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    Mack Maxidyne equals Money Maker. Tip Turbine with associated plumbing for the hood scoop.
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    Hi all, just thought I'd share a horn button repair I made to our Type 45 using some 3D printed parts. As you can see in the photo, one of the rubber blocks that retains the horn button had broken. I'm not really sure if these parts are available, but making one essentially for free is always better than buying if you're like me - more budget constrained than bound to strict originality. I drilled out the rivets holding the original rubbers, and had a friend of mine print up some replacements which are designed to accept a small flat head screw in place of the rivet. Blue would not have been my first choice but its what he had in a semi-flexible materials on hand and it doesn't show when the button is installed.
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    Here is a picture of it in Ian's shop when we visited in 2015
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    It looks like Jamie has his own youtube channel. Here is a look at his new Anthem. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZDk1Q1DOGs
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    R686ST. ENDT676 285hp with the ESI. Truck build was completed 10/12/79. Currently has 118k original miles.
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    While the "body bound" bolts are the best to use by far, I've used these for many years on both mine, and other's repairs when stretching or relocating frames/parts without issue. I do use a "Hougen" magnetic drill with the correct annular cutter for the fastener and it's much less expensive than the other fasteners: While it may not be right or the best way it's worked for a lot of years for me.
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    I've used the Lawson product on open gears in the past and it works well. If you get a truck up so weight is off the suspension and spray the spring leaves, they run quiet and work much easier. The rep used to stop by a couple of the shops weekly for clips and such and it was always really convenient. A little spendy at times for some items but they certainly have a lot and want to ensure you are happy is what I've found. I use a product by "Winzer" for door hinges and glass runs. It sprays on like a liquid foam and solids up clear getting into rolling bushings and such firming up as it dries. It's kinda like a chain lubricant. Funny with your original photo as I have a fresh "13" pool ball for the shifter, and an "8" for the steering column adjust in my RL-755LST model I have yet to install.
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    Though I'm not certain as have never looked into it, I think this truck was built in April, 1980. Some of engine parts have "79" cast into them, some "80", and some are dated on the castings and parts. One of the casting dates on an aluminum engine part is 3/27/80. I have a lot of paperwork from the truck since new and have known the family longer than that as went to high school with one of the relatives. Little tidbit of nothingness: They kept this truck around a lot longer than desired, (fortunate for me) citing the disaster some of their new 2004, and 2005 Mack trucks turned out to be. More than one occasion this old R model was sent out with a trailer to bring one of those back to the shop. I was told this one was kept around because it always started and did what was asked of it. "That" is not heresay, but rather straight from the owner's mouth as told to me.
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    Would have shared the road with AB and AC Macks.
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    I didn't know they cost that much,shop that works on my truck said he could replace my rails for ten thousand installed,to late to take mine apart,23 years in NY and plowing snow takes its toll..
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    From 1955 to 1973, Mr. Sztykiel held several engineering positions from Project Engineer of Dodge Truck Operations, Chrysler Corporation, to Assistant Chief Engineer Heavy Trucks, Chrysler Corporation. From 1973 to 1975, he served at Diamond Reo Trucks, Inc., where he first held the position of Vice-President of Engineering and subsequently, Vice-President of Sales. Mr. George Sztykiel was Spartan’s founder, becoming CEO in December 1992. He served as President and Director of Spartan from its incorporation in September 1975. He retired from Spartan in 2014. Born in 1929 in Poland, Mr. Sztykiel holds a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of London, England.
