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    Looking mighty fine! Shown at Macungie in 2015.
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    Why would anyone buy a new truck from a manufacturer they know is going to gouge them on parts.. eventually? Seems kind of short sighted.
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    Trump’s proposed freeze would result in 500,000 barrels per day more oil consumption by the year 2030. California says the proposal “would worsen air quality for the most vulnerable (and) waste billions of gallons of gasoline.” They talk about wasting fuel , Were already doing it! We probably burn billions of dollars of fuel doing regens over and over tryng to correct the emission related problems created by this crap they bolt on the side of our new vehicles !
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    Saw this on www.truckinginfo.com Mack Trucks will partner with Republic Services to build and operate a fully electric Mack LR refuse truck to help the refuse fleet achieve zero-emissions goals. Benefits of fully electric trucks include zero carbon emissions, reduced noise, and environmental sustainability. For refuse hauling companies, the ability to operate quietly during the early morning hours is an attractive feature of electric vehicles, according to the truckmaker. “Mack looks forward to partnering with Republic Services to test the benefits a fully electric LR can offer in its day-to-day operations,” said Jonathan Randall, Mack Trucks senior vice president of North American sales and marketing. “As a leader in refuse and alternative solutions, Mack is uniquely positioned to offer a proprietary, integrated and fully electric solution for North America.” At this point in the development of electromobility technology and infrastructure, Mack believes a fully electric vehicle will work best in a closed loop application in which the truck returns home every night – such as in the refuse industry. “Given we operate one of the largest vocational fleets in the U.S., we are continuously evaluating innovative approaches and technologies to improve the performance, economics and environmental impact of our fleet,” said Don Slager, president and CEO of Republic Services. “We are excited to be working with Mack in the development of an electric garbage truck as it would represent a significant step towards a cleaner, safer, and more efficient fleet while helping to preserve our Blue Planet for future generations.” Further details about the specs and testing will be announced at a later date. Additionally, in early 2018 Mack announced the New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY) also will test a fully electric Mack LR model, which will be operational in 2019. Those specs and details will also be announced at a later date.
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    So today while I was awaiting a couple of gaskets to soften, (via methylene chloride bath) on the back of a 13 speed where I'd pulled the rear housing off to install a new rear seal, I dragged out this 1967, (I believe) T673B engine. This engine as I understand is 250hp, has piston coolers, and the heads have been scored during a valve job several years ago for the later style head gaskets. When the owner was scrapping the old R model I asked for the engine and was told it was tempermental and very hard to start but ran well once started. The truck looked of being far beyond economical repair to be roadable to me so I didn't object loudly. I did however cabbage onto some interior parts and the metal emblems on the hood. I've not worked with the engine at all but did take some frame rail sections and mounted it on a stand last week anticipating getting to it in the near future. Today I connected two 12VDC batteries in series to turn the starter over and after checking the oil, (full) I put juice to the solenoid and she wound quickly. Not hearing any knocking, I grabbed my fuel primer and a five gallon can of diesel, primed it up, and low and behold it started, and was running terrible. So bad I'd say it was running on either two, or three cylinders at best. No radiator connected so did not let it get hot. I then pulled the injectors to run a compression check. All cylinders were found to be very even, but lower than the minimum allowed. All were 400psi with #6 being about 370psi. Minimum on this series of engine is 415psi so a problem as 460psi is normal. All cylinders being relatively even, I dumped a couple teaspoons worth of engine oil in the cylinders and checked them again with very minimal, if any gain. I'm thinking stuck rings myself. However with low compression but being even, it should run pretty smooth rather than chugging like a locomotive. It's kind of obvious this truck was ran till it wouldn't run any longer. I keep a fresh set of reman "Thermodyne" injectors in the cabinet so installed those and started the engine again. It runs much smoother but is still missing on one cylinder I'm thinking. My pop tester showed only one of the original injectors to be able to "chatter" and open at anywhere near 2500psi. Most were down into the high teens for crack pressure. When I adjusted them in attempt, three of the six just pissed four streams rather than mist. Two had one hole plugged so none basically are any good as they are. I'm no longer in doubt the engine was difficult to start. With the engine now running smooth enough to not walk across the floor, I'll try to get some type of cooling setup attached so I can get it up to operating temperature. With oil in the cylinders via mist while it runs and getting up to temperature I'm hoping the rings, (if stuck) will break loose. Otherwise I may need to break into it. There were no cans of ether in the cab nor any mention of it that I remember. But, I may have a bunch of pistons with broken rings too..... It's kinda nice to see it run as I've been storing it since 2002. Almost three hours of keeping those gaskets wet on the back of that transmission and I was finally able to break it away in chunks. That has got to be the toughest one I've run across.
