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    1937 MACK bus chassis. Note the long air intake tube. All dressed up.
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    Solved my emissions issues. Just got home from picking up my new ride. I forgot how glorious mechanical motors are to drive! So between this and the 2013 Star, I know which one I'll be using most. Just gotta do a bit of body work where it has been dented in a few spots, some paint and good to go. Plastic wrap is still over all the interior, never been taken off. All the headliner, bunk walls, etc. Only the driver seat bottom cushion and the steering wheel are wore.
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    Straightened out several of the rear formers that had damage and getting back some more pieces from the fabricator. Local shop, that's been really good to work with and fast. Test fit all the rear sheetmetal and the donor cab top together for fitment. It all lined up, even the factory holes on the top to the original pieces. I think the top dates from 1948 and the cab is 1960. I have some hope this will all go back together.
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    My father-in-law is selling four fully restored antique trucks. Contact me and I will get you his phone number if you are interested. These are located in Tomah Wisconsin and all of them run fine. 1965 Mack Truck BLT 75. This is the yellow truck in the photos. This has a 711 engine, 13 speed triplex and was a California truck from Shell oil. 1973 Mack Truck R Model. This is the blue and tan truck. This has 237 hp and 5 speed transmission. 1959 Diamond T sleeper truck model 922 DF. 262 Cummins, 10 and 3 transmission. 1968 Peterbuilt model 359. This has a 350 Cummins and a 10 and 4 transmission. 63" flat top sleeper with new tires.
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    Back when trucks would run for months at a time or longer and not touch a thing. terry
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    blowing snow=blocking it out, theres the simple explanation. that goes way back to the B model years with the Summer and Winter setting on the air cleaner
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    Just wanted to share some photos of the in progress restoration of my old LS. Right now she runs but very poorly but that should be fixed in a few weeks. After that it’ll take a while before any metal work or paint gets done which it will most certainly need.
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    Nah- as Neville Chamberlain thought-"these are honorable foxes" And the dieselgate fiasco? Those at the very top who knew what was going on have learned a good lesson and we can rest easy that there is a new culture at VW....😴
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    I just want to make sure you didn’t see mine. We were taking it to Frederick in September.
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    I'm almost 90% sure I saw this rig on a step deck heading south on I-81 in Hagerstown roughly a few weeks after the auction ended. Sorry I don't have any idea who hauled her or were she was going but my assumption is she's still around.
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    Jimmy, As with many parts, it is not proprietary or exclusive to Mack. In all likelyhood, it was probably a Ford or GM master cylinder. Both the brake master cyl and the clutch master cyl in my 1958 F.W.D. are FoMoCo OEM parts. Take the old one to an old-school NAPA parts counter. The older the better. Drop it on the counter and say "I need one of this." DO NOT TELL THEM WHAT IT CAME FROM. This will only make matters worse- you will say Mack which may make them blink, and then you'll say Fire Truck, which will make them go into vapor lock. Just drop it on the counter and say "Gimme a new one or a rebuild kit." Chances are that one is available through Wagner or Bendix.
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    The dual clutch automated manuals are so good that European drivers are giving up their manuals for them. They offer performance advantages too- For example, the VW Golf R has over 50 less horses than a Ford Focus RS, but with the twin clutch automated manual VW offers but ford doesn't have the VW can match the Ford in acceleration. Ford seems to have taken notice, as the upcoming 700 HP Mustang will only be available with a 7 speed Tremec automated manual.
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    I’ve got a few build photos from and a few shots from when she was still in service. Her sister is the 1954 3 Door LS85 on that brochure. Last time anyone’s seen her was back in 2014 when she was for sale on GovDeals and all our searching for her has led us to being told she was scrapped. It’s a shame such a beautiful engine is gone, but atleast one of the duo still remains and will be roaring through the streets of Maryland again soon.
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    That makes sense, there are a few switches without labels in the truck. I finally found a replacement pneumatic cylinder, for $435. Needless to say I won’t be replacing it. Good to know it’s not necessary so it doesn’t matter if I disable it It seems like an odd option. What is the point of choosing outside vs inside air? Besides air being cooler outside I don’t really see a difference between the two. This was formerly a DOT plow truck so I assume it has something to do with that.
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    Gotta be the best lookin Corvette. Thanks for posting.
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    HA! Eliminating the distraction of gear changing in diverse driving conditions and environments, the system enables drivers to fully focus their attention on the road. It also removes any performance and efficiency gaps between skilled and less experienced drivers.! My God ! Shifting gears is second nature . TV screens in the Dash Are Distracting! Eliminating the need to train people how to drive .And therefore creating Stupider People! The more tech people rely on the dumber and lazier they will be! WABCO Leader in the creation of stupid! Sorry Guys its true! Just saying
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    Yup they encourage you to pump that bitch 200 pumps after a filter change! Now you know why ! so they can sell you a whole new expensive housing and 3 hours of labor ! oh joy
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    Ratio is stamped with "Carrier Assembly Number". Right front of housing.
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    Yup Bull ! it seems Very little is standardized they are for ever changing shit on a moments noticed its Rampant thru out the industry ! I was doing a truck inspection on a 2018 Pete the other day and was admiring at the spring brake cans on it You can no longer install a PIGGY back on the new brake pots they are one piece no clamps Period so now instead of 15 min to a half hour to change a brake pot Its now has become necessary to replace the whole thing! AND heaven for bid you have the right clevis for what ever slack adjuster is installed ! Worst of all got me paying attention to our own new trucks AND GUESS WHAT We are using this stuff as well! Nothing is left untouched these days! IMPROVEMENTS ? OR Captivation At Its Finest! So if you got to go out on the road to change a brake pot you better take half the parts department with you cause your gona need something you don't got! As well as a Grinder to adapt the rod bla bla bla ! New Rules of engineering ! Sorry that's an old rule revisited ! If ya got something simple that works ! Redesign it to be over complicated or unreliable !
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    Jokes on you! I just work on the junk😣 Oh wait no your right the Joke is still on me! 😡
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    Getting closer, It's a Rectifier. It converts the 3 phase AC output of the Alternator to DC for the trucks electrical system. Same function as the Diodes in a modern Alternator. There used to be a kit to replace it with a heat sink with 6 diodes mounted to it, worked good not sure if anyone still makes them.
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    It takes off fine 1st through 4 its just that with the five speed i shift into 5th at 40 mph im not new to trucks or driving im just new to mack thats why i asked about the transmission i dont need your opinion on my truck i just need facts about what i asked for
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    Hey Guys anyone Know if A 2018 MR mp7 will hold out on a Regen with an active Engine brake Fault ! WE have been Fighting with this asshole thing for a Week! various Codes all satisfied now! Have replaced ahi , number 7 and the regulator tweeked to over min spec No Rat Chewed Wires, still shuts down on a forced gen 1 minute into it Only fault active is the engine brake! No Brake / Valve in stock! Just asking E service is A joke!
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