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    With snow on the side of Main St, Marlborough, NH, this Sterling tractor briefly pauses enroute to deliver a Bucyrus Erie to the jobsite.
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    Paccar Ltd Press Release / August 22, 2017 .
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    Well we had it back out today, just running it around seeing as it was such a nice day. About half way along the route it started sputtering and died, sounded like it was running lean, a quick tune of the carb later we got it back home and ripped the leaky fuel pump out, figuring it had gone bad. Then we realized the fuel pump is fine, it’s the sediment pole that’s gone bad, and started leaking. So on Tuesday we get to get one of those. Next on the list is to fix the electrical for the driver side headlights. Then we’ll see about testing the pump because we plan on taking both engines to Pump Primers in July. It’s not a guarantee but we’re hoping it works out.
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    Just wanted to share some photos of the in progress restoration of my old LS. Right now she runs but very poorly but that should be fixed in a few weeks. After that it’ll take a while before any metal work or paint gets done which it will most certainly need.
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    Came home from a Fishing trip to find a box from Maine. In it were cans of Moxie soda, an invasive species in these parts, compliments of BMT's resident philanthropist 41Chevy. Since everyone who tries it (social media) seems to feel inclined to comment I'm throwing mine in too....... Moxie Virgin's stop now if you don't want the spoiler. Brought the cans to a steady 38 F and cracked. Scent is perfumed and pungent similar to a Mennonite store that sells bulk spices. Flavor strikes a memory of dime store candy sticks...… more specifically a softer version of Horehound. Aftertaste is the tricked-out part of the soda. After 15 seconds the sweet dissipates and a dry bitter sets in and holds on. Unique. Stuff is a 10, salute to the Northeast for good craftsmanship. Regretfully, no availability in Wisconsin for the near future. My wife agreed we are keeping the last can (toast) till Paul has a victory over Virginia's "A-Holes".
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    I very seldom comment on current events. However, it really got under my skin that all criminal charges against Jussie Smollett have been dropped. Imagine the resources that were expended on this hoax? How do the countless families feel that were impacted by violent crime while the PD was chasing their tails over someone unhappy with his salary? Smollett should have at least been required to pay restitution to the City of Chicago. If he turns up in any show in the future we should immediately boycott it and the sponsors. What ever happened to “Being responsible for your actions?” Kimberly M. Foxx the elected State's Attorney for Cook County who routinely rules against the Police should be thrown out of office. Hope she isn’t reelected next time. I now close my rant!
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    Just proves that there is no racism in the USA so they have to make it up, then when caught they are let go because we need to feel their pain, happened in NY and no one paid except those that were accused of something they did not do. I noticed that Sharpton stayed away from this one. good move two phony race claims and he might have been out of job, oops forgot if your a dumbocrat you need not worry about false claims, I think the liberal braindeads should all kick in and pay back the taxpayer for the waste of money investigaing Trump. MAPA, make America poor again (vote Democrat)
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    All aboard. I used to work in a fuel injection shop about 45 years ago. We had different size wires for poking the carbon out of the spray tips. Make sure all of the spray holes are about equal in diameter. Soak them in solvent before cleaning
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    You could check with a PAI dealer for a cylinder or a rebuild kit.
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    With such a quality prosecutor, no wonder Chicago has a crime problem.
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    Before you pop that center plug out ensure your parts supplier has either the complete cap for a replacment, or at least a window kit. Those plastic windows don't hold up that well and harden with time. With my luck the window breaks out as the rubber plug is also hardened from age. Then the screws won't come out from corrosion and I replace the complete cap assembly..... That looks like a "Stemco" hubcap and the number is cast into the assembly. If you can't read the number the front axle number, or wheel spoke number will be needed if you don't take the original in with you. BTDT a time or two.
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    After it all I have the block heater installed so hopefully next winter if I need to use the truck on cold days I'll plug it in and I won't have to use ether. Avoided using the truck this past winter on really cold days. Last time it was started and used was the middle of December. It wasn't extremely cold but the engine struggled to start.
