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    Y'all should have seen Atlanta this past Tuesday. The early morning brought light rain and mid-30's temps. Atlanta shut down with a "severe weather warning". Schools were closed, people didn't go to work. By noon, the sky was blue, the roads were dry and the temp was 45......
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    ran 1 set of double coin drives. JUNK. barely lasted a year. you get what you pay for. if you buy a $200 tire, you get $200 out of it. just my 2 cents
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    That's some pretty damn good flying right there! "While on patrol, the pilot sees a blip coming in on his six. He executes a 180 degree turn to his left and flies directly at the enemy. As he makes his first attack run, he fires and quickly banks to his left, then his right, then a left loop around to make his second pass on the target. He gets more hits on the second pass and flies straight ahead, then loops around to his right and makes a third pass to ensure the enemy is destroyed." That's his story, and he's sticking to it!
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    Double Happiness DR909
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    That's a really clean truck.
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    put some more sheetmetal on.
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    Thanks for the response. Just getting started on the project. I think it’s a 1925 at least that’s what I was told when I was a child and he ran it in parades. I’ll keep y’all informed on our progress Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    For folks that may have missed this on TV this morning, Dennis Gage "My Classic Car" visits the ATCA National Show 2018 at Macungie Memorial Park.
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    That's it! "Iron Skillet" was the name. Just the thought makes my head hurt and ears ring.....
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    This is big Bob. It says something about how Ford does business......ethics. They call inventors greedy and then steal their technology. And Ford isn't a Chinese company.....hmm.
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    started getting all the aluminum polished out
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    By a chance I adopted a couple of pics of MH cement mixer from some trucks for sale site. It was Spanish if the memory serves.
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    Caught this classic sleeping in the snow outside of Allentown yesterday Allentown Pa 2/1/19 by Rich Reinhart, on Flickr
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    Hauling a fresh load of toothpicks.
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    Yes, we are a bunch of little kids that can not be responsible for ourselves. Just because our parents, grandparents, and older generations could deal with a "polar vortex" ( which has been around forever, Stephanie on the weather channel said ) , we need these people to tell us not to go out doors. I have heard on 5 or 6 different news or weather casts they have said " This polar vortex has it colder in Chicago than the south pole.. Yeah it's cold in Chi town , but it's summer in the southern hemisphere. And all this Global Warming or Climate Change bullshit , are pushing and have been pushing for years, its just a cycle that runs billions of years. The coldest ambient temp in the lower 48 states was 70 below at Rogers pass , east of Lincoln , Montana in 1954. And the hottest recorded temp , in the world was 134 above at death valley , California in 1913...…. People need to read a little , or visit a geology museum and think for themselves. The world is billions of years old and modern man has only been here a few thousand ..
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    Mean this is a false hood??
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    The news media has gotten out of control CNN lies by omitting key facts of stories everyday to tailor them to fit their ongoing narrative. I no longer watch the news nor do I listen to it I get most important information I need listening to farm shows on rural TV like RFD channel. I occasionally listen to fox news but in general have sworn off major media outlets when something comes on and in the first paragraph slams the president we turn the channel or turn the TV off. As for the weather reports they panic the normal yuppie into running to the store and buying up gallons of milk they will end up throwing out days later when the storm of the century doesn't materialize.
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    What the media won’t do for ratings. Polar vortex pffft what a joke, same as “gale force winds” Montana, Wyoming and the Dakotas are in a polar vortex with gale force winds almost weekly. Pump it up, make it bigger and scarier than it is and you’ve got quality news according to the media. I had -16 twice last week and we didn’t have to declare an emergency, send the national guard in or close down schools. We just went to work like usual.
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    if he was directing that at the state govt. i say right on LOL
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    I will admit it cracked me up. Unprofessional yes but if that's the worst our boys do to blow off a little steam and make each other laugh I don't see the big deal.
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