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    Finally found a way to fix all my emission system headaches with the new trucks. Just got this 1986 IH 9670 Eagle. It's been many years now since I have been as happy as I am now when I drive this truck. Just have to do some cosmetic stuff. Got a grab handle missing, some dents and extra mirror brackets and stuff to remove. And put the stack on straight. But the headliner and sleeper are still wrapped in plastic. Never been opened up. It's a little light spec'd compared to what I normally have, but many years ago I was in the bush with 38,000 rears and only broke one axle shaft once, so I'll be okay pulling a dump trailer with this. It's got an NTC Big Cam IV 400, 13 speed overdrive and 40,000 International (made by Rockwell) rears with 4.44 ratio. Kinda odd a light spec highway truck is geared that low, but it pulls pretty strong. And I will just be using it in town and on highway construction anyway. Man, I had forgot how glorious it is to drive an old truck with a mechanically governed engine and un-muffled straight pipe. I'm never going to want to drive the 4900 Star now. I missed out on a 350 Superliner, but I'm an International guy too, so this will work!
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    MACK ER Chain drive
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    One of the girls in the office snapped this as I was working on our CNC mill: I completed a full 4 axis retrofit on it last spring. Total rebuild. The old 1980's controls were failing in a hard way. I emptied that large cabinet, removed all motors/wiring and started all new. This was the second one I did. Old controls(filled to the brim) New controls....looks kinda sparce...... (though this wasn't totally wired yet, but close) Our smaller mill was all mechanical and I did a complete conversion to CNC. Did mention.........this is not my job actually. I'm just the only sucker that knows how to do stuff like this so I get volunteered...A LOT!!
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    Amazon pricing is getting to be as bad as Grainger
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    My father-in-law is selling four fully restored antique trucks. Contact me and I will get you his phone number if you are interested. These are located in Tomah Wisconsin and all of them run fine. 1965 Mack Truck BLT 75. This is the yellow truck in the photos. This has a 711 engine, 13 speed triplex and was a California truck from Shell oil. 1973 Mack Truck R Model. This is the blue and tan truck. This has 237 hp and 5 speed transmission. 1959 Diamond T sleeper truck model 922 DF. 262 Cummins, 10 and 3 transmission. 1968 Peterbuilt model 359. This has a 350 Cummins and a 10 and 4 transmission. 63" flat top sleeper with new tires.
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    Solved my emissions issues. Just got home from picking up my new ride. I forgot how glorious mechanical motors are to drive! So between this and the 2013 Star, I know which one I'll be using most. Just gotta do a bit of body work where it has been dented in a few spots, some paint and good to go. Plastic wrap is still over all the interior, never been taken off. All the headliner, bunk walls, etc. Only the driver seat bottom cushion and the steering wheel are wore.
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    Watts has them custom made when you order it. Original look color coded cloth covered. Takes 3 weeks and cost is $1600.00 plus about $40 shipping.
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    Look guys, it's very late and I've got the flu. Yes, an electric lift pump is an available option, as it is with most global truckmakers. To meet the US market price point, Volvo apparently doesn't offer it there. Never ever had an issue with the Ultra-Liner's cab jack. The MH was also available with an optional air actuated cab lift pump (supplier Power Packer now offers electric as well). I'm also partial to the Cruise-Liner (despite its many shortcomings), and both F and G models. There are very good reasons why COE design is the global standard, but to each his own.
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    Kevinnnnn! Does it have an electric primer? Were Trying to establish are these guys more forward thinking than Volvo ? I think hes talkin about the cab! If I were to like CAB overs and I am not a fan however ! I think the MH was the best cab over ever made by anyone. Beauty is in the Eye of the beholder! Had they provided a proper Cab jack with an MH it would have been perfect! For a cabover!🙄😁
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    To each his own....... In my mind, COEs are beautiful, and some of the most attractive were/are produced by decades-long former Mack partner Scania.
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    No, it wasn't yours I saw. It was definitely slime green/yellow in color.
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    I don't think I'm complaining (then again, maybe I am), but pickups are getting ridiculous.
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    Jack it up though ...........Jack.....
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    I made a post in the proper place HeavyGunner instead of hi-jacking FJH's thread. You can see it here:
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    There are so many passage ways inside the filter stands on the MP engines, it would be hard to bypass the primary side of the fuel filter stand. We talked about changing a fuel filter stand on here yesterday and guess what I had to do today? Yep , filter stand. We have 2 CXN’s , 3 CXP’s and about 18 CXU’s and one Anthem. Had low fuel pressure in one of the CXU’s . There was something going on inside the filter stand. Start to finish a little over 3 hours. Including troubleshooting, r&r filter stand, pressure wash before and after repair and test drive with laptop plugged in .
