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    So I found an old CB I ran years ago in my pickup truck with it's magnetic aerial. Way back when I rigged it with a cigarette lighter plug. So I figured "What the heck? lemme see if it still works?" I put it in and put the aerial on the roof, and gave a yell on Channel 19 for a radio check and immediately got a "My radio works fine." Last night I had to run to Lowes to get a doorknob and got on I-78. A driver merged into the left lane as I was coming up the onramp. I merged into the slow lane as he passed me in the left lane. I got on the radio and said "Hey thank you driver and you missed me." He came back and said "Yeah I see you I'm not blind, dummy." Got home and ripped it out and tossed it into the trash can.
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    she has a degree in idocity from boston unversity. i think the democrat party is priming her to take over for pelosi, feinstein, and waters.
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    She did come up with the cow fart solution and the air travel solution. Soy milk, wild rice and Salmon is the only food needed because all the rest is unhealthy and blimps with solar powered electric motors can fly as fast and as far as airplanes. Looks like she bought the Obama unicorns.
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    Indoctrination instead of education, being a minority you are owned for the oppression and lack of opportunity but mainly lack of parental guidance because their parent(s) are only slightly older than them. .
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    Looking mighty fine! Shown at Macungie in 2015.
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    Yep, it's a different crappy world out here now. We don't even use CB's where I am any more. All us guys that work together use two-way radios. Better range and you don't have to listen to all the new breed of highway truckers.
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    Sure, just think how much time sitting for regen, sensor failures and other mandated EPA friendly additions the lower the dependability. I'll stick with my old stuff. Here is an example. Sandy and Irene did massive damage at Port of Egypt and Orient Point Ferry. I was eliminated from the jetty repairs because i had "old equipment that is probably not reliable" . Two weeks after the contractor started and spent 8 plus days with down new equipment, I was asked to take his contract, which I did at a 30% increase in cost to them. Newer is not alway better when it puts food on the table. My humble opinion.
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    Here is some info for the TM-308. http://truckdrivetrainsupply.com/TM-308.pdf
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    Thanks, I'm trying to make it my best one yet. I really like the style of this truck. Trying to be patient and get it back together right. I've had to drop it several times and walk away for a breather when I found myself frustrated or rushing/
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    I had another fabricated locally from a donor I picked up and cut apart for a pattern. Mine was too far gone and broken from the accident. The fabricator did a great job, considering how complex it actually is.
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    Never was an ENDT-676 engine rated at 237hp. That was an ENDT-675 series. I believe all of the ENDT-676 series were good to build additional performance into but some of the ENDT-675 would give problems. Main saddle cracking from block twist was one problem. The ENDT-676 series was Mack's first foray into intercooling to up horsepower ratings with the first ones being about 1977. I remember them new but was just starting to venture into a short tenure of being a truck "mechanic". I ceased that type work full time in 1984 so anything later is just passing knowledge to me. Never was around the four valve E6 series as example. Never have worked on one.
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    Or how about when a trailer is unhooked from log rubber and the next guy goes under with short rubber and a lower 5 wheel and overshoots the wheel and hooks the front of the plate with the trailer pin. We rented out a trailer to another company and the driver was bragging how great a driver he was, backed into the trailer and didn't tug the pin and he left the trailer laying on the ground he came back in the office and we made him crank the trailer up and fix the air hoses and cord . We had a good laugh over his misadventure.
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    Saw a driver do that to somebodies rig at a truck stop in Kentucky many years ago. I went in side and found whose rig it was and told him someone pulled his pin. For the life of me I will never understand someone being that malicious. I'd more than likely spend a few hours with the constable explaining how the weasel kept hitting his body on to my boot.
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    grabbed a few pictures of my truck outside in the sunlight yesterday
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    Completely different mounting surfaces. No go.
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    Yes I forgot to mention Sierra sids and the Alamo both truckstops in sparks with sit down restaurants had better food before they went corporate like Tom said in my travels I usually don’t need to stop at any of them I eat at both ends of my route and Fedex has thier own fuel pumps hard to find mom and pop joints these days and if you do find them there is no truck parking kind of messed up for you for you fellas that need to use them I hear a lot of guys saying they just carry a lot of cold cuts but they get old real quick hot meals baby that’s the ticket lol bob Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    designed to withstand the stresses of demanding use.
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    it is had enough trying to find drivers these days that can drive a manual trans. and you want them to run a twin stick??
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    Sorry mate, bad Australian slang Having a crack means to really have a good go at trying something, nothing at all to do with cracked cab parts Paul
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    Cultural decay and declining standards of behavior in the United States. I don't go looking for such indescribably painful news, but how can you avoid these reports when they're happening every day all across America? This has become the new norm. Obviously American society has very serious issues, and yet our government neither discusses nor addresses it. Go figure.

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