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    My 88 we just restored ..just wanted to share with you guys
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    Here's his B67 rollback,it has a 237 and a quad,and his Superliner with a Cummins. He had a' '78 Superliner with a 60 in. Bentz sleeper,but its out east somewhere now. The trailer is his billboard in front of his shop,the "pickup"was one of his Dad's old wreckers,now Cummins powered,and another of his B61's,this one is a single axle,237 power if I remember right,he has another sleeper cab with a wrecker body,but only pic I have of it is really blurry
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    Here's a nice one from the intertubes.
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    Don't forget their errand boy Comey.
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    I wonder how much this report will have in it about the REAL crimes that Clinton did and the Democrats have covered up? There are a lot a people that belong in jail and Trump is not one of them. Jail is to good for most of them, they should be hung. Start with BHO and HRC and a lot of others.
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    this is his personal truck,it has a 300+ with a quad,and Neway air ride. Pic taken at my place last June.
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    I know some of y’all think it’s sacrilegious to do what I did but I love it. Took her around the block for the first time the other day. Wiring is 100% done and there are only a couple minor things left to take care of. Hope to have her at her first show in about a month.
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    I just reinstalled the aircleaner on the truck. It touches the cowl on the bottom. Has anyone had the issue before. Also seats are in.
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    I've always imagined exhaust tips like this. Just to let those peterbilts know who is boss.
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    As the British would say, it looks very tidy under the bonnet. Send your VIN off to the museum and they will send a folder back with information on your truck. The museum runs off donations so please make a donation for this service. It sometimes takes a little time to receive your packet because much of the staff is volunteer. I have always found it worth the wait. Here's the link to the museum. https://www.macktruckshistoricalmuseum.org/
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    I have been studying their site. I really like the idea of the telma, wish I could see one in operation. I am just weighing the cost of each. I think in the end I would be happier with the telma. I will bring some experience to the table here! Take it for what it is worth! Pre and real early eteck there was An exhast brake Option called Stealth brake!!!! To install this unit we were required to remove valve covers and replace or add valve seals and replace valve springs to install these! Having said that the unit helped on engine braking a fair bit ! We however started having issues with turbos on these the exhaust gasses started over coming the shaft seals on the turbo on long downhill grades pushing the gasses into the base causing horrible blowby issues ! the fix was a special turbo with extra sealing rings on the shaft seal! if you plan on going this route. Don't say you weren't warned!!! Just saying! Telma I have nothing bad to say about this unit , other than the extra weight added they function great!
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    As a follow up to the PTO suggestion, it has been changed to a left front mounting with a 120% ratio PTO. Opted for new pump and PTO. Dump operation is faster and much more convenient. As an added bonus, the transmission shifts better without the extra mass of the PTO gears on the back end. Thank you again for the help. Ed
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    Hosted on Fotki
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    I think something went haywire. I don’t see a picture.
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    I found this on Fecesbook for sale. An old R Model with a crawl through Mercury sleeper with mounts. "Someone RESCUE THIS PUPPY"!! It is under this: (78 to 85 international eagles some 90 just alot of everything mainly cats mechanical and 400 cummins Altoona, PA. Make Offers.)
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    I have been thinking the same thing. We have no way of telling if you’re stoned in the field (that I’m aware of) but everyone jumps on the band wagon to leagalize drugs. I’ve also laughed at the hypocrisy of dope smoking. We’ve spent billions of dollars the last 30 years with ads, lawsuits and passing new laws to get people to quit smoking but now since its pot all of the risks somehow goes out the window.
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    I doubt if he brings more than a couple,since they are on call 24/7
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    1976 Brockway utilizing a 3408 CAT motor.
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    Hah-and in the dumb ass state of Mass, our gov is now very worried about law enforcements ability to ID an impaired driver as the technology is not the same as alcohol detection. Wonder why the legalization of all these "recreational shops" was not delayed until the issue of "driving under the influence" was not nailed down first.
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    There is a battle going on between the God fearing Conservatives and the NWO/Satanic/Demoncrats. Better to have God on your side than Satan.
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    Why is there such a push to legalize more drugs? To keep the "people" stoned and happy.... Maybe happy people ask fewer questions?
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    belongs to my buddy Mike Shaffer from Springfield,IL,,one of 5 working B's in his fleet.Pretty sure this one has a 250 hp 673C,they all have quads.
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    If air fan clutch. You should have 12 volts going to the fan clutch solenoid straight from the fuse box. The other wire ( ground) goes to the engine ecm. The engine ecm makes the ground internally to disengage the fan clutch. When the engine ecm sees hight coolant temp , high AC head pressure or high intake temp it opens the circuit ( takes away the ground ) and the fan clutch engages.
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    Tonight is the regular monthly Village Meeting with public participation. I'm looking forward to it. Taking my M917 to the meeting to exercise it a bit and show off my new vinyl sticker on the steer diff. Hosted on Fotki
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    ''Odds and Ends".
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