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    My grandfathers brother had an Auto repair/ gas station and Pontiac dealer in Centerport Long Island from the mid teens until his death in 1967. During the 20's and 30's most of his customers were from Eatons Neck and Centerport. The likes of the Vanderbilts, Morgans, Pratt and Manvilles so his wrecker wrecker fit his image for his clients. Biggest memory was climbing all over his 1928 Packard tow truck. when he died I was 14 and couldn't convince my dad to take it for his garage. so it was sold. The unit just came up for sale after sitting in the buyers garage since 1969. I contacted the seller and sent him a wire transfer deposit to buy it. Only 3 photos and needs most likely a ton of mechanical and the body was changed quite a bit. But 52 years later I'm going to own it. 1933 photo Center Shore Drive Centerport N.Y. Hosted on Fotki December 2018. Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki
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    Well, I actually got to go to sunny Florida this week! The N.B.Handy Co. has opened a branch in Davenport, Fl. They used to have a branch in Orlando and in Boca Raton too but they closed them. They said they're gonna supply the Davenport branch out of the Norcross, Ga. (Atlanta) branch, but they would have loads out of Lynchburg going there to get the warehouse fully supplied. I loaded on Thursday to deliver Monday, but of course I came home and fed the cat, cleaned the litter box, took a shower, and I was off. I got there Friday a little after noon, not expecting to get unloaded until Monday, but they unloaded me Friday. So I waited until the redhead got off from work, and she drove over from the other side of Orlando and picked me up.As I always do whenever i'm with her, I had a great time. I saw this serious looking bird on the way down. and a bird on a sign- I took a picture of this orange grove right across the road from N.B.Handy while I was waiting for her. I might have walked over and picked a few oranges too. Saturday we took a little drive over to Stuart, Fl. to see a BMT dignitary- Hatcity, a true legend. We went up rt. A1A when we left Stuart and stopped a few times to take pictures and look around. We saw some people on some horses. And a seagull on the beach. A big beach umbrella- A girl who stepped on a Lego- A couple walking on the beach- ...so, we stopped at another place and saw this little crab- and a big bird- Sunday morning we went for an airboat ride, saw lots of aminals... Then I had to leave, after having a great time, drinking great beer, eating great wings, and being with great people- ...and get back into the cold, the snow, the ice,..this is here, about an hour ago- bummer. I did see a big Mack truck or two yesterday though-
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    Just wanted to share some photos of the in progress restoration of my old LS. Right now she runs but very poorly but that should be fixed in a few weeks. After that it’ll take a while before any metal work or paint gets done which it will most certainly need.
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    It’s usually the small fuel return line from the front top barb fitting of your front head. Return lines and suction lines can go bad and not show much leakage. Pressure lines will show. I just fixed a 98 V-II with the little inj spill line leaking at the connection at head. Same symptom. The overflow on those is a flow-thru restricted office, so any leakage of air upstream is a trouble maker. Don’t worry about a bit of start up smoke so long as you go clean and stay clean. It’s less likely to be an inj, so make that the last-step repair option.
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    I'd like to go to lunch with Otherdog and Hatcity but there are Federal laws against the three of us interacting in the same location at the same time.
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    BUD ! HOW ARE SETTING THESE ?????? they don't set like a Cat or other engines out there!!!!!! You need to set on the Valve set marks NOT TDC ! Not overlap , over lap is close but not perfect . the slack on certain valves is NORMAL if not on the valve set marks! the jake brakes are set on the valve set mark of each cyl Usually 15 to 22 thou! separately while setting the valves 16 in / exhast 24-26 NOT 02- 28 you now may have bent a Valve! Read the A BOOK! Your going to ruin something!!!!!! If you haven't already! firing order 153624 1-6 5-2 3-4 Are sister s these are all on the same stroke as each other but doing a diffrent job!
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    With that shirt on, standing on a boat dock, Hatcity looks very retired!
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    One cylinder was leaking in to the sealed shell, coons had sex under let rack, finished and when the male coon lit a cigarette the propane gas exploded. look in the bushes and snow around the site, probably find a little teensy weensy coon condom.
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    Be worth even more if I'd someone would stop sending the Fork Union Squatters to Gladys.
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    Heavy duty hauler on Cape Cod. Kodak Instamatic picture circa 1977.
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    Did you try unplugging and plugging the connector back in. It’s possible while reinstalling the connector the piece inside the cab slide inside. Unplug the connector and plug it back in. Be careful not to overtorque or cross thread the bolt that holds the connector together
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    Hat City recommended that I not sell it, so i'd have a summer place and a winter place. I am not a heat person at all, don't tolerate it well. But I am at a point where i'm thinking seriously about cutting back, not working so hard, life is short, i'm 62 now, gotta do what ya gotta do. I'd retire yesterday if I could, but the insurance is the thing, I need to work to keep my insurance because if you get sick or hurt you're screwed. I don't have much, but at least it's paid for. I need to make some serious decisions soon about what i'm going to do.
