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    I don't need a water truck but if I did, this would be OK.
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    I like the long hood R's better then the superliners. Just never seen many of them around here.
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    I’d say “normal” and don’t get it looked at. They have a real learning curve, especially if your coming right out of the Eaton Fuller camp and into a Mack. Mack stole some design points from Eaton, when they built the Mack T300 series, to make a more positive shift. Most obvious was the slider clutch redesign. If your over the road your better off with an Eaton for low operating cost, higher efficiency, replacement/parts/reman availability, ease to drive, etc. If your in the dirt, Mack will make money for you(Aside from relearning how to shift). Mack is shadowed by an aftermarket line of parts that are OEM quality, PAI Industries. They under-cut Mackvo dealership parts somewhere to the tune of 30% which makes running a Mack more practical. Good luck & Safe travels!!!
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    In my short experience I've learned they accuse others of their own crimes. Case and point, Hilary managing to get waste of time investigation into Trump when she's the one who pandered to Russia. https://thehill.com/opinion/white-house/429292-the-case-for-russia-collusion-against-the-democrats Trump may not be a morally perfect guy, but he's no socialist pig. And for those who are angry that he hasn't gotten a wall built yet, stop sending he swamp dwellers to work with in Congress. He's not a king for 4 years, he can only do what the Constitution allows him to do. Congress and the Courts have to do their part.
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    Really, Junk??? Those 18 speeds are all I got in my trucks with no issues. Have to replace the clutch brake once or twice, a $20 part, but almost indestructible. The trucks went though a few drivers and owners though. Come on face it a real driver can shift a Mack 18 speed with no issues. An old Quad-box would be out of the question and was junk too? All you Road Ranger pansies have syncro's to get the next gear. Guess the next time its an automatic for you Guy's. If it keeps grinding have it looked at but first don't try and shift it fast. Get some seat time, maybe a lot of time, let the rpm's wind down about 350-400 rpm's before going for the next gear. You just can not fast shift a real truck transmission. A Mack triple coutershaft trans does have a learning curve. Yes it would be nice if it fell into gear but then anyone could drive with one. They shift just fine, do need the right touch to drive and a little brains.
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    I was able to locate one new power window motor and it arrived today
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    Reviewing the B Model Registry on this forum shows B-61's with close serial numbers to yours (47255) and most are showing a date of 1964. Here is the link. Scroll down and hit the blue button that says download and the list will be displayed. https://www.bigmacktrucks.com/registry/
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    Sorry bro !! I would like to rephrase that comment for ya Tech they charge what the part is truly worth ! Their not tryng to sell you a new truck by making it not worth while to fix !! They are just selling parts to fix A worth while truck!! Just sayin!
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    Buddy scrapped 2 5-tons at this place back in summer. Last I heard they still had them sitting there. Idk what models or anything like that. They were at the paxinos yard. It's central Pa.
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    That setup should be a honey to drive. I ran those for 20 years now and the only issue I've ever had was the snap ring break on the Hi-Lo shaft. Simple to shift. Let her drop 400 rpms if you're not splitting and it'll fall into the next gear.
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    Owner-Driver / February 11, 2019 Mack enthusiasts plan to celebrate 100 years of Macks in Australia at a Mega Mack Muster at Gatton, Queensland, on September 28 and 29. "The main thing is to tell anyone interested to save the date, because something big is going to be happening in Gatton," says Mack fanatic, Gary Richards. Gary’s career included roles as Mack National Marketing Manager and Volvo Group Australia National Product Manager. He retired in 2013 and now lives in Bendigo, Victoria, where he maintains a large archive of historic Mack records and photographs. He has teamed up with fellow Mack lovers Glen Beutel, Russell Simpson and Dennis Taylor to plan the Mack celebration at the Gatton Showgrounds, in conjunction with the Historic Commercial Vehicle Association Queensland (HCVAQ). Gary hopes the 2019 event will attract Macks representing every decade since their arrival in Australia. The format has not been finalised but is likely to include trophy presentations and an official dinner. Mack began producing motorised vehicles in the USA in 1900. The centenary celebrations at Gatton will mark the arrival of the first Mack ACs to Australia in 1919. It is believed none of the ACs which arrived in Australia in 1919 have survived. However, Tony Champion of Rockhampton, Queensland, imported a 1919 AC from the USA five years ago. Tony describes his AC as ‘a twin’ to the first AC imported to Australia in 1919. "They would have been coming down the assembly line in sight of one another," he suggests. He plans to take his AC to Gatton for the Mega Mack Muster, along with three or four other Macks from his private collection. For information about the HCVAQ annual rally and Mega Mack Muster like ‘HCVAQ Inc’ on Facebook or phone HCVAQ President, Ron Carroll, 0402 234 657. .