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    Sorry Paul but you got screwed. Solomon was a proven liar as per his father David whom I acquired the originals from through family passdown. In fact after David slew that SOB Goliath, wasn't nobody gonna doubt a damned thing David said. And that was before he was king!! My kids spent literally hours with the calligraphy set and left me wondering what they was working on. Never knowed what all that leather was for they was buying either. Their sudden interest in sheep befuddled me. I have the original Ark plans and use them for a formal dining room table cloth as the hide holds up quite well under the clear plastic.
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    Some exotic stuff is reasonable on Amazon. I just bought a Luffa used by John the Baptist with a free copy of Noahs original plans for the ARK for only $3995.00 guaranteed to be authentic with a sworn certificate from King Solomon..
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    Poo Poo, poor drivers it rides to rough, wanna be a sissy should have been born with a vagina.
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    put crushed rock in side strap it to a wheel let it spin farm tractor slow ?
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    Here I am like a damn fool reading this... FIVE YEARS LATER?
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    Now THAT’S ironic.
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    Ford and Navistar better watch out for the VW shark.
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    I'll bet Daimler would have been successful marketing the Titan.
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    Even the leading Chinese heavy truck makers have made electric primers standard.
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    I just want to make sure you didn’t see mine. We were taking it to Frederick in September.
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    blowing snow=blocking it out, theres the simple explanation. that goes way back to the B model years with the Summer and Winter setting on the air cleaner
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    I’ve got a few build photos from and a few shots from when she was still in service. Her sister is the 1954 3 Door LS85 on that brochure. Last time anyone’s seen her was back in 2014 when she was for sale on GovDeals and all our searching for her has led us to being told she was scrapped. It’s a shame such a beautiful engine is gone, but atleast one of the duo still remains and will be roaring through the streets of Maryland again soon.
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    Straightened out several of the rear formers that had damage and getting back some more pieces from the fabricator. Local shop, that's been really good to work with and fast. Test fit all the rear sheetmetal and the donor cab top together for fitment. It all lined up, even the factory holes on the top to the original pieces. I think the top dates from 1948 and the cab is 1960. I have some hope this will all go back together.
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    it is had enough trying to find drivers these days that can drive a manual trans. and you want them to run a twin stick??
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    Front lights are only on with parking lights, they turn off with headlights. Turn signals on fender were typically blink only, not running. Though you can make them work how every you want.
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    i put the plows on 6 of the 7 trucks with full fuel tanks, and battery maintainers plugged in start of december. only thing that does not get a plow on it is the daily driver. but that only takes 2 minutes to hook up. so far being ready has worked out this year, everyone else gets snow but we don't. but if nothing is hooked up and ready, we get blasted.
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    If you put a new spring on your truck will sit lopsided so I would just fix that one or grab a good looking used one..
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    Power windows in a B model
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    No China was what I'm thinking. Never said China was the worst but it's awful, remember the olympics? Olympians refused to go there because of horrific air quality from their industrial complexes. That was the same year glyphosate prices went through the roof because the cheap Chinese knockoffs production was halted due to horrible air quality problems that China was trying to put a temporary band aid on. China likes to put on this very progressive modern face on when in reality they're just the opposite. Remember this is the country that has recently banned Winnie the Pooh images.
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    Sad state of affairs indeed. In other news, the global climate change joke's on us. China, India, N. Korea are not worried. Giggling, they prefer to leave the worrying to us.
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    Thank you for letting me join the forum. While I haven't had the pleasure of owning a Mack yet, I still love these man made creatures of might. One of my favorite Macks is an old Mack Prime Mover from Hallamore Transportation in Holbrook, MA. Here's a pic my brother took back in the early 90s.
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    Produced by Wagner for Mack, they have significantly more force, a requirement for a 20k axle versus a 12k axle. That Volvo wants to charge you $744.85 for a $200 component should be a crime. Volvo doesn't want you operating a 1996 vintage truck. And they want to rinse their hands of "American" Macks.
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    A 12 oz can is 25 cents with 5 cent deposit no tax. $2.98 plus 60 cent deposit for a 12 pack 12 oz bottle is 49 cents with 5 cent deposit.
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    I’m still educating myself on the subject...the truck is on the teetering point of fix or replace and I know it’s an 05 but it was bought new and well taken care of and pre emission. Would rather put some money out to keep this one. Thanks again
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