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    I have a 95 RD688S, which is a 350 hp e7 engine. I will bet your dog outpulls my dog. Your dog is a Maxidyne engine, which means it has a broad power band. The older em6 maxidyne makes at least 90% torque in the entire power band. Our maxidynes we own that are pre em6 (endt676) pull from 1200rpm all the way to 2100rpm. Not sure about what the em7 does, never driven one. My e7 350 only makes that much power for like 3 or 400 rpms. It's probably just fuel pump adjustments and watching your EGTs, but I've never tweaked a fuel pump. Only read what guys post here. Maxidynes are great because of that powerband. It may only be a 300, but comparing a Maxidyne to a cat or Cummins of similar hp is like apples to oranges. Or cats to dogs.
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    Was at Mack Townsville yesterday and saw this A Brockway cabbed Mack, dunno whether to share in Mack or Brockway Owner was telling me it was one of two ever Mack built tilt trays built by Mack in Australia Paul
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    But the product is NOT running that long, emissions regulations are making sure of that. They have to modify engines every year, they have to design it for Uncle Sam, not for reliability.
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    Yup, who would have thunk it. All this for 3 easy payments of $19.99
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    Hello everyone, I’m Josh. I’ve been running my 01’ RD688 with an E7 460 for over a year now. Seems to be a solid truck as long as you keep up with fluids and grease. I originally didn’t plan on getting a Mack but this one jumped out to me. Pretty clean for an 01 dump truck and the 460 seems to pull heavy loads just fine (though I’ve heard the 427 will walk the dog). All in all I’m very happy with the truck and look forward to putting many more miles on it. It ain’t the most comfortable truck but I’ve done things them long noses wouldn’t even try.
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    It’s all back in one piece, minus the hood, and we had it out and running around today. It seemed to be down on power and come to find out the fuel pump needs to be rebuilt. I’ll try to see if I can get some better pictures later.
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    It’s coming back together! Latest update says starting it Thursday morning and having it roaring down the streets of Maryland later that day. What funny is one of the big delays was the fact that her replacement, Independent’s new Engine 12, was also in the shop and obviously the wagon still in service took priority. I’ll send pictures when I can, but I will say that her chrome shines brightly, or atleast what you can see if it behind the rust.
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    Just got home from my Unincorporated Villages Zoning Board. My appeal to their non zoning list of demands/ requirements was denied. Got the approval from the Federal EPA and ACE, got approval from the Common Wealth of Virginia, got the approval from Fluvanna County but the village want 60% solar and they want the residents to be anybody in instead of Disabled Vets. There is no out side money, there is no banks, there is only my outlay. All 34 houses were to be built and paid for by me and my wifes life insurance monies. Only requirements were 10 years residency in the house, utilities, up keep and taxes. So now I may just sell the entire 1140 acres to a developer or since it is zoned as residential / heavy commercial I my just turn it into an 1100 acre 24/7 sand and gravel pit mine.
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    I have a 1921 Mack truck for sale. It is all original, still runs and has a hydraulic dump bed that works. This is truly a unique truck. Message me for selling price and more info.
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    Sorry..... here are a whole bunch of snow bewbs.
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    Interesting. Freightliner was using Powertrain Integration's 8.0L propane engine. PSI took Powertrain Integration over sometime ago, perhaps they are streamlining their engine offerings. In any event, both the PSI 8.8L and the P.I. 8.0L are based on the old 'Big Block' Chevy V-8. The PSI 8.8L is also available in CNG and gasoline fueled versions.
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    Wish that I could say ours was well done.. it's basically a big red orange peel. and they painted over a lot of things that shouldn't have been painted, while simultaneously loosing/failing to reinstall a bunch of fasteners. Additionally, the nice gold striping was never re applied. This all occurred way before I inherited the project but the legacy lives on.... but hey it could be way worse, and it still looks cool rolling by in a parade so what the heck. -Pete
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    But Wait!! There's more! DM was available as plus 3 from 1974 on but not the U until 81.
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    I spent a lot of time in this truck in the mid 1980's. Seems like a lifetime ago.
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    Ive been hauling alot of pulpwood to ip in ticonderoga ny i like pulling in to the yard in my titan in a sea of w900s and western stars . Nice to be different.
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    I’m all Mack. I don’t look at anything newer than 2003. When we can’t keep them running time to close the doors. They haul the same loads time and again. I know it’s not an option for everyone, but for my operation it’s the best way to maximize our money. I feel for everyone running newer equipment that is unreliable.
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    There is some new info from Mack about this code. Its cause by moisture in Mass flow tube messing up sensor, this seems to happen in cold weather. The Mack dealer can call Mack One Call and they can give instructions on how to fix problem. I know it involves changing the engine thermostat and cleaning out the Delta-P sensor. You need to clear the code with stalk switch or the truck wont regen and then you have another problem. We got one here doing it as well.
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