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    This is what a good truck ad looks and feels like... Paccar gets it!
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    I like the cab mounted hydraulic pump and valve
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    You know how it goes, just driving along on a mission, enjoying your own thoughts, listening to the music of a cool powered Mack, the whistle of that magic tip turbine singing away All this time big brother is watching you I am not complaining one little bit though Was stunned to see me on Facebook that night when I stopped So sit back, relax and have a good chuckle Paul received_350847202182842.mp4
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    Even if you had the parts breakdown it would be of no use, just about all the parts are obsolete. Plus few pump shops still have the ability or knowledge to work on them. It would be fun to see if the Volvo Tech could time the pump after reinstall these days. If after checking lines, if not the issue. It maybe the two plastic valves and springs in the supply pump. Get the number off the supply pump and there still maybe a rebuild kit for it. There was not for mine at the time I had this issue. I took the plastic valves and emery papered the grooves out of them and have not had the issue since. The AMBEC V-Pump itself is not supported be anyone now. I have a few of them and the only thing that I can have done is to re-calibrate pressure, flow and governor. Injector parts are easier to get but these American Bosch replacement parts are hard to come by. Have to say those old V-pumps just keep on going, it is usually something else. It can be the lines, fittings, hand primer seal, injector O-rings, old or bad fuel filter.... There was a post for this same issue awhile back here at BMT and the problem was resolved. Take a look at it so we are not going over the something twice.
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    My 1987 RD686SX. Not much difference except for the tubeless tires and previous owner converted the front to hub pilot.
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    Demoncrats will do/say anything to win.
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    You have much prior experience with driving a Mack transmission? Or your first?
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    Shared that with my barber yesterday. Good thing he wasn't using the straight razor at the time.. he was laughing so hard I probably would have lost an ear.
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    Looks like a nice home for a Scania V8...
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    The W600 all-wheel-drive models were rugged, with two cast iron levers protruding through the floorboard, alike a WM300. Many were exported. .
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    There's a warranty? How long is that for? This was my good knee
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    She's a keeper, June will be our 25th anniversary She even drove me there in the rain, she is a California girl that hates driving anytime it is not sunny, and had breakfast with some of my friends. She actually was interested in the pre war Indy style cars after I reminded her that her grandfather worked on what we think was the 1938 winner
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    BBC / February 21, 2019 "There are no words right now... heartbroken over the loss of my Monkee brother Peter Tork," bandmate Micky Dolenz tweeted. Tork, who played keyboard and bass for the group, was diagnosed with a rare form of tongue cancer in 2009. The family later released a statement in which they said they were "saddened" by Tork's death, but "grateful" for the "attentive energy and dedication of Peter's fans worldwide". "Peter's energy, intelligence, silliness and curiosity were traits that for decades brought laughter and enjoyment to millions, including those of us closest to him. "We ask that our family have time and space to grieve in privacy," it added. Tork's contemporary, Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys, tweeted: I’m sad to hear about Peter Tork passing. I thought The Monkees were great and Peter will be missed. Love & mercy to Peter’s family, friends and fans. The Monkees - Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz, Michael Nesmith and Peter Tork - were brought together for an American TV series in 1966. Tork was born in Washington in 1942. He learned to play multiple instruments, including the piano and the French horn. As recently as October last year, he addressed "some concerns" about his health on Facebook. "While it is true that my health has required a little more attention these days, I'm feeling pretty good," he wrote. Discussing the show in an interview with Guitar World in 2013, Tork said: "I refute any claims that any four guys could've done what we did." He added: "There was a magic to that collection... they got the right guys." In 2012, following the death of Jones from a heart attack in February at the age of 66, Tork reunited with Nesmith and Dolenz for a US tour in what was the musicians' first live shows together in 15 years. .
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