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    In 1973 2 new Mack CFs were built and delivered to Independent Hose Company #1 in Frederick, MD. My great grandfather drove those engines. The one we own now was engine 11, her sister was 12. There are stories of the legendary driving such as almost being flipped over by an oblivious cop so the engine driving done the street on 2 wheels. My grandfather also drove it and before it was retired my father also drove it, seeing as he was one of the only ones who could drive a double clutch manual. She went to the academy for a while to train the new guys but she was ultimately nearing the end of her service life. When it came up for auction my grandfather jumped on it. Her sister was sold much sooner to a California station that no longer exists, where she was shipped to Africa for a short period and pumped clean water non stop for a few days before coming back to the US. Nobody knows where engine 12 is but anyone who cares knows where engine 11 is, safe and sound being passed on as a family heirloom. September 29, 2018 Early 1985 Nearing end of service at IHC.
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    Well, after buying these like 17 yrs ago, I finally am going to put them on my truck. I was originally hoping to find a better cab and paint it all at once but that never transpired. So, I dug the doors out and starting to hang them. I got the drivers side fitting up and aligned pretty well. Latches nicely, though real fitment is not something you can do to the doors on these trucks. Unless I guess I want to really cut and paste things to make it all museum quality? Not likely. There is nothing straight or even about the doors or cab openings. All the keen eyed people will notice the lack of working room. Ya, you got to be a skinny ass to work around the truck in the stall. I can just squeak between the bunk and wall. Once I know both fit I'll be stripping the interior panel so I can give everything to a buddy for paint. I'll have him use the same white he used on the bunk and I have a small pint of the green I used on the heater box 17 yrs ago. It's a Volvo color if I recall? It's on the can, he can use it to get more. My original doors are pretty beat, rusty, cracked. I have new side glass, though my vent windows are still nice along with the vent rubbers. I just need to get new channel felt, window fuzzies and the door seal foams. In all, shouldn't be too hateful of a project to tackle. One thing: Does anyone have the window stop that fits in the small hole in the bottom of the door? I've been missing the one for my passenger door. Would like to have one to get painted with everything else. Let me know what you have.
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    Might be a good time to buy your local, firmiliar, knowledgeable, mechanic a case of Old Milwaukee and have him walk you through the steps or assist this round. Good Luck!
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    Forgot to tell him the odor Propane gas is an aphrodisiac for northern male raccoons.
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    Your problem is you bought a new truck! You're supposed to buy em after someone else figured this crap out.
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    went to the local paint glass and body supply store Larry. I cheaped out and only put the chrome beaded stuff on the top where people could see. put the cheap window channel in the channel in the panel itself. I used black weatherstrip adhesive. I think the window wipes themselves I used generic cut to fit stuff. maybe for an 70's Ford or square body Chevy. I have used R model stuff on a B model before to
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    you forgot this: and dim to half power when another car is coming the other way or is in front of them, because the drivers are too freaking stupid to turn the high beams off and not blind everyone else on the road.
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    I'm out of "like"s, but that is one of the funniest things i've ever heard!
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    I'm not a big fan of the large exhaust myself. Always liked 4" chrome with a matching muffler guard on the right side only with a B series. I like the green and black and am going to do my B-673 in those colors but with red hubs to be different:
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    I touch base with them from time to time. They are busy and confident.
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    I went with 4" which was standard for the time.
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    The first production run of the Diamond Reo "Driver II" cab. Shown below, the all-new custom aluminum Driver II cabs featuring body molding, two-piece windshields and other styling cues that pay tribute to the old Corporate and Driver cabs. .
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    Yep this is the said beast Anybody ever been to the museum and had a good look at this jigger In one thing I read on google it said it had a V8 Mack motor I imagine it has a Mack front axle and a Mack ass end I wonder if it is airbag or not ? Certainly looks modern for the late 50's and even I would have thought well into the 70's Seats must of had plenty of room to only fit 39 people But it does mention a loo and kitchen so I guess a few seats vanished for them Thanks for the replies all I first read about this in the book "American Truck Spoters Guide" or some such thing and I seem to recall it had a cut away sideview picture Then again that last bit may have been another make of bus I would have a look myself or but I will be many hours away from my book for many months Paul
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    If anyone wants an update on Independent Hose Company #1’s 1973 CF here’s some newer pictures of her.
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    I have seen that truck in person and it's quite rough. Good for parts probably but not something to build upon unless an endless pocketbook mentality is applied.
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    Produced by Wagner for Mack, they have significantly more force, a requirement for a 20k axle versus a 12k axle. That Volvo wants to charge you $744.85 for a $200 component should be a crime. Volvo doesn't want you operating a 1996 vintage truck. And they want to rinse their hands of "American" Macks.
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    I hope so I changed the 3rd relay it had a black burn spot on it..put electric grease on all them .ran 11hrs yesterday no problem so far working it today so far its good.. Thanks for all you guys help
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    Aussie Valueliner - Mack V8 - E9/500 possibly 1988, straight pipes, picture taken Sept 2018, Dalby Queensland, returning home to Brisbane after delivering heavy load in central Queensland
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    Imagine the kids work fast to enjoy it before day breaks. It’s a slop-fest up here. Got 5” of snow last night and 8 hours of rain. Was pushing it with the 660 Griz in four lock and stalling out. Like pushing 500lbs of snowman corpses all balled up.
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    You have more snow than we do in the valleys in Montana bob. After last year you’re welcome to keep the snow to yourself.
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    671 powered with a RT-910 trans.
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    I spent $900 and got a brand spanking new snowblower......and so far......nothing. Best $900 I ever spent and honestly if I never have to use the thing it would be wonderful!!!
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    Received my rule bending pair of Holly's today. Nostalgia class says that you can only run a pair of any CFM Two Barrel carbs. So this one of the pair I bought on Racing Junk.com, one new one used for $500. 1100 CFM Holly Two Barrel dual feed carbs. Have to do a bit of machine work on the air horns, venturies and the throttle shafts to kick up the flow. Need to do some sizing on the jet plates and open the power valve port .003 to .004 Heads are due tomorrow or saturday and my grandson is polishing my 6/71 case and carb adapter. Still searching for a nice clean set of M/T cast Aluminum Valve covers and a 3" x 8.250 dia. lower blower pulley with a thin V belt adapter for my water pump drive. Rules require mechanical water pump not electric. Being a widower I can stay in the shop all hours now. Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki

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