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    Resolved....The Deutch connector at the firewall (MC??) had threads smeared when it was removed. It did not install together properly as the jack screw did not pull the Deutch connector together all the way. Repaired with tap and die. The molded nut in the deutch connector on the firewall side will spin in its molded housing. Looks like a "be careful spot" Thanks again Challenger!
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    Power windows in a B model
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    Ed,. Ya, I drive my a lot and when it's cool the drafts coming in around doors can be annoying. Summer not so bad when the a/c is blowing ice at you! I don't mind slamming them if they fit tight. Robert, likely not change the glass configuration. Unlike many, I like my vent windows! Either allowing a good blast of air or diverting wind buffeting when window is down. I would like to convert to electric windows. It's a tight fit, I've mocked up a Ford window motor. Hard/impossible to get window assy in the door with that motor.
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    When I first read this post I cringed, it's so easy to bend and break the valve train parts if you don't adjust that engine exactly right. Won't be the first time!
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    A Powerliner is pretty rare, let alone one with a 3408 in it. Nice looking truck! https://aths.org/advertising-with-aths/AdBuilder/List
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    I see the ability to take any of my Autocars or REO and using one of their new cabs to refurbish it
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    Agree with tech I would replace all the plastic line in that circuit And the orings on the jumper line between the heads they sometimes cause grief as well!
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    It is actually a rectifier my LS85 pumper has one and the many I have seen have them to balance voltage.
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    you better get a engine manual for that engine, I know the valve lash is real critical with a engine brake. terry
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    OD, c'mon back anytime for a fish sammich. BTW-you might be able to score a deal on that boat you were eyeing.
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    Lane Departure Protection. Seems every Volvo and Cascadia I meet on the highway needs this. Along with an arm that comes down and smacks the driver upside the head.
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    We like pictures. Thanks, and good luck
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    Insurance keeps a lot of people from retiring at 62. terry
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    I think a lot of the cops are the kids that were picked on in high school and now they on a vengeful power trip. This cop might have gone to school with the cop that told me I needed a class B CDL to drive a three axle truck and that I could not drive a three axle truck with my class A CDL. I stumped him by asking if I could drive a car with my class A
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    Here is a picture of the bus when it was called MV39. http://articles.mcall.com/1999-08-06/news/3264861_1_tour-bus-greyhound-lines-bus-for-several-years https://www.bluehoundsandredhounds.info/barscen.html#mack620 Built with a Duplex transmission! Two sticks, no waiting...?
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    it was at the Macungie show a few years ago. Don't know where it went to.
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    Anything remotely resembling a truck they smell money!
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    Not true. India and Pakistan, for example, are what you're thinking. China has gone from Euro 1 to Euro 6 in under 20 years. That's quite an accomplishment. The major cities have changed heating plants over from coal to natural gas. Plastic bags are banned. The list goes on and on.
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    Just the same az Ice Road Truckers But Summer addition LOL 🇦🇮 cya
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    Aussie Valueliner - Mack V8 - E9/500 possibly 1988, straight pipes, picture taken Sept 2018, Dalby Queensland, returning home to Brisbane after delivering heavy load in central Queensland
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    Always wondered why they called them “Chicken lights”. Google say chicken thieves were stealing chickens off trucks while they drove slowly through dark, unlit streets of cities. Drivers hung lanterns on the sides so they could see what was going on.
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    Wow! That's awesome (and sad). The only source of ignition had to have been the battery. Something (the frame of the shack) must have sparked the battery by touching both terminals. Otherwise, how do you explain? Subsequent explosions came from LP tanks after the shack and battery acid were burning. Amazing the vehicle wasn't more damaged!
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    Nice. Did the same with my truck. I mounted the 3/4" LED under the lip of the bunk, so they are invisible during the day, but light up and shine down on the road at night. I did similar under cab, I made small brackets and riveted them to the inside of the rocker so only the edge of the light hangs down and it glows on the tanks. I then put them up each side of the bunk in the back. I got the SS covers for them to kinda cover up the black rubber grommet. I got the clear lens also so not as noticeable during the day. You can get those 3/4" LED's cheap from Amazon. They keep offering bigger quantities for cheap. If I can't make the truck shiny, I might as well light it up at night?? You know the old Beach Boys song..."She's my no go show boat".........
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    I have a dnytard and a jakebrake.There is no difference in the way they hold on a hill.I like the dnytard better because with these two its instance working when your using it for gear changes on a hill were the jake is slow to come on.
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    Given the nightmare that govt. compliance alone must be I don't see how a company at this scale can make a go of it. Hope I'm wrong
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    Engine 13, Independent Hose Company, Frederick, MD (retired) 1973 Mack CF/1982 4-Guys refurb 1000/500
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