambling thoughts.
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    Can't believe how clean that double frame is for that year, could make somebody a nice truck!! terry
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    Hood looks long enough for a Cummins x15
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    I finally got a picture today.
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    America was built on the back of the Mack truck, as well as the International. The legendary Loadstar was the backbone of the American farmer, carried children to and from school, and allowed states and municipalities to maintain our roads. The stunning Transtar 4070A and Transtar II 4070B were industry benchmarks in the COE segment. A young Zenon C.R. Hansen joined International Harvester in 1927. So impressed were they that the company placed him in its management training program. At age 19, with two years service, Hansen was sent to work internationally in Europe. Over the following seven years, spent on the continent and in Africa, Zenon acquired invaluable on-the-job training and learned to fluently speak French, German and Italian. Given the opportunity to go out on his own and to establish a Diamond T dealership in Portland, Oregon, Zenon reluctantly left International Harvester after 17 years. He quickly became Diamond T's largest distributor.
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    Nice job.I defireized my B85 also.some people frown on doing this.But it Sat as a fire truck for a long time with no one loving it.so I made it into an everyday ride.Dodge pickup chassis ,cummins, automatic transmission,ps,PB,20 MPG.very fun to drive.
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