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    Hosted on Fotki
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    And the style has some real character which would make me want to buy that cab over
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    Those part numbers do ring a bell that is long buried in cold storage. The same larger bushings are used under the radiator support also. I've got to find the note where I jotted the part numbers down, but I believe the same bushings work for the cab mounting also.
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    Its time to pull rear box and check for broken synchronizer pins
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    Well Kevin I guess we should give them the benefit of the doubt? When you screw up and it is obvious, do you have the stones to admit it? Note Hinrichs said they can adjust the pace of expansion as AV market changes-or words to that effect. Maybe adjust pace as the public wants no part of AV's at least to degree the planners thought would take place. that means "Car and Driver" is NOT changing its name to "Car and Sofa"!
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    I'm an old geyser who's been in trucking all my life and I'd never heard of a cable pull dump. Very interesting.
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    I was watching some video of my grandfather logging back after WW2, my grandfather was in the airforce in New Guiniea at Port Morsby and he was only 26 when this film was made so it would have been the late 40's or maybe early 50's at a guess My grandfather had what he always told me was a NR Mack as a log truck but in recent years I have come to believe it wasnt it was in fact a EH Mack https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.trucksplanet.com%2Fphoto%2Fmack%2Feh_eht_soft_top_cab%2Feh_eht_soft_top_cab_1.jpg&imgrefurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.trucksplanet.com%2Fcatalog%2Fmodel.php%3Fid%3D480&tbnid=geASXsI45e61aM&vet=1&docid=uHSC96ZGn1gCnM&w=791&h=435&hl=en-AU&source=sh%2Fx%2Fim And another of the log trucks shown in the film was a Burma Dodge On reading about the Burma Dodge trucks in Australia it appears that Burma Dodges were rather rare in Australia They arrived after a ship was sinking off Australia and they were off loaded to Australia Dunno if you click on the photo it might take you to the information If not, theres the information bellow Burma Dodge Truck This beautifully restored Burma Dodge Truck sure has an interesting history. Burma Dodge trucks were built by Dodge in the US, for the Chinese Army, The contract was for 15,000. Production started in October 1944, and ran into early 1946. They were built right hand drive. A ship carrying a load of Burma Dodges was sinking of Australia during World War 2, some of the trucks were off loaded to Australia. This is one of them. At the Moora Working Draught Horse Muster. When I work out how I will get some video of the logging operation My family only had this video given to them in recent months and my mum found it very interesting seeing her father at such a young age and in colour as well !!! More to follow Paul
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    Tonight is the regular monthly Village Meeting with public participation. I'm looking forward to it. Taking my M917 to the meeting to exercise it a bit and show off my new vinyl sticker on the steer diff. Hosted on Fotki
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    You may have the Mack diff with the mack power divider inter -axle inter diff lock they tend to pop and bang from time to time!
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    Im guessing a Mack back end If so, all drive tyres need to be fairly close to the same size as the power divider on a Mack bogie isnt really a power divider However I would check and make sure the power divider isnt locked first Paul
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    The downside of relying on engineers to make important decisions is that they come from a narrow slice of society and are trained to become members of a narrow profession. For example, I live in a rural area and few of our kids around here will ever become engineers because there are no programs accessible to us, so we end up with a lot of overskilled mechanics. I'm plotting the rebuilding of our local water system and by federal law, we're required to have licensed engineers do the design- Turns out that of the 3 engineering firms that bid on the project, all of their engineers went to the same engineering school, and they all apply the same narrow engineering focus to the project. No wonder many of the great inventors were not formally trained as engineers...
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    I am not sure if this is the same 2 1/2 ton truck??? Pictures were taken at the 2015 ATHS chapter meeting at Archie Baines shop in Victoria Australia
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    Pawel, Marcel, Thankyou for the nice comments and the information. I think the axles are probably going to be the easiest part when compared with under the hood and cab. I'll have plenty of questions when I get there. I'm also pretty slow with my builds; only 3 completed projects to show for the last 10 years so don't hold your breath! Pictures of those 3 attached. Apologies for the inclusion of a non Mack subject but I think it's earned a place in truck history. Alastair
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