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    My 88 we just restored ..just wanted to share with you guys
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    Guys! just a foot note if Tech did not mention it earlier in the thread !! pay attention to the center section orientation as you remove it ! It can be bolted on upside down and you likely wont notice till you go to put the turbo on the drain tube will not fit!! You will be really pissed of at your self for not noticing! 🙄
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    Why is there such a push to legalize more drugs? To keep the "people" stoned and happy.... Maybe happy people ask fewer questions?
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    this is his personal truck,it has a 300+ with a quad,and Neway air ride. Pic taken at my place last June.
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    Here is the mate to J.Hancock's CH Tanker. CJ is the 10 wheel version.
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    Yes it is ..I just bought a tractor same year and specs as this truck I'm gonna do up next ...we have to keep this old iron on the road so the plastic junk doesn't take over
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    Sawmill Trucking NYC 1968
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    I know some of y’all think it’s sacrilegious to do what I did but I love it. Took her around the block for the first time the other day. Wiring is 100% done and there are only a couple minor things left to take care of. Hope to have her at her first show in about a month.
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    Burlington Mass.
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    The FN model was built in 1940-1941 with 150 being produced.
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    I wonder how much this report will have in it about the REAL crimes that Clinton did and the Democrats have covered up? There are a lot a people that belong in jail and Trump is not one of them. Jail is to good for most of them, they should be hung. Start with BHO and HRC and a lot of others.
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    Hah-and in the dumb ass state of Mass, our gov is now very worried about law enforcements ability to ID an impaired driver as the technology is not the same as alcohol detection. Wonder why the legalization of all these "recreational shops" was not delayed until the issue of "driving under the influence" was not nailed down first.
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    The frame mounted retarder is the best way to go, carrier mounted units caused a lot of problems. Visit telmausa.com and look under the technical support tab, lots of good information, that will give you a idea of what you are getting into.
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    Follow the Money.....
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    If they're double frame trucks, the best thing you can do to preserve them is split the frames apart one side at a time and sandblast/paint them. Some people even drill and tap the outer frame rail for grease fittings so they can prevent future rust jacking. Nowadays they make a "heavy single" frame, I wish they had started using them sooner.
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    Here's his B67 rollback,it has a 237 and a quad,and his Superliner with a Cummins. He had a' '78 Superliner with a 60 in. Bentz sleeper,but its out east somewhere now. The trailer is his billboard in front of his shop,the "pickup"was one of his Dad's old wreckers,now Cummins powered,and another of his B61's,this one is a single axle,237 power if I remember right,he has another sleeper cab with a wrecker body,but only pic I have of it is really blurry
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    Yes it doesn't rust but the squirrels will eat it to the frame if you ain't looking they eat my wire loom dipstick and air filter housing, It was cheaper to feed them peanuts all winter.
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    But all the bolts with over sized washers chew thru the plastic that they hold onto LOL!!!
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    Only thing good about plastic is it don't rust.
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    That looks the same as my ‘45 Type 45. On one than more occasion I have replicated those spring clips that hold the glass in by bending coat hangers.
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    Why have we never seen these world class units before ?
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    belongs to my buddy Mike Shaffer from Springfield,IL,,one of 5 working B's in his fleet.Pretty sure this one has a 250 hp 673C,they all have quads.
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    Handsome tank truck.
