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    I saw a big Mack truck this week. I saw Cleveland too- I loaded a load of steel there, it looked like this- Loaded at this place Going to this place in Daleville, Va. I saw a big Mack truck in Cleveland too. And some big orange machines- Saw this unit on a trailer behind a pickup truck going south on I-77. This is a cow. and this is a dog and this is a smoking hot babe sitting in the shower. And that's all i've got this week.
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    We did another run this morning San Diego has blast but legs are killing me wife ran half marathon I just walked 5 K. But atleast I get out there bob Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    1950 was Mack Truck's 50th anniversary. Took this picture of a 50 year old A-20 in Rutland, VT in 2000, Mack's 100 year anniversary.
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    A couple of GMC trucks , a Volvo , and the remains of late model Freightliner .
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    The FN model was built in 1940-1941 with 150 being produced.
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    Every year I recall reading about a reunion these guys had. I believe they had a rare bottle of scotch and the last two attending would open it. My alma mater's annual calendar's April picture was the crew of the Whirling Dervish and a guy from the class of 1940 was on that. He was wounded by AA fire but made it back. When you talk about flying into the face of death, carrier was spotted by the Japs some 200 miles from the intended launch point. They launched at that point knowing they would probably not have the fuel to make it to their designated landing strips in China-that is if they survived the AA fire and the fighters. Sad thing is every day we lose another piece of history when these guys pass on. And for sure it is doubtful that kids in school today get taught anything about WW II. One thing I can say, my generation had the good fortune to learn something from the TV of our era- The Victory at Sea series.
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    On duty in Keene, NH. Mack Truck photo. bulldogboy
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    Haven't laughed this hard in a while. There's still hope for sanity.
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    The D-series was built between 1955 and 1958. The 1955 and early 1956 models had a squared off grille, no additional trim pieces and no rear corner windows. The second styling added the contour grill with the fancier trim, corner windows as well as other updates to stiffen the cab. There were a total of 832 built. The unique way of accessing the engine was called the Verti-lift system. There was a mast behind the cab, similar to a forklift that contained one cylinder that was raised by a cab jack or an electric pump which was optional. The green one in the photo is mine. It is a 1956 D-42 that was purchased new for Sinclair in Tulsa, OK.
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    Figured I would start a thread on my B75 resto-rebuild-customize job. So far I have the fenders cleaned and at the body mans shop, I have a new hood being made and the bows under the hood straightened and painted. Cleaned and repainted the inner fender wells. I have removed the nose and radiator, fuel tanks, and removed air lines and wiring to the rear so it's ready when I cut the frame. Next job is remove cab and pluck that Maxidyne and 5X4. So it's moving along. Before pic below-just for reference. I will post some pics of progress as time goes by. Also picked up a HFB64055 power steering box like the one used on Keystones Black LT. Truck Shop
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    slag pot carrier, also called slag kettle haulers. here is a short video of one in action after the molten steel is poured the slag is dumped into a pot or kettle that is picked up by that machine, and hauled out to the slag pit where it is dumped to cool off so it can be crushed and sold for as road construction base instead of stone.
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    Also the World at War and Walter Cronkites The 20 Century show. Saw my grandsons American History book a few years ago. Teaches kids WE attacked the Japanese by sinking one of their subs. Teaches also we were going under the grand plan to control the Pacific Rim by continuing to war in Korea and than Vietnam. Most of my peers were shit on for serving in S.E.Asia both when we went and when we came home and in later years too until patriotism returned after 9/11, But we still did what we had to do and are proud of it.
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    Shift it like a 9spd & if it don’t shift right & lugs it’s probably a 10. idk but I think you can tell by just puttin it in high range sitting still & put it in the low hole
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    run the first 5, shift to high and go back to first. if it goes in, it is a 10 speed. if it grinds it is a 9
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    It's not you, Lou, it's the Truck. It's very fixable. 370 is a perfect candidate. I'm a little suspicious of your friend blowing your doors off with his 2006 CV713 w/same set up? Does he go by the handle Old Red Mack, Nelm, Mackncheese, Big John, Dcrow, 03 Big Red, Mackvette, Mudman, Byrohoe or R.E.D.? If yes, then he's keeping secrets so he can laugh at you when he flies past you coming out of the pit.
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    Once I get all mine together why don't I post a load of pictures then you can compare.
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    You must have bought a high performance hen's teeth detector. It has only been 17 hours since you posted your question! Showing it at Macungie?
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    Sounds like you have a Maxidyne high torque rise engine with the proper wide ratio transmission, and yes, it's supposed to work that way. If your right arm is bored and you like your engines screaming, at great expense you can swap in a transmission with more ratios. Bit it won't go any faster. Just drive it like Mack and god intended, if the revs are at 2100 and you're going up hill and the truck isn't gaining speed, hold on to that gear until the road flattens out. Same with down shifts- Hold on to the gear unless the revs are dropping to 1200 and you're losing speed.
