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    Tempting since I'm not building a development in Virginia and my wife is no longer alive to talk me out of it. I could use this to go to the village meetings and the market. Full armor top, bottom and fuel /battery compartments, bullet proof glass, 400 big cam, 5 and two trans plus dual range transfer case with additional armored command module. Just under 29,000 lbs. Cost around $1.21 a pound.
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    2 Pac? Watch out, they might get shot.
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    Working trucks seen by the side of the road. Modern rig next to a flatback R tractor and an R 600 dump truck with the optional steel butterfly hood.
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    See a lot of trucks fron the northeast on this site but thought I would start a thread on Macks in St. Louis. When I was a kid it was nothing but fords, macks, internationals and autocars. In the city and a radius up to 18 miles outside of it tri axles and quads can gross up to 120k. Below are some pics. As for tandems you can gross up to 80k. Outside of nyc it seems like St. Louis allows the heaviest trucks.
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    I know the value varies from condition and amount of parts missing and lots of variables. But I’m looking to buy a 1951 mack LF that is local to me, and if I don’t end up buying I’ll pass the details on to anyone on here who is interested. Don’t have much info on the truck because the widow of the owner doesn’t know much about it. Just looking to get some more info on the LF series trucks and a range of value on the ole truck, can’t find much info on them. Thanks
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    It in Stewart Florida too. I believe they worry already. Be a good fishing shack at the James river near me.
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    If you got one of those little donut air filters on there ditch it and plumb it in to the main engine air inlet or the inlet manifold that will turbo charge it! !
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    Haven't laughed this hard in a while. There's still hope for sanity.
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    Trailer-Body Builders / April 11, 2019 Lowbed trailer manufacturer Fontain Heavy-Haul recently introduced a trailer designed to carry heavy loads in a lighter package—the new Fontaine Magnitude 55L. “The Fontaine Magnitude 55L is designed for haulers that do not need a spread axle setup and want to maximize their payload,” said Todd Anderson, vice president of sales and marketing. “Since the new Magnitude 55L operates close-coupled only, our engineering team managed to shed 2,000 pounds in the design. “So if a hauler only needs three or four axles close-coupled, the new Magnitude 55L will carry an additional ton of payload.” Fontaine said the new lowbed trailer handles 55 tons in only 13 feet. Fabricated with 100,000-pound minimum yield steel flanges, the Magnitude 55L is built tough and designed to provide years of reliable service. The trailer boasts a 26-foot clear deck length and a loaded deck height of 18 inches, with 6 inches of ground clearance. The 55L also features the most versatile hydraulic removable gooseneck in the industry, Fontaine claimed. It can be connected and disconnected in a matter of seconds—not minutes—and can connect or disconnect on uneven ground. A wide variety of accessories are available. Check with a local dealer for the right configuration for each application, and visit fontainetrailer.com for more information. .
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    Did you drain the gas out of the gallery that runs between EUPs before you pulled them out? You can get a shot of dilution if you don’t drain it, maybe enough to show up on your oil sample.
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    did you buy it at an auction april 7th? if so god that auctioneer is probably the biggest pos I ever met. walked in his tractor store one day all dirty and greasy from work, he had an old mack I was askin about, his words to me were,'' why bother lookin at it, you don't look like you have any money to buy anything''. I wouldn't buy so much as a cotter pin off that shitbag
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    I think the biggest to change that I can observe is unless something is in it for them most people arent interested, both young and old the same I feel in Australia these days Were as the men that went off to fight in WW2 and earlier wars just did what had to be done for the good of all You rarely if ever see that anymore People will say that will still have young men and women in our defence forces and emergency services but they arent the ones Im talking about The men Im talking about put their country and the world first with out having to be asked and went off to the other side of the world to right a wrong and left families and loved ones behind to perhaps never see them again I feel it wasnt done for money or glory or anything like that, rather it was the right thing to be done and they just did what was right Paul
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    Yes, that's sure for the same reason. I would expect the elephant ears (trunnion support brackets) made of aluminium also used on your truck. The point is the relation of unsuspended mass to the suspended. As lower the figure as softer the ride (less hits, vibration etc). So for a hobby reason (no worry for the total weight) both is good to minimize unsuspended mass or to increase the suspended. Quite funny when someone comes to my place and see truck parts he use to talk how to make better one thing or another. And sometimes when I ask why it's better the answer is "It's lighter". Than you observe quite funny reaction when my words are "The heavier is better"
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    Stared at that pic for a while then recalled the 80's icon they stole that design from.....
