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    Rails are drilled and painted and got a few parts installed, should have the crossmembers and suspension mounts installed this week. 280 wheel base on thirty foot rails. Truck Shop
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    Distinctive look from Dodge.
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    It was a pretty serious effort, or at least as serious as Chrysler could do at the time. All the right hardware was there, just the old 50's era Dodge pickup truck cab was holding it back. And a weak dealer network. There was an even rarer '900' short nose Bighorn that was supposed to replace the CNT 900 in late 1975, but Chrysler bailed on the big truck business just as it was being introduced. I think only 4 or 5 were built.
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    Slow progress this weekend: Picked up some Dynamat today, so I got some put on the doors. That should keep them from being a "GONG" when closed. I started to reassemble the mirrors, but need to get to the store and get all new stainless hardware. That and I want to get some thin plastic to isolate the brackets from the paint on the doors. I'd like to have stainless brackets, but that's a bit out of the budget. Friend blasted and painted the originals since there were in pretty nice condition and not rotted to pieces.
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    But they have to be looked over as part of the "pretrip" every day. They run dry and don't last very well at all from a leak.....
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    you mean like obama? i still can not figure out how in three weeks time he went from being "the least qualified candidate running to be elected president" to "the most qualified" the only thing i can come up with is the democratic party during those three weeks determined Clinton did not have a snowballs chance in hell of winning, so they decided if they could not have their first choice, they would force a total idiot on the country.
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    The woman is too stupid to have gotten elected on her own. I would not be surprised at all if somewhere down the road a conspiracy was uncovered and confirmed that somewhere, someone or some special interest backed her campaign and got her elected and is now her puppet master.
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    As far as I know at least one truck is in Europe. A guy from Finland imported it from the States. When I was a kid I had a picture of Big Horn cut from some old Russian magazine. It was small and black and white but I too liked the truck. Didn't know they were so few in number produced. I think the magazine was issued in 1977 or so.
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    I just left an email on Tegral's website. I do not know if the Trident is available in the U.S. I will try to buy two forks and some of the sideboards.
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    Margeritas are better any summer day Or hot chocolate with some rum during the California winter
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    And just think is Horse Mouth was old enough she would be a contender for President.
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    Yes, the aluminum castings were welded there. The guy that did these is close by, MaGee’s is farther away and running back and forth would take too long.
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    Stop drinking beer! That’d be my last resort!
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    Building a model truck using a 1:1 scale! Donovan Spring in Manchester, NH had a fellow customizing springs and he had all the old books. On any given day, he might be found taking apart some sort of GMC front spring pack to get a particular leaf that would be a perfect match to replace a leaf in a Packard rear spring pack. Hopefully you can find "the old guy" at a spring shop. The fellow retired from Donovan and I have only needed off the shelf stuff so I can't comment on the custom shop these days. The spring width will be determined by the width of the frame spring mounts and the axle perch. The front is a slipper so the length can be fudged a little. Going to take a little extrapolation to do the CL. This 576 has 9 or 10 leaves but who knows if the specs would be the same for you?
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    She's a bone head socialist. Did anyone hear her say the we should provide financial stability for those who are UNWILLING TO WORK?! Has good intentions? Give me a break. Anytime someone wants to take another's money because it's "unfair" they have more you need to be worried.
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    She did come up with the cow fart solution and the air travel solution. Soy milk, wild rice and Salmon is the only food needed because all the rest is unhealthy and blimps with solar powered electric motors can fly as fast and as far as airplanes. Looks like she bought the Obama unicorns.
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    I think she'd be a lot more attractive if she's learn to keep her effn mouth shut till she knew what to talk about, and what's a waste of time. Long term she'll probably be one of those that rides the hills and valleys ultimately throwing in the towel frustrated as nuthin moves fast enough; or is caught up in some unsavory activity becoming the media's next circus act. She already has the start on the circus act part.
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    Another assclown that thinks all you gotta do is fill the seat and rake in the bread.....idiots...bob Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    In case your fed up with performance issues.....
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