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    Looking mighty fine! Shown at Macungie in 2015.
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    Sure, just think how much time sitting for regen, sensor failures and other mandated EPA friendly additions the lower the dependability. I'll stick with my old stuff. Here is an example. Sandy and Irene did massive damage at Port of Egypt and Orient Point Ferry. I was eliminated from the jetty repairs because i had "old equipment that is probably not reliable" . Two weeks after the contractor started and spent 8 plus days with down new equipment, I was asked to take his contract, which I did at a 30% increase in cost to them. Newer is not alway better when it puts food on the table. My humble opinion.
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    Yup !They smile Knowingly as they hand you the bill! If you don't like our old truck parts pricing! Could we interest you in buying a new truck instead!😂
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    Case in Point...…Since the internet gives everyone and information advantage you would assume it would force the market to comply, nope. Amazon did drop $50, I think it was like $250 and northern tool was around $70 at one point.
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    fwiw `the ladder idea sounds like the way to go to me personally i would not trade what you have pictured for 2 of any make pintle hitch trs.
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    I'm a fan of pup trailers. You can go anywhere with them and once you get used to it they are easy to back up. But to me it sounds like you made your decision. Remember, your health and safety are the main priority.
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    Same,same but Keds or Striderite shoes no boots cept in winter/
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    I believe it is the same truck. It is being lettered as #504.
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    This is how I recall the 50's and 60's when I used to ride with my uncle when he worked for Walton P Davis in Locust Valley N.Y. Only time I ever road in a Sightliner. Scary and cool for a 12 year old.
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    So I found an old CB I ran years ago in my pickup truck with it's magnetic aerial. Way back when I rigged it with a cigarette lighter plug. So I figured "What the heck? lemme see if it still works?" I put it in and put the aerial on the roof, and gave a yell on Channel 19 for a radio check and immediately got a "My radio works fine." Last night I had to run to Lowes to get a doorknob and got on I-78. A driver merged into the left lane as I was coming up the onramp. I merged into the slow lane as he passed me in the left lane. I got on the radio and said "Hey thank you driver and you missed me." He came back and said "Yeah I see you I'm not blind, dummy." Got home and ripped it out and tossed it into the trash can.
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    Why would anyone buy a new truck from a manufacturer they know is going to gouge them on parts.. eventually? Seems kind of short sighted.
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    At least they were talking English
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    All I can think of is this little clip from Blazing Saddles. Pretty much sums up CB's today. No matter how nice you think you are,........ I still run CB's in my pickup and Mack. Granted, usually a waste of time, but when traveling they come in handy for information and highway problems. Well, usually. then again.............."UP YOURS!!!" In the late 70's, hanging with my buddy in the neighborhood we'd spend all night yak'n on his big base station, 850 watt linear and Moonraker 4 beams. We talked all across the world. Fun times.
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    I'll get a fresh roll of duct tape in the mail so you can cover that BIG hole up in the door. I wouldn't want to hold the responsibility of having that beautiful door rotting out!!!
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    Nice looking Daimler/shaker tanker. Paccar strikes again.
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    We always wanted a tractor in our small fleet. It would not be real practical having another truck around and only using it once a week though. I would love a tractor with a drop deck trailer, perfect for an older driver. Here is a pic of some of the loads we have to tie down.
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    I'm assuming these Class 8 M-B engines were in Class 8 M-B trucks sold in Mexico, even though Daimler said they didn't report Mexican sales. https://www.bigmacktrucks.com/topic/33495-daimler-brings-actros-coe-to-north-america/?tab=comments#comment-216623
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    Maybe something like this would help.. https://uesint.com/product/rotating-fold-ladder-chassis-mount/
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    Would lower profile tyres/tires help? Also, what sort of leaf springs are on that? We just changed some trailers over from 9 leaf multi pack to 3 leaf parabolic and noticed a slight drop in height. Maybe you could convert to underslung suspension?
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    The speedo sensor has an ohm value, the circuit does not have voltage other than what the sensor itself creates when the truck moves. Depending on type of sensor, the ohms should be approx 100-200 ohms, typically around 150-170 ohms measured either from the sensor itself or from the VECU.
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    I will say the loudest part of a garbage truck in the morning is it dumping the bins, but I do like the idea of a fully electric truck by Mack. I’ve though about what a good idea it’d be to take and old cog driven Mack and put an electric motor on the cog, but I’d love to see what Mack does here. One method is literally just replacing the engine and transmission with an electric motor or putting and electric motor on every axle/wheel. The best part about electric motors is that they’re insanely torquey but lack too much speed, which is perfect for the application of a truck, yet everyone seemed to go with a car first. I’ve been looking into this industry for a few years now and was really excited at the prospect of a Tesla Semi, and even after it was shown off I wanted to see it in commercial use. Glad Mack is jumping on board the electricity train.
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    winged crane working very close to me a few days ago. worth a look
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    I guess GM is going to keep the L96 6.0L in production even though it's about to be replaced in the Silverado and Sierra HD pickups. It is reported the Isuzu FTR/Chevy 6500 LCF will also get the 6.6L, I wonder if the NPR/Chevy 3500-4500 LCF will keep the L96.
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    Likewise, your health and safety are most important. You could have a nice wide aluminum ladder fabricated that grabs the strap pockets along the sides of the trailer. Have it go above the deck of the pup as high as you need so you can adjust straps and still have hand holds. And have it designed so you can move it anywhere along the side of the trailer so you can use it for every strap. Could hang it on the back of the Dolly for transport. A new wheelbase can take some getting used to if you've only driven one setup for long time. My dad's 65 and Im not sure he can adapt to new setups as comfortably as he used to.
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    I saw this one rolling through downtown a while back. Hauling a small flatbed trailer.
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    It's a stroked 6.0 liter.
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    1994 KW 900B aerodyne 370 N14 10spd 8.6 mpg year to date, so much for you new 150k that does not run.
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    This same person told me all I had was a parts truck when I was going to change trans and rears in my 85. But as was already mentioned its kind of nice getting compliments on a 30 year old truck that's still working.
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