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    Like this.. https://maxiparts.com.au/load-restraint/load-angle-placement-tool/
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    Sure, just think how much time sitting for regen, sensor failures and other mandated EPA friendly additions the lower the dependability. I'll stick with my old stuff. Here is an example. Sandy and Irene did massive damage at Port of Egypt and Orient Point Ferry. I was eliminated from the jetty repairs because i had "old equipment that is probably not reliable" . Two weeks after the contractor started and spent 8 plus days with down new equipment, I was asked to take his contract, which I did at a 30% increase in cost to them. Newer is not alway better when it puts food on the table. My humble opinion.
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    Your current setup is a short fifth wheel trailer and a dolly. You could probably lower the deck height by 6" or more by using a turntable trailer. Do you really need a three axle trailer? Have you considered some aluminum corner protectors with a pocket added so you could place them with a square ended pole and use the same pole to adjust the straps after you throw them over the load. That way you can minimize the climbing. Do use a ladder, if you lower the trailer deck to match the truck you can get a step ladder and add a hook for the rub rail. Work safely One of my nicknames growing up around boats was monkey because I would climb or crawl into just about any spot. Now I have multiple 4, 5 and 6 foot stepladders, thank you Home Depot and Lowes Black Friday sales
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    For the most vulnerable? What about the not so vulnerable? Air quality doesn't discriminate. Either it's bad for everyone or it's not. Read as leftist speak trying to control the middle class.
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    Your fabricator made a great job! At least as long as I can see it on my screen. So far I haven't found a shop which could made such 3D curves. The most of them are newly organized small companies with laser cutters and straight bending presses. Good thing they do exist though. Once again, thanks for the reference pics.
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    I will say the loudest part of a garbage truck in the morning is it dumping the bins, but I do like the idea of a fully electric truck by Mack. I’ve though about what a good idea it’d be to take and old cog driven Mack and put an electric motor on the cog, but I’d love to see what Mack does here. One method is literally just replacing the engine and transmission with an electric motor or putting and electric motor on every axle/wheel. The best part about electric motors is that they’re insanely torquey but lack too much speed, which is perfect for the application of a truck, yet everyone seemed to go with a car first. I’ve been looking into this industry for a few years now and was really excited at the prospect of a Tesla Semi, and even after it was shown off I wanted to see it in commercial use. Glad Mack is jumping on board the electricity train.
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    Thanks, I'm trying to make it my best one yet. I really like the style of this truck. Trying to be patient and get it back together right. I've had to drop it several times and walk away for a breather when I found myself frustrated or rushing/
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    I believe it is the same truck. It is being lettered as #504.
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    Instructions for a South Wind installation into a Volkswagen: https://www.thesamba.com/vw/archives/manuals/southwind_10600B/Southwind_Heater_10600B.pdf
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    Seen this on Craigslist: https://carbondale.craigslist.org/for/d/marion-diesel-vehicle-heater/6800810685.html D7 series from the advertisment.
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    I really didn't have any idea these were commercially available as they are. Until your thread I'd not heard of anything but Webasto and that was fairly recent. We were talking about APU's at the truck stops during a conversation is how that came up. My buddy tends to shut the engine off about 11:00pm and doesn't worry about it and he was telling me in early December when we were retrieving my truck, the interior was 31 degrees when he woke up that morning and the APU discussion begun. I guess those things are quite expensive? Never have been around them new myself. I'd like to get one of these heaters and install onto his truck while it's in the shop for repaint. May not do him any good this year but that one's going to be in the cards for a while yet as there are no thoughts of replacement.
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    Most small and medium aircraft heaters were "Stewart-Warner" produced in Indianapolis. The "South-Wind" division is still headquartered there. Used to drive past it on the way to work daily.
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    southwind is certainly a recognizable name ` they also made a diesel heater
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    I have a complete NOS Stewart-Warner "South Wind" gasoline fired automobile heater in the box at the shop. I'll see if I can get it open without destroying the box tomorrow.
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    For folks that may have missed this on TV this morning, Dennis Gage "My Classic Car" visits the ATCA National Show 2018 at Macungie Memorial Park.
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    Added a newer dog to the fleet, 2014 Superliner 685hp MP10 with mdrive trans. Shown pulling new seed and fertilizer tender bin for wheat planting. I know its mainly Volvo, but a whole lot smoother on our rough roads than the old girl. Hope they play together nicely
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    Wow, what a coincidence! Looking at the serial number 1185, my 1961 B95F has the same last 4 digits. It was originally sold to Bellevue Washington and now resides in Southern Alberta Canada. Here she is at a car show 2 years ago with 27,000 miles on her.

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