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    Went to the state offices in Richmond today to get screwed over my blood pressure raised to critical and walking back to my truck passed a Model Train Hobby Shop. This was in the window. Very true to life if you ask me! Paul Hosted on Fotki
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    It's official, March 1st, I turned the page and started re-assembly by putting the cowl back on and today welded in the new sills and lower back frame. It was very helpful to remove the cowl and rid the pillars of rust. It also allowed me to put the cowl up on a temporary bench to work on it and repair the right cab mount, which had completely blown through and left a fist sized hole. Lots of other small, time consuming repairs were made all over the cowl/pillar area. Overall, I'm very happy with the results and alignment looks good. Not that far off from removing the cage and test fitting the doors. Once that's done, it'll be back to the sheet metal and re-installing it.
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    Logan from New Jersey Hosted on Fotki
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    Autocar in Europe Hosted on Fotki
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    Factory equipped with a 1693 CAT under the hood.
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    Hi all, just thought I'd share a horn button repair I made to our Type 45 using some 3D printed parts. As you can see in the photo, one of the rubber blocks that retains the horn button had broken. I'm not really sure if these parts are available, but making one essentially for free is always better than buying if you're like me - more budget constrained than bound to strict originality. I drilled out the rivets holding the original rubbers, and had a friend of mine print up some replacements which are designed to accept a small flat head screw in place of the rivet. Blue would not have been my first choice but its what he had in a semi-flexible materials on hand and it doesn't show when the button is installed.
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    I saw a big Mack truck. A big peach. I saw this truck on the shoulder on I-81 Friday. It was on the north bound side, just north of Harrisonburg, Va. I don't know what happened, he was about to lose the lumber though. The piece hanging off is the rub rail of the trailer. I saw this at Neville Island, Pa. Used to see them on 79 a lot, sharp looking units.
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    looks like a early WC. has the wipers on bottom and the shorter grille and the channel bumper puts it around 53
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    A new manifold is going to run you $900. Try to find a take-off. I included the service bulletin for high temp manifold part number. If you buy a complete manifold it will come in three pieces. The two end pieces are the same number, get the high temp center regardless of HP rating. Finding more people are dealing with elevated E.G.temps (even in HP ranges under 460) which justifies the high temp center investment.
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    The injectors, manifold, turbo. Can all be done in one day. If you have all of them available and on site. I would reset the valves while you are at it, and the valve cover is already off.
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    I was attempting to making a sarcastic comment about your average Peterbilt fan boy having to associate with trucks he most certainly looks down his nose at.
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    I think there may be a set of 4.50, 10 bolt here but not with long power divider
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    Don’t forget Sum Ting Wong’s co driver Ho Li Fuk.
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    Started out asking 11,500 on CL about a year ago
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    Not mine and know nothing. https://harrisburg.craigslist.org/cto/d/brockway-128l-classic-truck-flatbed/6807726272.html
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    I saw this former Overnite Transportation F model sitting at Litchford's Garage in Concord the other day. I stopped yesterday and got a few pictures. You used to see these all the time, Overnite, Smith's Transfer, and many other companies had similar F model Macks, and then all of a sudden you say "hey- don't see those any more!"
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    I remember those F model day cabs passing me at night on Fancy Gap and the exposed Turbo glowing cherry red!!
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    It's a rollback because the parking brake is inoperable.
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    Oh Boy! l'd have to find another trailer but that would look good with our MB! .....Hippy
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    The bar for failing test scores in North Carolina’s state public schools may be significantly lowered under proposed new legislation. House Bill 145, introduced by the North Carolina General Assembly last Thursday, proposes to base grades on a 15- rather than a 10-point scale. In other words, an F grade would constitute anything below a 40 percent score — much lower than the 60 percent mark that is the norm in North Carolina and most other states. Under the new scale system, an A would be 100 to 85 percent, a B would be 84 to 70 percent, a C would be 69 to 55 percent, a D would be 54 percent to 40 percent and an F would be 39 and lower according to the bill. The scale system would not affect students who are already performing well. But students who are under performing in school will be allowed to continue. If passed, the law will go into effect beginning with the 2019-2020 school year, according to the bill. It's also spilling over into many universities as well, many professors are being pressured to start passing more students every year to the point that many of them literally give out take home tests, give out free points, or just flat out inflate grades. At one university, half the professors will only fail you if you just didn't do any assignments or tests. They tell the students all answers for those classes were online since we reuse the same tests and quizzes year after year. I gather kids are too stupid to pass? So is it easier to just lower the standards so we can pretend they're competent now? Like this won't have consequences in ten to fifteen years. It's as if there aren't enough illiterate exceptional individuals with no critical thinking skills in this country now.
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    The sleeper in My H63 is 24" wide. There were non sleeper H models, I have seen them in H-69 and H-81. There probably were others as well.
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    Time to bring the BIG lunch box to work. It worked for Johnny Cash....
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    A friend of mine that winters in AZ looked at that same truck 2 or 3 years ago,they were asking $2500,I told him he shoulda bought it.
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    “Thank God it’s not a Volvo”......ummmm, shoot...
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    After finishing up the mock-up and marking everything for disassembly, I was trying to figure out how to get at the front pillars to get at some rust. Well, I guess I wasn't done taking it apart. So, I removed the cowl completely.. I can definitely get at them this way.
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    The founder and fearless leader of the BigMackTrucks.com forum was kind enough to take some time and do an interview with us this month on our website about Watts Truck Center and everything Mack! Also this month, Dan Millar shares his 1985 Mack RW613 Superliner with our readers. Stop by and check out both interviews. https://www.duncanputman.com/ Thanks again Barry!
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    Just the right thing to do plus nobody else will take care of us without holding it over our heads. I'm just fortunate enough to have done very well and damned if I give it to free loaders.
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    Not much room under the hood of this 1973 Brockway U360TL.
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