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    Folks, we need to give Barry Holden a big hand!! If you notice on the home page, he has dedicated a tab at the top of page to the B Model Registry. Once you click on it, you can get to the registry plus a lot more info that I dug out of sales literature. There is still more to send to him, so keep checking from time to time. The old web site that all this info was on was discontinued for some reason. I'm grateful to Barry for posting all this again so everybody can learn more about their ride. Sent a personal note to Barry and thank him for this addition. I have noticed the times on messages he has sent here and I'm starting to think he lives at Watt's Mack. Not often you have a employee willing to put in that much time! Over & out from Ignorant Ridge, Tom
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    1961 B61T. 300 miles since a total restoration by "Tom Warren Vintage Trucks" in Amarillo, Texas. All original sheet metal. Every piece new, or rebuilt. 300 Mack turbo charged engine fully rebuilt, every piece on engine new including turbo, air compressor, steering pump, injection pump, Jake brake, etc. 10 speed Eaton Fuller trans completely rebuilt, single axle rear with Peterbilt air ride suspension with every piece new. Truck has Kysor air conditioning, 2 Cush-m-aire air ride seats, power steering, tilt column, 4 new Alcoa rims, 6 new 11R24.5 radial tires. 1 50 gallon aluminum fuel tank, another 80 gallon aluminum fuel tank on opposite side. Every piece of chrome is brand new, including emblems, gauges, door handles, window cranks, etc. Factory red paint, and green interior. Frame is painted base/clear black. Original door tag with VIN, original frame with VIN stamp on it. This truck is as nice of a truck as you will find anywhere. This truck is a real head turner anywhere it is. Truck was completed in 2005. Truck runs and drives like a dream. You can cruise it on the interstate as fast as you feel comfortable driving. I could go on and on about the quality and craftsmanship of this truck, but it literally speaks for itself. It is as nice as any restored show car you will find. Truck is 27 feet long from bumper to bumper. 18 feet from back of cab to end of frame rail. Over $100,000 invested in the restoration alone. Priced to sell $65,000. I have several detailed pictures if you are a serious buyer. Feel free to contact me direct at 859-274-8121 or 606-495-5761. If you have questions about the authenticity of the restoration, quality of the work, or money invested in it, feel free to contact Tom Warren Vintage Trucks at 806-374-3056 Thanks for viewing, Van
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    You are correct Brocky. I'm hauling for the city right now. Night and part of day shift. Our city got rid of all their old self propelled V12 Detroit blowers and now has 4 of these LaRue D60 loader mounted blowers. We load under one on the street and this is one (along with a D8 Cat) in one of the 6 snow dumps we have. So in the last two months we have made 6 piles of this size . And yes sometimes it does take until August before it is all gone.
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    I prefer red as it's mine: No hood scoop yet but it's coming.
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    America was built on the back of the Mack truck, as well as the International. The legendary Loadstar was the backbone of the American farmer, carried children to and from school, and allowed states and municipalities to maintain our roads. The stunning Transtar 4070A and Transtar II 4070B were industry benchmarks in the COE segment. A young Zenon C.R. Hansen joined International Harvester in 1927. So impressed were they that the company placed him in its management training program. At age 19, with two years service, Hansen was sent to work internationally in Europe. Over the following seven years, spent on the continent and in Africa, Zenon acquired invaluable on-the-job training and learned to fluently speak French, German and Italian. Given the opportunity to go out on his own and to establish a Diamond T dealership in Portland, Oregon, Zenon reluctantly left International Harvester after 17 years. He quickly became Diamond T's largest distributor.
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    I used OEM Mack glass I bought from Barry 17 yrs ago!! I was going to mention I might try to polish it down as it is just a slight bit wider then the glass I removed. Though the channels still had OEM felts in it, as I had to cut the rivets to removed what was left. I'm just hesitant due to not wanting to destroy the glass(ie: shatter it). Wingman, The wagon motor is a 428 service block, 427 cross bolt caps, 4.25 Scat forged stroker crank, Edelbrock heads(hand ported), Crower flat tappet cam. Made 625 hp at 6500, 600 ft/lb at 4000 rpm. Run has run 10.83 @ 123 mph. Typically runs 11.0's in the summer. My little '69 F100 has 428CJ motor, med riser 2x4, toploader, 4.56 gears. Some videos: I'm guessing you are posting from a tablet? They tend to rotate pictures when put on a forum. Don't ask why, it's just a common issue.
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    Welcome to my world, LOL We went through a few weeks of minus 40/minus 50. Now last night it was going from rain to white out snow storm back to rain. And thunder and lightning the whole time. Very strange.
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    It's a 21 foot dump box. My Star 4900 is 266 inch wheelbase. The lift has to be 100 inch ahead of the drives here. And now we have a regulation called SPIF...so they all have to be steering lift axles that self equalize and no driver control. They automatically go down with around 4500 KG of load. I install illegal lift switches because despite what the government says, they do not steer on slippery roads or off road. Just another stupid law that doesn't work, made by people that don't drive. As delivered from factory you can raise them by turning the 4-way flashers on for a 3 seconds, then off for three seconds, then back on. Try that when you are sliding out of control towards a car full of someones family.
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    Awwwww hell yea nice colors needs rear fenders but other than that NICE!
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    i have seen the same box made by signal stat and KD also.
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    47255 would be most likely a 1964
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    Reviewing the B Model Registry on this forum shows B-61's with close serial numbers to yours (47255) and most are showing a date of 1964. Here is the link. Scroll down and hit the blue button that says download and the list will be displayed. https://www.bigmacktrucks.com/registry/
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