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    This makes sence. I'm known a little bit about design of your LF's since Stephen wrote me alot back in the day. Unfortunately he went to shade without even saing Goodbuy. To the moment i mostly went through all the chassis of my military Mack which is pretty similar to what you have in your pair. Also a big progress along Lanova engine is achieved. So when you're more close to initiate that project feel free to get in contact. Unfortunately it's complicated to me to get British visa. Otherwise I would be too likely to show up in person to look at the trucks. The AC seems to me as a really nice project. Pure mechanic, a pleasure to restore.
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    Start a free range rabbit farm with those. During winter my New Zealand’s would eat as many dry maple leaves as you put in front of them.
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    You have a two year warranty USE IT! As much as these are a decent trans THEY ARE PRICEY TO WORK ON! My opinion is that of Dave wild ! The fuller is a better choice do to the out extreme pricing by the Volvo people for parts! Your issue is not unique .It can be the lock out pin being ill set ,it and be a an over looked worn shift fork it can be a loose shift fork Bolt ! That's the short list! poor oil quality bla bla bla ! point is It has a warranty USE IT !
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    That's the question flying in the air. Worth to make a call? As for me I'm afraid doing that. Because if the cost is attractive I would get plenty of rambling thoughts.
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    Good for you Bob, stay active and stay healthy.
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    Watching that A10 video reinforces my thought that you do not want to be on the wrong side of the US military!!
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    How old is it should have a warranty
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    I think that is a perfect starter for a restoration... Here's one of the two I dragged home to restore. They have Lanova diesels:
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    I'd pull the fuel transfer pump and leave the lines attached to it. Pump it, free hanging, and observe the seal of the drive gear shaft isn't leaking into the engine. The three spots this engine can leak fuel into the oil is.... 1. transfer pump input seal 2. Unit pump lower seal 3. gallery plug for the factory drilling. They drill two galleries through the entire length of the block. On each end of the drilling is a plug, so 4 plugs total. The plug hidden under the timing cover could potentially leak, but that is not usually the case. If you did a good job installing the EUP's, and new seals, that narrows it down considerably. Personally, since the pan is empty, and it's easy to do, pull the pan off, lay under it, and have your wife pump the primer while you watch the show from a strategic position. Then you'll know exactly what's going on. Good Luck!...let us know what you find.
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    Great looking classic pair! And a real pleasure to see how that gentleman cares about his trucks. At least about restored ones. Have never seen any in person but the pics always bring me to take my hat off.
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    Now all we need is a Volvo branded pooper-scooper. LOL.
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    Sorry to disappoint.....???
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    I have seen that style used on Mack L and LT models. Age is approx late 40's to early 50's.
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    What Doolittle and these men did at a dark time in our history was a great thing. I think there are a lot of young men that are serving today by there own choice, that do understand what it takes to live free. But I do think there are a lot of men and women in this country that think they are owed freedom, among other things, they can leave and do not come back. Too many to name, just get out now.
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    But yes it is ironic, MT! Two places I'd loooove to see drug testing: unemployment line and welfare line.
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    air and fuel.... mechanical injection and timing....thats all a diesel should need to run right !!!!!
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    Yes. A work ethic, self reliance, tolerance, sense of family and community, patriotism, common sense, practical education, knowing right from wrong, religion of some sort, the ability to see both sides of an issue and last the sense not to believe everything they hear or read.
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    I dont care what people say, people were made of different stuff back then than they are today Paul
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    Never plan on being a stoner, don't smoke, seldom drink and it fascinates me...…………….Stoner dude sits at home smoking state-approved weed & eat'in Cheetos, Democratic politicians boast whimsically about how many drugs they did in college, the companies CEO has a chrome box for his nose candy and Mr.BlueCollar is told "stay sober, clean, and your going to piss in a cup if you wanna get paid (or score a job)".
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    Making a delivery of new Mack LFT trucks.
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    For sure. Better question-how many people in Congress have that understanding?
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    We live free today because of men like him. I wonder how many young men today understand this?
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    Terry ...yes this truck works everyday in dirt and stone...my trucks look nice but are made to work ...thanks for the compliment also
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    Here is a Mack D model tanker at the museum.
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    Phase 1 posted this photo a few years back.
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    Could check steer and drive tires in the rear view mirrors. Cool truck.
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    Making a CAT dozer delivery.
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    No f I got way,I throught that tool bag was his balls hanging little low.Speaking for myself my own balls would never have left the ground floor.
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    Early Astro 95 for sure. Coach mirrors, probably a Cummins judging by the single stack and air cleaner on the right. Heavy front axle with 6 spoke wheels. Nice tractor, but what a mess behind it. Never saw anything like that in California!
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