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    There are still a ton of fords operating in St. Louis as dumps, mixers and roll offs. Here are a few from the past couple days. I love old workhorses rocking spokes.
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    Newest addition 1958 B-81 SX
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    Hi I am selling my 1999 Mack CH613 day cab tractor 460 hp 18 spd 46k air ride. Truck is in good shape no leaks AC works truck has a wetline and has a new 5th wheel and has a pindle hook asking $45k truck located in NJ ( I am only selling the tractor the trailer & machine in the pictures are not for sale)
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    TS- No thank you-above my paygrade or skills. When I did drive, it was 7600 gallons on five axles. Of course that goes back in days when we had spokes, and tanks had two meters, two direct lines, two 4" hoses and in a 3" Blackmer pump on some tractors. My region was not in the "weight savings at any cost" mindset. In fact I remember one of the old fleet maintenance supervisors who had a saying..."aluminum is only good for teakettles". Later in my career I was the regional staff guy responsible for fleet and we were still not that weight conscious. Rest of the country was into Alcoas and we were still on spokes! Big change came here I think when an R-700 pulling a Fruehauf bath tub dump, probably grossing over 100,000 lost control on a road under spans leading to Tobin Bridge. Knocked bridge pier out and this major span over Boston harbor was shut down. As a result of that Mass started big crack down on overweight trucks but also passed legislation raising 5 axle limit to 99,000 lbs while eliminating requirement to comply with Fed bridge formula. Picture is what we then used- 11,800 gallons, no bridge formula, trailer tandems were 50,000 pds and the LT 9000's had 40 rears and 12 fronts. But the first time you drove one of these you knew center of gravity was VERY different. Later on rest of New England followed suit but required triaxle tanks. All that is except Conn. They are still at 80,000-and bridge formula. Maybe my imagination but I think this may have led the push to bigger trailers-and with more axles vs. combinations as used in Michigan.
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    Wrong wire plugged into the reverse switch. Unplug the reverse switch and try backing up again.
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    Many many moons ago I wrote a letter to all the yanky truck makers for info etc GMC sent me 2of 6x8 fotos n here they B
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    Donald appears to have some Kinda invisible force field around him as He attracts fools like an electromechanical human liberal-knucklehead magnet. They can’t stop bashing their bloodied heads into the see thru wall to get at him. Orchestrated political coup attempts, crooked lib judges trying to stop his constitutional x-orders, finger pointing porn stars, charging RINO attacks, Democrat-paid Russian operatives going after Jr.T, Clinton paid Dossier, crooked & adulterous love-triangle FBI agents, endless investigations, then finally....like chocolate topping on the freak sundae.....this flippy gay black actor trying to change the world by beating his face on a toilet seat while screaming “look what MAGA country whitey’s did to me!”. I’d let him go too. Think of the poor guy being locked in a cage with him for just being caught smoking a joint? Cruel and unusual punishment.
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    Yes, it is really amazing . This Smollett issue with all the proof that it was a made up lie. And with all the time and resourses spent, not to mention the other REAL incidents that didn't get the time and man power to investigate. Now charges are dropped..... Then a few years back, the former FBI head went on for over 30 minutes saying what all Ms. Clinton did that was not proper and on and on,..... Then he says there is not enough there to indict her. So she gets off also. ….. But if some brain dead idiot runs into my over sized load , and one of my flags is not red or orange enough,, my ass will probably get hauled to jail.
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    Kitt Foxx was bankrolled to the tune of $400 grand by Geo Soros. Also Michelle Obama big fan and cheerleader. The amazing thing is this POS comes to the microphone and makes a speech like he was "exonerated"! No dirtbag-they let you off because you paid a fine-the 10 g bail money and because of your past "community service"-more absolute bullshit but they were trying to package it like he was in fact punished. Just think-if the cops hadn't cracked this case as quick as they did we would have had another looting spree as in Ferguson Mo. when dirt bag Mike Brown got what he deserved.
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    Just proves that there is no racism in the USA so they have to make it up, then when caught they are let go because we need to feel their pain, happened in NY and no one paid except those that were accused of something they did not do. I noticed that Sharpton stayed away from this one. good move two phony race claims and he might have been out of job, oops forgot if your a dumbocrat you need not worry about false claims, I think the liberal braindeads should all kick in and pay back the taxpayer for the waste of money investigaing Trump. MAPA, make America poor again (vote Democrat)
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    I have a clean R model cab complete. Only rough spots are bottom of cab near cab corners as seen in pics. The rest of it is completely solid $1650 u.s. I will part out pieces. Also have other cab parts and interior available cab is located in Dunnville Ontario Canada call or text me at 289-332-0101 Alex
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    My 88 we just restored ..just wanted to share with you guys
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    Drove by this place for a couple of years but they were closed .I was to late or to early . Thought it was a scrap yard. Stopped this time and they were open . It is a Museum nothing is for sale .
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    Clicked a picture of Mike's Blue Arrow Mack at Macungie around 2014 or so. Mack EN 707 gasoline motor providing the power.
