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    You know how it goes, just driving along on a mission, enjoying your own thoughts, listening to the music of a cool powered Mack, the whistle of that magic tip turbine singing away All this time big brother is watching you I am not complaining one little bit though Was stunned to see me on Facebook that night when I stopped So sit back, relax and have a good chuckle Paul received_350847202182842.mp4
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    Post WWII modified by Mack Trucks Great Britain Ltd, of Barking Essex. Local built cabs and powered by Hercules, AEC or Leyland engines. They were L.H.D. units. These photos are Aberdeenshire County Council snow plows.
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    Setting records for snowfall this month and dealing with the psychological fall-out. Beer truck crashed a bank, hung-up and caused a shortage. Mayor issued state of emergency. Low front came in and dropped the factory steam plume over the highway, leading to 12" max visibility, leading to County plow truck careening into the local reservoir. Been unable to maintain a good fire escape. The good news is we can walk onto the roof in one spot without a ladder and can accidentally fall/slide off the roof with no serious injury beyond a twisted wrist.
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    Hey Y'all.....I sold my 77 359 Pete so I could buy what was once Anthony Russo's Superliner. Been driving it for a little over a year and am surprised at the number of offers I've had on it? People sometimes take pictures of it going down the road while they are driving next to me. Often folks stop to ask if the can have their pictures taken with it. Is this common with Macks? or just older trucks? The truck has been well maintained and I continue the tradition....Thank you Kurt for selling me that truck.
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    A fine example of the Dog.
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    Even if you had the parts breakdown it would be of no use, just about all the parts are obsolete. Plus few pump shops still have the ability or knowledge to work on them. It would be fun to see if the Volvo Tech could time the pump after reinstall these days. If after checking lines, if not the issue. It maybe the two plastic valves and springs in the supply pump. Get the number off the supply pump and there still maybe a rebuild kit for it. There was not for mine at the time I had this issue. I took the plastic valves and emery papered the grooves out of them and have not had the issue since. The AMBEC V-Pump itself is not supported be anyone now. I have a few of them and the only thing that I can have done is to re-calibrate pressure, flow and governor. Injector parts are easier to get but these American Bosch replacement parts are hard to come by. Have to say those old V-pumps just keep on going, it is usually something else. It can be the lines, fittings, hand primer seal, injector O-rings, old or bad fuel filter.... There was a post for this same issue awhile back here at BMT and the problem was resolved. Take a look at it so we are not going over the something twice.
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    Here's a 1986 RD tri-axle...........A 688 though
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    My liberal daughter in law ,sadly my son and their two "Jellyfish" kids are prime examples of all wrong with schools, parenting skills and the state coddling system. These are the parents of the little dear who stole 2 Mopar racing engines worth $45,000.00 from me,(got them back on my own) to buy dope. I put his ass in prison for it. Their response was if I didn't have them he would never stolen them and my pushing the DA for the max punishment showed to them I had no compassion for his burden of drug abuse and peer pressure and not understanding it was everybodies fault but his. No blame, no remorse, they were the victims it was my fault, the schools fault and the police for not understanding. Can barely read, do math and would have to go far to have any communication skills, but it is the schools fault not theirs. Son, daughter inlaw and other child were to busy to even come to their mothers funeral but took the time to send an e mail about some of her things the "were entitled" to. I would have liked to been a fly on the wall when they read my answer involving a Scoop Mobile and lye. Geez I feel better now.
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    The New Hampshire Air National Guard will be the first Air Guard unit in the country to receive the new KC-46A “Pegasus” air refueling tanker. The planes, a military version of the Boeing 757, will arrive at Pease ANGB in Newington, NH later this year. They will replace the current KC-135 tankers which the NHANG has been flying for over 40 years. I was a NHANG firefighter in the early 1970s.
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    Found this on youtube channel I subscribe to: The old supercharged Cummins has a nice bark to that jake. The beginning is the only good part. The rest, not so much. (I don't know why the R model is in the preview?)
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    People think my Marmon is a Pete or KW and ask if the 'M' is my initial . . . oh the humanity..
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    i do believe he said "look at that old wanker in that old clunker"
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    Cummins Press Release / February 6, 2019 Clessie Cummins and his business partner, William G. Irwin, built Cummins around the concept when they adapted the diesel engine, a potentially groundbreaking technology at the time that had floundered in North America, for use in multiple applications. Little did they know their company would eventually expand to Brazil, China, India and the United Kingdom, to name just a few locations. The founders’ innovative and entrepreneurial spirit can be seen time and time again throughout company’s history and today through the advances Cummins is making in clean diesel and natural gas technology and in the exciting potential of electrification and other low-carbon alternatives. So, while the company will celebrate its history this year, Cummins will also embrace the company’s future challenges, both within its industry and in the communities where Cummins does business and its employees live and work. “Our employees tackle challenges every day, and to celebrate our centennial we want to say, ‘thank you,’ to each of them and their families,” said Cummins’ Chairman and CEO Tom Linebarger. “Thank you for believing in our mission to power a more prosperous world and living our values each day.” .
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    So as we disgust! after our little cold snap here this problem has disappeared! Did some research and yes 15/40 is being used to service this engine! So were going to assume that this was the cause ! The engine started up clean once the weather warmed up .Were going to assume once the oil pressure comes up the engine brake becomes partly en gauged till the warmer oil from the base flows through the system ! ??? Maybe?🤔 The customer is a little put off now Because his older units all use 15/40 which he buys in bulk and this unit will require 10/30 ! 5 gallon pails I suppose! 😉 Thanx for the ideas !
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    Dang! Hopefully no beer was hurt in the accident. A shortage...? Aaargh! Nice to see you have given your kiddo a walkout deck. Maybe time to hire the kid next door so you rest the wrist.
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    Actually don't have very many pics of tri axles.
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    The impression I get is it is no longer culturally correct to set the benchmarks that have historically pushed students to reach their full potential. Our generations grew up realizing again and again that what we thought at first was impossible (or too hard)........is possible. Pushing the envelope, for us, was part of growing up. What's wrong with healthy competition? Poor letter grades embarrass one to apply themselves more........and there's no harm in that, in preparing for the real world.
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    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^This is the problem with Kids Today, In My Opinion..
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    What also doesn’t help is when schools have begun replacing classes like wood shop with classes like requiring a 4th year of math by which point everyone is now learning how to graph 3 dimensionally, something that will never be used in and career any of them will ever pick other than being a public school teacher. At a local public school they’ve even replaced gym with dance class (mostly because it’s an art school where they don’t have enough money to have a building with a gym and instead have to use the floor designated for the dancers to fulfill their physical education) and have to rent out space in 4 other buildings within 2 blocks just to have space for normal classes and even so they can have a cafeteria for students to eat. Everyone makes it work but it’s still unfortunate that these talented kids who had to earn their place at this school must walk outside in the snow so they can get to their lunch while at school. But I will say at this school students must try out and prove themselves to get in and all their grades must be C or above, with all honors or AP classes, otherwise they’re removed. Atleast there’s some hope there.
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    Mack and Leyland. Two of my favorite trucks I grew up with.
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    Pictures-pictures-pictures! We need to have pictures. Welcome to BMT Vini! .....Hippy
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    Ok guys, there is a new webpage to visit for all of your B-Model Registry needs! Register your truck(s), Download the latest edition of the registry or contact Mr. Gannaway! Just click the link below: https://www.bigmacktrucks.com/registry
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