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    Finally found a way to fix all my emission system headaches with the new trucks. Just got this 1986 IH 9670 Eagle. It's been many years now since I have been as happy as I am now when I drive this truck. Just have to do some cosmetic stuff. Got a grab handle missing, some dents and extra mirror brackets and stuff to remove. And put the stack on straight. But the headliner and sleeper are still wrapped in plastic. Never been opened up. It's a little light spec'd compared to what I normally have, but many years ago I was in the bush with 38,000 rears and only broke one axle shaft once, so I'll be okay pulling a dump trailer with this. It's got an NTC Big Cam IV 400, 13 speed overdrive and 40,000 International (made by Rockwell) rears with 4.44 ratio. Kinda odd a light spec highway truck is geared that low, but it pulls pretty strong. And I will just be using it in town and on highway construction anyway. Man, I had forgot how glorious it is to drive an old truck with a mechanically governed engine and un-muffled straight pipe. I'm never going to want to drive the 4900 Star now. I missed out on a 350 Superliner, but I'm an International guy too, so this will work!
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    My only Mack with a HOOD😱 96 RD with 154,000 miles. E7 with 8LL. When ya lift the plows the front end does NOT go down
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    But he did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.............
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    As I look out my window this morning, I probably should have bought this RM off Craigslist a couple years ago. Oh well, time to fire up the Massey.
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    http://Mack RD plow truck by Rich Reinhart, on Flickr
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    No and he didn't talk about trucks-surprised this guy isn't working for Ford! He would fit right in with their "commercial truck" staff.
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    I’m no longer at a dealership but do have some limited access to info. Plus I started saving every bit of info, bulletins and emails from Mack that I could get , starting back as late as 2005.
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    The older MR series trucks are limited to the lower HP engines due to the small size of their radiator. Mack now makes some custom MRUs with higher HP MP8 engines for concrete pumpers .
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    Looks like they raided the Benz parts bins for those Dash & control stalks Bits & pieces.. I'm pleasantly surprised at the X12 being standard fitment. would've put money on the 11litre Benz OM470 being rebranded a DD11 & fitted.. Hope We get it down here. A 450-500Hp X12 version with that 40'" sleeper would sell well in my opinion..
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    Seriously, would you buy a truck from this guy? Has he ever even driven a truck?
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    The AI is a reliable engine. A AI350 is a good engine for a MR or LE garbage truck. But for a CV or CT tri axle maxing out at 80,000 pounds hauling rock down the highway , the AI 350 HP is weak. A AMI370 would be the minimum I’d have for real heavy use. Even the AI460 barely get the OK in my experience. Good news is the 350 can get factory bumped up in HP or modded by aftermarket parts to get the power up.
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    hell, for most politicians an accomplishment is being able to claim "i went 3 months without getting arrested for anything"
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    Parts man could tell you with just vin. CCRS = leak free injectors. No return line plumbing (from head) for fuel leakage from injectors.
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    That is the way a puff limiter works best, turned off! The throttle by cable works best for me as well. Not recommending this setup for a truck that sever people drive. The response is like instantiations instead of waiting for something to happen, you do get the black puff though. I do not like an air throttle with puff limiter, the engine is sluggish and does not have the power at first press of the throttle. Disabled puff limiter and only time it is on is for emissions check.
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