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    My son and daughter in law went with me but went in first, dressed in their finest NY Yuppie garb.I strolled in a few minutes after them and sat in the back with my camera. During the public question part, they asked how hard would it be to get a permit to convert their 4 car garage into 3 apartment units. Any issues with energy requirements and and issues about who they can and can not rent to. The answers were that there are no rules on green energy and as long as the spaces are issued a C.O. any one that you choose can live there. Son asked again if they plan on any green laws or occupancy requrements in the future and again the answer was no. When the meeting ended i walked up to the Village Supervisor and the head of the zoning board and thanked them for the fantastic video and also thanked the Head of Zoning for leaving me the reasons for denying my permit (60% solar and open residency not just veterans rule) on my answering machine. Told them I'll see you either on the TV news and in Federal Court for Discrimination against Handicapped Veterans unless you met my terms when I decide on them. The members were following me talking to me but for some reason they all scattered when I got into my dump truck and started to leave. Most enjoyable day I've had since my wife passed away
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    Came home from a Fishing trip to find a box from Maine. In it were cans of Moxie soda, an invasive species in these parts, compliments of BMT's resident philanthropist 41Chevy. Since everyone who tries it (social media) seems to feel inclined to comment I'm throwing mine in too....... Moxie Virgin's stop now if you don't want the spoiler. Brought the cans to a steady 38 F and cracked. Scent is perfumed and pungent similar to a Mennonite store that sells bulk spices. Flavor strikes a memory of dime store candy sticks...… more specifically a softer version of Horehound. Aftertaste is the tricked-out part of the soda. After 15 seconds the sweet dissipates and a dry bitter sets in and holds on. Unique. Stuff is a 10, salute to the Northeast for good craftsmanship. Regretfully, no availability in Wisconsin for the near future. My wife agreed we are keeping the last can (toast) till Paul has a victory over Virginia's "A-Holes".
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    Home built by Jim Etter from PA utilizing B model sheet metal and the 673 engine, trans and rear end out of a Mack G-75. Took the picture in Barrington, NH about 2012.
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    I have a 1980 r model wrecker and it is becoming hard to cars parts in my area i need the front brake drums and have been told by many dealers and parts shops that they are obsolete. No one makes them anymore i have told my options are to change out the front end or the spindles. Has anyone had this problem and if so what is the solution any help is much
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    I was searching through the internet when I found this beauty. It looks like a CA-31 cab on a B that doesn’t have the larger radiator. Just curious if anyone knows about it because it’s quite interesting.
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    Yup Ashmores what an old beast it was I always looked like one or Redmans in Fairfax (painted up the same way) but he got it in Waynesboro Va.Spent some cold nights dragging junk off of I84.
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    Paul, let me know if you are ever passing though the Allentown/Bethlehem Pa. area, dinner is on me!!!
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    Yes let me tell you: finally I tuck the truck to another mechanic recommended by my friend, and he figure it out that the turbo cooler was having an air leak and the head gasket needed to be replaced because it was leaking a lot of coolant, also he calibrate the valves and after this repairs the truck is running really good. It is having a lot of boos like it was before. Thanks very much for your help. The gasket from the intake was good so it wasn’t needed to be replaced, about the sensors, I figure out that they were not the reason for the low boost. The truck is running really smooth now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I've always imagined exhaust tips like this. Just to let those peterbilts know who is boss.
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    Red all over.
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    As a follow up to the PTO suggestion, it has been changed to a left front mounting with a 120% ratio PTO. Opted for new pump and PTO. Dump operation is faster and much more convenient. As an added bonus, the transmission shifts better without the extra mass of the PTO gears on the back end. Thank you again for the help. Ed
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    That looks the same as my ‘45 Type 45. On one than more occasion I have replicated those spring clips that hold the glass in by bending coat hangers.
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    Get us a picture of the drivers side of the engine and we'll help with what filter you have.
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    I would use 15W40 oil designed for diesel engines such as Rotella T. Depending on what you have, capacity is between 4 and 5 gals. What filter housing do you have? There is a Luberfiner type or the clarifier which is a very large canister with three lines. Two of the lines will be very large at 1" plus in size. The clarifier filter is old Mack 236GB311A which crosses to Wix 51233 with Wix 15114 gasket. I think the Luberfiner is 3090 (?). Depending on what you have, there is a screen in the oil pan that should be looked at.
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