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    I was watching some video of my grandfather logging back after WW2, my grandfather was in the airforce in New Guiniea at Port Morsby and he was only 26 when this film was made so it would have been the late 40's or maybe early 50's at a guess My grandfather had what he always told me was a NR Mack as a log truck but in recent years I have come to believe it wasnt it was in fact a EH Mack https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.trucksplanet.com%2Fphoto%2Fmack%2Feh_eht_soft_top_cab%2Feh_eht_soft_top_cab_1.jpg&imgrefurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.trucksplanet.com%2Fcatalog%2Fmodel.php%3Fid%3D480&tbnid=geASXsI45e61aM&vet=1&docid=uHSC96ZGn1gCnM&w=791&h=435&hl=en-AU&source=sh%2Fx%2Fim And another of the log trucks shown in the film was a Burma Dodge On reading about the Burma Dodge trucks in Australia it appears that Burma Dodges were rather rare in Australia They arrived after a ship was sinking off Australia and they were off loaded to Australia Dunno if you click on the photo it might take you to the information If not, theres the information bellow Burma Dodge Truck This beautifully restored Burma Dodge Truck sure has an interesting history. Burma Dodge trucks were built by Dodge in the US, for the Chinese Army, The contract was for 15,000. Production started in October 1944, and ran into early 1946. They were built right hand drive. A ship carrying a load of Burma Dodges was sinking of Australia during World War 2, some of the trucks were off loaded to Australia. This is one of them. At the Moora Working Draught Horse Muster. When I work out how I will get some video of the logging operation My family only had this video given to them in recent months and my mum found it very interesting seeing her father at such a young age and in colour as well !!! More to follow Paul
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    The yellow and white scania pulling for watkins is my old truck!
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    This was my wife's wish and I said I will see it through. Equipment, house kits and tradesman are set to go, everything is mapped out both plat wise and legally. 23 disabled Vets and their families are tentatively chosen to be given the first homes. I will not take stupid "green" requirements by some power mad town employee. Monday I will be at the local news channel and start my push back and get my vets homes or I will bankrupt the town.
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    Was at Mack Townsville yesterday and saw this A Brockway cabbed Mack, dunno whether to share in Mack or Brockway Owner was telling me it was one of two ever Mack built tilt trays built by Mack in Australia Paul
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    She says the world will end in 12 years if we don't do something drastic now. Her green new deal is estimated to cost 75 Trillion dollars. 8-15 trillion dollars of that estimate is to combat the climate change that will end the world. If the world was going to end in 12 years, wouldn't you put a little more of that 75 Trillion towards saving the planet?
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    After dealing with the Federal requirements which and was signed off on , Virginia's requirements which I met and was signed off on, Fluvanna Counties requirements which was signed off on. the piss pot incorporated village of Fork Union came up with "green" requirements that are impossible to meet and diversity requirements for occupation. But on the bright side I'll now expand my Rusty Truck and Farm Implement Park the Volunteer F.D. loses out on a pretty new pumper and a rescue /ambulance unit. Funny my property is zoned residential and heavy commercial so maybe I'll dig a 1100 acre pit and put up a few hundred of these of my property line by the main road.
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    Beer...that's the main thing!
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    on the first generation Superliners,the frame is the same as the Cruiseliner.The Superliner II RW600 and the MH600 have the same frame.The RW700 was different.
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    OK everyone calm down. Man for some reason this topic really got some people worked up. Every truck manufacturer in the world measures wheelbase the way HK and I described. If you sell your truck by measuring the wheelbase the wrong way it will appear longer to others looking to buy. We were just trying to inform everyone. What goes on paper is what rolls out the Mack plant.
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    HK is right. For a tandem you measure to the CENTER of the rear axles. With a single axle you measure to the middle of the rear axle of course. With a tri-drive you measure to the center rear axle hub. Any other way is WRONG. The extreme measurement used in bridge formula is called Gross wheelbase, which is front most axle hub to rear most axle hub. If any of you doubting Thomas’s want more proof here is a picture strait out of a Mack CH brochure:
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    Once again I second your answer,HK.I have had to argue this with others from time to time.All it usually takes is a tape measure and a copy of the factory spec sheet to prove this is the correct way of measuring whelbase.
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    I believe it is as Rob said, from the center of the front hub to the center of the trunnion shaft. Thats how they figure it at the truck dealer if you spec a certain wheelbase. On a single axle it would of course be from the center of the front hub to the center of the rear axle.
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