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    I think the story on the short nosed 900 Longhorn is that it was a prototype that ended up doing service at the proving grounds for many years. Chrysler sent it to Tony Youngblood in Augusta GA to be restored as Tony had several NOS cabs. When Fiat took over the project was sh**t canned and Tony was able to purchase the truck and finished the restoration. Did not know until now he had it up for sale??
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    here's another much modified NR mack..
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    Upper Hanover 2 by Rich Reinhart, on Flickr
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    I Feel your pain Bro! We've been putting up with this stuff they been building for quite some time most of us here if not all of us see it ! However don't think for one minute the grass is a whole bunch greener over on the KW line IHC Line THE Pete line ! They are ALL getting cheaper and cheaper ! They are All tring to OUT Cheap each other ! Its ALL junk Out there The pride of a Job Well done is mostly gone due to the attitude of these big company's on this continent It's stock market driven THEIR BOTTOM LINE ! Sadly this attitude creates poor work ethic and so on! Go to work get paid go home ! That's It! To add to it (Its compounding ) because the other little piece of it is society as a whole the attitude in general Sucks already!
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    They plow the township roads that are mostly 2 lanes with narrow shoulders and in town. Don't really need a wing. It may look like the country but the town is right behind those trees. And he raised the body up to move the salt to the rear in our neighborhood because we have no overhead wires. By the time he passed my house the body was down. This guy has been at it a long time, he knows the deal
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    a gold mine for VLADISLAV
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    Parked behind the Freeway Flyer Superliner.
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    That's like the widest cab I have ever seen on a conventional. That cab over looks like it might have inspired the White 7000. Look at the window area.
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    I love these old photo's ,so much history in the back ground alone .Did anyone that note of the peoples hospital across the street,looks like a place where nightmares are made compared to today.
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    One other thing-VERY safety conscious fleet-it even has a right hand mirror-all 3" of it! As does the International in back of it. Safety pioneers! As for turn signals, that is what your left hand was for😎. It always amazes me that such a simple device as another mirror took so long to be accepted.
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    Read today somebody got escorted out of her trip to Georgia? Doesn’t David Wild live there?
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    Wish you to live forever to fix them all Nice truck!
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    Well I found a place on Ebay, then went to their website. Rubbertherightway.com. I ordered it Wed and it came from San Diego in 2 days to Ohio. Nice! Everything says made in USA. Looks likes, fits nice. What I did for the whiskers is ordered 1967-72 F100 and cut to fit. I compared my originals to what my '69 had and the F100 were longer(good thing). They come with snap clips already on them. I just had to drill 3 holes and snap them on the door and trim panel. Worked out really well. Everything mocked in place: I have the upper channel formed to fit, just need to mount the clips. Not sure if the old clips will work, so going to glue it also. I'm waiting til I get the new glass installed and panel mounted in the door before I try gluing it as I want to use the window rolled up to hold everything correctly. I also have the new channels glued into the door panels. I have the old glass holding things in tight. I need to remove the old glass, blast the lower channel/paint and glue the new glass in. I also put new channels in the vent windows. I'm waiting on the door seal material(coming this week), before finishing the doors up. I might have to pull them off quickly to get the seals installed. I have a big bag of stainless hardware to get the mirrors mounted up. But again, waiting til doors are finished before doing that. If I have to drop the doors off to get the seals installed I don't want to have to have the mirrors hanging on them.
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    Sintered cam lobes https://www.sae.org/publications/technical-papers/content/2000-01-0397/
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    Couple pics from my son's wedding Sat.
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    The Dodge heavy trucks were C model gas, CN diesel, T tandem as I recall.
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    Seems like it will all fit together. Finished all the modifications to the right sill/jamb, then test fit it all together along with the new rear floor panels. Lots of assembly/disassembly, test fitting, fitting the old parts back in, seeing if it will all line up. Still a ways to go, but it's getting there.
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    What you are probably dealing with is high oil pressure in the rocker shaft causing low compression when the oil is cold, usually cause by running 15W40 instead of 10W30. Next time you check it cold install the gauge set on the front of the head. rocker pressure should be below 120 kPa, if the pressure goes to 150 kPa report results to tech support.
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    i have been a lot of places where a regular plow truck can just barely get down streets, let alone a truck with a wing plow on it.
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    Probably could justify paying that much for a non emissions truck when compared at the repair costs and down time.
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    This is how I recall the 50's and 60's when I used to ride with my uncle when he worked for Walton P Davis in Locust Valley N.Y. Only time I ever road in a Sightliner. Scary and cool for a 12 year old.
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