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    Early R model ready for work.
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    Did the ad ever say it was forsale? It was just a picture, not a classified add. Don't people read? I bet he would send you an extra $10,000 over the sale price through western union just for your troubles.
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    Watch the block plate and get the proper gasket for it.I remember three different gaskets that look close and the wrong one can cause brg damage.
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    It’s coming back together! Latest update says starting it Thursday morning and having it roaring down the streets of Maryland later that day. What funny is one of the big delays was the fact that her replacement, Independent’s new Engine 12, was also in the shop and obviously the wagon still in service took priority. I’ll send pictures when I can, but I will say that her chrome shines brightly, or atleast what you can see if it behind the rust.
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    Henry would be proud......he was a big fan of the Germans.
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    I still think there is no difference and that all the plus 3 back panels were the same excepting the addition of the vertical body crease some time in the late 70's. The top corners of the roof panel were substantially radiused so the bulge appears more prominent when the cab is viewed from the front corner but less when the cab is viewed side on. Follow this link to see this. https://www.purplewave.com/auction/120228/item/A6751 I'd also argue that, after the plus 3 cab was introduced, the long grab handle was standard on all the R,U,DM cabs including the flat back cab which was retained as standard on the U. It looks like the panel was modified to eliminate the mounting bump for the old short handle. The U could be ordered with a plus 3 cab. There was one for sale on here a few years ago.
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    im sure we're all on the same page and regardless, im lookin at a 10 grand running driving truck that NEEDS restoration
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    41 chevy. That is an excellent explanation! A close look at these pics illustrates that especially looking where the back of the cab meets the roof on both. The DM tapers inward towards the roof which creates the bulge look.
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    A little before and after showing the reconfigured floor.
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    I've been posting a lot because I've had a lot of time to dedicate to this over the Winter and I'm trying to get as much done on it before things pick up at work. The cab structure is done, with only a few minor things to complete. I test fit all the sheetmetal this morning, before I take it to the stripper. It all looks pretty good, but I'm sure there are a few headaches awaiting me. I stacked up most of pieces that have been replaced, plus a bucket full of other scraps, as I was cleaning up the shop. Amazing when you line it all up as you lose track of what you've done, as you fix each issue. The rear cab structure really came out nice and clean, as all the damaged and crushed pieces were fixed or replaced. A lot of strength has come back in it with very little flex, compared to how it was.
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    An old Brockway warrior for Ralph G. Smith Transportation Co. Picture of #114 at Yaworski's in 2004.
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    The DM and U flatback cabs are both a Mack CA 361 (w rider seat) before the +3 cab came along. After the +3, the DM cab was a CA 491 (w rider seat) or CA 492 (without rider seat). The U model remained with a 36 series flatback cab but the CA 491 cab (+3) was available in 1981 until the end of the U model production. I believe the CA 363 designation used reflects the change to a plastic dash with a flatback. The flatback R models are a CA 36 and the +3 R model cab is a CA 49. The RW Superliner cab is a CA 494.
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    The Granite has been built on a modified Volvo VHD chassis since 2007.
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    U and DM 600 series rear body panel is bulged and not a full +3 , uses pre 73 roof. That give the more rounded look. The +3 R series in flat as per Hollander Crash books.
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    in north dakota we spent the vast majority of February sub 0 temps. i say bring on the global warming...lol
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    I made these myself several years ago. Had the logo digitized from a decal, converted to a format a sewing machine recognized, and it is actually embroidered into the vinyl, (that part I had done). I then sewed the pattern: The red and black tufted panels are for my RL-755LST truck, the black ones and seats are for my R-612ST whenever I get to it..... Only shown are the panels for the right side of the cab. The dogs are mirrored and face forward on the left panels and inward on the left seat.
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    Magnum 2 by Rich Reinhart, on Flickr
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    I saw this one rolling through downtown a while back. Hauling a small flatbed trailer.
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    Well if U gunna have a FU U might az well make it a good n LOL cya
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