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    Now all we need is a Volvo branded pooper-scooper. LOL.
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    Sorry to disappoint.....???
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    Just cause you cut the can open and lick the brown dried soda out of the bottom doesn’t mean your an addict. Right? I mean everybody does that? Speaking of making new addicts..... somewhere in the Midwest the feds (USPS) are bringing a shipment to Maine. Twigs Farmer’s Brewery butterscotch root beer.
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    What Doolittle and these men did at a dark time in our history was a great thing. I think there are a lot of young men that are serving today by there own choice, that do understand what it takes to live free. But I do think there are a lot of men and women in this country that think they are owed freedom, among other things, they can leave and do not come back. Too many to name, just get out now.
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    I don’t disagree with necessity. You can eventually get sick and tired of a lifetime parole for which you get no credit for good behavior, like with Dave. One time I went in and there was this old fella doing the tests. He looked like he was in great shape for his age, solid built and about retirement age. Talked to him for a while and realized he was one of those disciplined life military guys. Real frank about things, straight talk, no B.S. I asked him “you do this pretty regular, how many do you get?”. He said “I never know with the urine tests, but I had a guy come in a few weeks back, early morning, not a urine test, he pulled the random breathalyzer. He blew positive, a real low number. I said to the guy blowing “what you been drinking, this is suppose to read zero?” He told me “Super Bowl Sunday and his team won”. I threw out the test and zero’ed one for him. You can’t expect this guy to pass clean the morning after a Super Bowl!!”.
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    Another advantage to being retired, I no longer have to pee in a cup to keep my job! I've never touched the stuff, but was tested more times than I can remember during my 28 years on the job. Even my Chief knew it was unnecessary for me to get "randomly" picked as often as I was. He told me one time to just consider myself as part of the "control group"!
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    But yes it is ironic, MT! Two places I'd loooove to see drug testing: unemployment line and welfare line.
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    Someone was really proud of that once,I'd be proud to own it.
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    Never plan on being a stoner, don't smoke, seldom drink and it fascinates me...…………….Stoner dude sits at home smoking state-approved weed & eat'in Cheetos, Democratic politicians boast whimsically about how many drugs they did in college, the companies CEO has a chrome box for his nose candy and Mr.BlueCollar is told "stay sober, clean, and your going to piss in a cup if you wanna get paid (or score a job)".
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    Yup, doing stuff by pictures is not the best. Probably was quite the dog in the day with some period customizing and modifications. What does it have for a motor? Does it run? I see an off brand air axle out back. Does the frame splice look like a good job? L cabs can collect a lot of water sitting outside so the lower back of the cab and the base of the windshield sheet metal can suffer greatly Repairing properly can open a huge can of worms and cost $$$$. Maybe $2,500. See what the owner throws out for a figure.
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    Mack went through 3 or 4 part numbers/ suppliers of the oil pressure sensors. Mack sent out a bulletin warning that some counterfeit sensors even made it into the parts system. It’s possible you got a bad one
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    The MH is on loan. It belongs to the Malo brothers in Canada. They saved it from export and loaned it to the Mack Museum. I believe it will be on its way to Canada before long.
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    I finally got a picture today.
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    I bought a new piece of 5/16" keystock and cut a chunk off the door handle and welded a new piece on. The door handle now fits snug in the door latch mechanism and doesn't sag. Winning. I bought a house window handle(chrome finish) to install on the passenger door to make it easier for Karen to pull herself up. She always had to run the window down to give a place to grab. With the windows being so tough to work, a handle is easier. I think I will install one on the driver side just to give myself something better to slam the door with. It closes pretty firm and I don't want to beat up the door lock handle by pulling on it. A road test the other night proved it is a bit quieter inside, less rattles of the doors on rough roads. Winning.
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    Still have some finishing up to do but it’s getting closer to going back to work
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    All done with about 200 h.p Loaded with Steel Plating
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    Mrs Mack Paul , the RP cabs were made for extreme conditions ie sand mining
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    You won't be laughing when she is president.
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    Yup, getting flipped alright. $8,000.00 Have a nice day... https://www.ebay.com/itm/1951-Mack-A40-Truck/323774639927?hash=item4b6278ef37:g:snAAAOSwG8Zcr6Yg
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