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    put some more sheetmetal on.
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    For folks that may have missed this on TV this morning, Dennis Gage "My Classic Car" visits the ATCA National Show 2018 at Macungie Memorial Park.
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    started getting all the aluminum polished out
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    This is not an all-Mack built truck. I cannot say for sure who the builder is but it is after Mack exited the custom fire apparatus body business (1984.) The chassis was purchased and sent to a body builder, who also fabricated and installed the canopy-style jump seat roof. EDIT: after studying the pics some more, the body was fabricated by 4-Guys, a pretty popular stainless builder in Myersdale, Pa.
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    if both axles is turning then the problem is with the rear rear end.Start with pulling the drain plug and with one finger go thru thr drain and feel for chunks of meatal and if non pull axles.
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    In this example, the EM6-300L is both Maxidyne and Econodyne. Mack Econodyne is represented by the chassis mounted intercooler and advanced turbocharging.
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    This is how you pump a hand tub in competition! This is from the mid '70s. Pumping starts at 23.50. l'm in there just can't be seen on the 8mm. .....Hippy
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    By a chance I adopted a couple of pics of MH cement mixer from some trucks for sale site. It was Spanish if the memory serves.
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    starting to put some sheetmetal back on.
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    Thanks for the response. Just getting started on the project. I think it’s a 1925 at least that’s what I was told when I was a child and he ran it in parades. I’ll keep y’all informed on our progress Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    That's it! "Iron Skillet" was the name. Just the thought makes my head hurt and ears ring.....
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    Sounds like the peanuts in the rearend are slipping.
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    Yes bin very hot n dry bin th@ dry I seen a tree chase a dog uther day LOL cya
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    All I can say about these e9’s are they are a bear.I brought a 98 cl700 with one.The dealer,McDevitt Mack from NH had it on order when I reach out to them.I used it to pull our lowboy.My mechanic was an ex Mack dealer mech. so we turned up the pump and boy did she smoke,but the power was unbelievable.I had a Cat 375 on the trailer minus only the stick and bucket and pulled a 7 mile hill on rt81 here in pa like it was nothing.l sold the truck but been thinking about buying it back.Good luck with the bear you buy.
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    That truck would be perfect for Yocum Creek Fire Dept located in southeast Kentucky. Thier pumpers are all Mack CF’s and MC’s. They believe they have the best fleet around and I agree.
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    Here in the US I know they don’t care, especially if it’s tagged as a historic vehicle. We like to hit the sirens real quick whenever we see really excited kids or something, and then always lights and sirens for parades and stuff. I remember Jay Leno talking about how he does the same all the time and he’s in the super strict state of California where we got ticketed $100 over a GPS being an inch too high. You can see our CF like that in this video at about 1:50. Followed by the L 3 minutes later. And all the other beautiful trucks of course.
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    Caught this classic sleeping in the snow outside of Allentown yesterday Allentown Pa 2/1/19 by Rich Reinhart, on Flickr
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    If you send me your number I’ll text a picture of my gold leaf. It will not let me post it. Mike.
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    I understand.. Was basically just kidding as most driveways are not wide enough for a wing..
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    Point is you thought it out, prepped it properly and most important you did it yourself and you are pleased with it which is the main point. Also you learned experience for the next project. In the spring I'm going to break ground to build 38 houses, done it in my head a zillion times. I do break waters, seawalls and quays for 30 years and learn something new on every job. You are pleased that's all that counts.
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    Mean this is a false hood??
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    Right with you there brother I would retire now if I could 46 years I am done. 4and a half left it’s a whole different game now I’ve had enough...... thanks for the cool photos...Tom...Bob Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Yup snap it up! If ya need rebuild parts the place to buy in my opinion is these Guys good warranty good service! https://www.paiindustries.com/catalog/figurelistPartSearch.php
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    If you want one now you better get it now. There are less and less of them in decent shape. The last new E9 powered Mack in the US was sold over 20 years ago in 1998. Time is not on your side here plus some other issues: There are some real fans of the E9 on here and I am one of them. The thing these days is parts are not as easy to get and pricey. A set of main bearings is over $700, a single piston kit is $600. The other huge thing is most Mack shops have not worked on an E9 for years let alone have a Tech that has or can. If you can do or know of a good guy that can work on it could be a option for great pulling power. OH, they are DEAD to Volvo, no support. That said the engine makes great power is sort of economical and best is ALL mechanical. It can pull just about anything at the 500HP rating. It can destroy driveshafts, transmissions, clutches and rear ends if hot dogged or have an inexperienced driver especially with pulling that weight. I bought a 94 CL with an E9 several years ago, or what was left, for that reason, everything was tore up except the engine and they were done with repairing it. The engine was fine though, still had crosshatch in the sleeves at 400K miles. These E9's have been known to be tuned up a lot with the inline pump. A turbo, pump and injector work is all it takes. Heat can be a problem if you really push one that is over 700HP. It can be done but you have to baby it for the most part but it will pull like a freight train.
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    the imron was defiantly not cheap was over $1500 in paint . normally i would use nasson or croma base on cars. i have not sprayed many single stages not on a allover paint job anyway, iv done like some trailer fenders or things like that in single stage paints. i drive a lot of gravel roads so that was part of my reason for going with the imron should be more chip and scratch resistant. its not been very long sense i sprayed it but i wet sanded and buffed out a small spot and it was almost like buffing stainless steel..lol its defiantly some tough stuff. mostly all back together now got the exhaust stack back on and the grab handle on the back of the cab after i took those pictures mostly just have to put the interior door panels back on and interior trim around sleeper windows and a couple broken bolts i still need to deal with on the drivers side front 1/4 fender and put my lettering back on the truck. id like to re-polish all my alluminum before i put it back on the road as well. but its almost done. oh and here is the visor after i fixed my screw up and re-sprayed it and a close up picture of the color
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    never happen. you are too uggly to pass of as mexican... i know, cause i already tried it................they would not even let me into the country to apply for asylum.
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    new bushings are in
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    long way to go before the cabmounts can go under it.
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