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    Single axle Super Duty.
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    Are you going to work it everyday,or just a toy? If its just going to be a hobby truck,chances are pretty good it will hold up fine.
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    There’s still quite a few running around in my area of central Pa.
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    A lot of Mack info seems to be buried or hard to find on the Mack website. Go to the bottom of the introductory web page/then go to resources. There you will find headings for various topics such as trucks/topics/assets/social. Under these header topics will be drill downs for models-blogs-press releases etc.
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    Back in the 80's and 90's, those Louisville Fords were everywhere!
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    Guess he’s a little better lawyer.
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    Yes. Early mechanical fuel injection systems using an inline type pump were called "Jerk" systems. They were also referred to as "plunger pumps". Rotary pumps such as a "Roosa-Master" were called that, rotary. Common Rail, and HEUI injection is not a PLN system at all. Detroit Diesel used mechanical unit injectors for years to inject the high pressure diesel fuel. I've never seen the designation PLN used in the past in practice, but have seen it in training manuals.
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    Everything fell into place and won't need a temporary lot. Thank you very much though.
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    Volvo have tried a couple of Times here with the XXL cab. but have run into Front Axle weight issues.... i wonder what's changed..??
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    First time that I've seen a Shelby pickup truck. I know that it's a Ford F-150 but there are no Ford markings on it. bulldogboy
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    There were these: https://www.allpar.com/model/ram/dodge/shelby-dakota.html
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    how did the bucket leveler survive all these years?. thats usually the first thing that gets knocked off
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    What was the name of the book? There is a picture of the Crackerbox with the planetary axles in the book 'GMC Heavy Duty Trucks 1927-1987'. Says it was special order for 5 R's. Can only imagine what that beast was like to drive......
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    Pre and real early eteck there was An exhast brake Option called Stealth brake!!!! To install this unit( and to run in tandem with jake ) we were required to remove valve covers and replace or add valve seals and replace valve springs to install these! WHY I am unsure ??? As I stated before ! So they had us replace the valve springs and seals for what ever reason !!! ? Now having said that you could just disable the jake you don't got to use it! This combo worked well with exception of the turbo issue on long grades! if you are running on relatively flat ground and in town type work I see this as a viable option! that said proceed with caution! you have the right approach may worth the while? time will tell Guess! if it don't work you don't have to use it!
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    1987, 1988 and 1985 Superliners.
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    Not sure how far the Jake's open the exhaust valve, but they can't have it opened enough to interfere at TDC. Idle injection advance is ballpark 18°, so injection and combustion have already happened by the time the Jake starts opening. That last 18° the combustion works to slow the engine, then near TDC the exhaust valve starts to open, venting the remaining pressure generated by the combustion. Not sure if diesels change injection advance based on rpm. Hobert may be on to something with the butterfly brake not working in tandem with a traditional. The Jake doesn't dump the "compressed air" it dumps the cylinders "reward" combustion. It works to make the combustion but the combustion is vented before it can be turned into mechanical power. Thus, it's a force of resistance. An international oil delivery truck i drive in the winter has a butterfly style, and that brake will throw you through the windshield! But that's a single axle truck, not a 107000# truck. At that weight you simply need to drive smart and maintain a safe rig. (That goes for all weights)
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    I dont think so Im pretty sure by opening the exhaust valves it makes it not have enough compression to ignite but still make compression to work against the motor A exhaust brake would make even more compression and make the motor compress the air even further to slow tje truck Paul
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    They had F100 Cobras in Australia https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.falconcobraclubofaus.com%2Fimages%2Fmore%2Ftriple_take.jpg&imgrefurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.falconcobraclubofaus.com%2Fphotos01.html&docid=_B5j2Ilbv86oUM&tbnid=wOn7kqb294VrCM%3A&vet=1&w=480&h=342&hl=en-AU&source=sh%2Fx%2Fim Paul
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    I very seldom comment on current events. However, it really got under my skin that all criminal charges against Jussie Smollett have been dropped. Imagine the resources that were expended on this hoax? How do the countless families feel that were impacted by violent crime while the PD was chasing their tails over someone unhappy with his salary? Smollett should have at least been required to pay restitution to the City of Chicago. If he turns up in any show in the future we should immediately boycott it and the sponsors. What ever happened to “Being responsible for your actions?” Kimberly M. Foxx the elected State's Attorney for Cook County who routinely rules against the Police should be thrown out of office. Hope she isn’t reelected next time. I now close my rant!
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    That guys a p.o s but that's the new America imo
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    Just another travisity hold over from the NO Bama years
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    With such a quality prosecutor, no wonder Chicago has a crime problem.
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    I was trying to keep it as “period correct” as possible as far as the engine swap went. A lot of the original pieces either got rebuilt and reused, cleaned or repurposed. I tried to stay away from modern conveniences like plastic wire loom, zip ties, aluminum parts and really anything that didn’t fit the time period.
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