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    Welcome to the club!
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    Ok guys update truck has been fixed Turns out the pin in the spring pak on driver side was broken and the u joints on the top of gear box and inside can was worn out no splines left inside them Replace and truck is back working like a dog lol Thanks guys
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    That's all pretty obvious, but valid points. Funny thing, I just checked current new truck inventory at a local commercial truck dealer that used to be a big Ford store, but is now a 'truck center'. 2 new F-650's in stock, both leftover 2017 models, no bodies. 28 FTR's new in stock, all 18's and 19's, many road ready with dry van and stake bodies. Pretty clear what is selling around here in class 6. They did have a good selection of F-550's though.
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    Impressive as being probably the only true American Truck company that still exists and expanded when others were floundering or acquired. I still find it interesting how it has two similar brands of trucks Peterbilt and Kenworth in the same markets but able to maintain their own identities.
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    Cummins Inc. Press Release / March 22, 2019 There’s something to be said about confidence. Confidence gives you the feeling of security, support, and strength. We all look for the edge that allows us to perform our best, whether that’s on the job or off the clock. Why not have an engine that gives you that extra edge of confidence in your truck? Cummins 6.7 Liter Turbo Diesel takes 3500, 4500 and 5500 RAM customers to the next level of performance. PERFORMANCE An engine needs to provide the power and performance you need on and off the job. Cummins is committed to providing customers with an extra edge of confidence in performance while hauling, so you can work hard and play hard. The Cummins 6.7L Turbo Diesel for Chassis cabs boasts 360 horsepower and 800 pound-feet of torque. The RAM 3500 / 4500 / 5500 Chassis Cabs with the Cummins 6.7L turbo Diesel are offered with an Aisin 6-Speed Auto Transmission. With the 3500 delivering a 25,890 lbs. of best-in-class towing capability Also available with the 45/5500 RAM Chassis Cab, with 800 pound-feet of best-in-class torque, delivering 35,220 lbs. of maximum towing capability. HIGH RELIABILITY From hauling your equipment on and off the job site, to Hauling your toy hauler on the weekend, you should have the highest level of reliability when it comes to hauling, towing, and payload. This legendary engine provides fuel efficiency and class-leading 12,000 thousand mile oil change intervals. That’s power and reliability you can always count on. DURABILITY As the only engine with its own high mileage club, there is no denying that at 100,000 you’re just getting started with a Cummins powered RAM. Wear your engine’s high mileage like a badge of honor. Become part of the Cummins legacy of longevity with an engine that will withstand what you need for your work, business, or personal needs. Sign up with your high mileage RAM today at highmileage.cummins.com LEGACY Cummins has been providing confidence for100 years. From pioneering new technology to first partnering with Ram in 1989 to haul two tons more than any competitor at the time. Cummins has been a leader in the diesel engine world since Clessie Cummins launched the company in Columbus, Indiana in 1919, with a commitment to producing the finest diesel engines on the planet. From humble beginnings grew an international enterprise that today provides products and service to customers in more than 150 countries. Nearly a century spent perfecting diesel engine performance provides Cummins unmatched insight and expertise. The Cummins 6.7L Turbo diesel in RAM HD Pickup and CC are manufactured in our plant in the same community where it all started. And Customers can expect the same reliability and dependability they have experienced since Cummins began powering Ram trucks in 1989. .
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    Yes this is an incredibly unusual truck as before it was assumed that the smaller radiator somehow restricted the L cab from being used, but clearly that’s not the case. It’d also be interesting to learn how many of these were made with an L cab. It also begs the question to know if a CA-31 could be put on most other Bs, the only restriction being the size of the motor in relation to the hood of course. I personally prefer Bs with larger L cabs and if it could technically be available on most Bs then that would be a very interesting discovery.
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    Here's a nice one from the intertubes.
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