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    Heavy duty hauler on Cape Cod. Kodak Instamatic picture circa 1977.
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    Well, I actually got to go to sunny Florida this week! The N.B.Handy Co. has opened a branch in Davenport, Fl. They used to have a branch in Orlando and in Boca Raton too but they closed them. They said they're gonna supply the Davenport branch out of the Norcross, Ga. (Atlanta) branch, but they would have loads out of Lynchburg going there to get the warehouse fully supplied. I loaded on Thursday to deliver Monday, but of course I came home and fed the cat, cleaned the litter box, took a shower, and I was off. I got there Friday a little after noon, not expecting to get unloaded until Monday, but they unloaded me Friday. So I waited until the redhead got off from work, and she drove over from the other side of Orlando and picked me up.As I always do whenever i'm with her, I had a great time. I saw this serious looking bird on the way down. and a bird on a sign- I took a picture of this orange grove right across the road from N.B.Handy while I was waiting for her. I might have walked over and picked a few oranges too. Saturday we took a little drive over to Stuart, Fl. to see a BMT dignitary- Hatcity, a true legend. We went up rt. A1A when we left Stuart and stopped a few times to take pictures and look around. We saw some people on some horses. And a seagull on the beach. A big beach umbrella- A girl who stepped on a Lego- A couple walking on the beach- ...so, we stopped at another place and saw this little crab- and a big bird- Sunday morning we went for an airboat ride, saw lots of aminals... Then I had to leave, after having a great time, drinking great beer, eating great wings, and being with great people- ...and get back into the cold, the snow, the ice,..this is here, about an hour ago- bummer. I did see a big Mack truck or two yesterday though-
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    Hat City recommended that I not sell it, so i'd have a summer place and a winter place. I am not a heat person at all, don't tolerate it well. But I am at a point where i'm thinking seriously about cutting back, not working so hard, life is short, i'm 62 now, gotta do what ya gotta do. I'd retire yesterday if I could, but the insurance is the thing, I need to work to keep my insurance because if you get sick or hurt you're screwed. I don't have much, but at least it's paid for. I need to make some serious decisions soon about what i'm going to do.
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    I sure hope the Teamsters succeed. Foreigners are taking over everything here, running businesses into the ground, go bankrupt, then our idiot government gives them more money to buy something else and do it again. And then there's the new breed of truck drivers on the highway. I drove to town the other night to go haul snow and I had to pass 4 transports in 4 different spots on the Trans Canada Highway. It was snowing out but not enough to affect visibility and they were all doing 40 KPH (25 MPH). It was dark out.....such treacherous conditions! LOL. And the highway was heavily salted so you could see all the lines on the road....yet NOT ONE of those transports was on their side of the center line. How do these idiots make it across the country?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's beyond pathetic out there now.
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    Remote Diff & gearbox breathers are almost Standard fare in My part of the World.. Whenever I buy a S/H truck if It doesn't have 'em?? It very soon does.. i got a Quote on a New Mack back in the Winter Time, & the salesman & I ticked the Box for the remote breather package, can't remember how much extra I twas though...
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    41 that practice of "renting"a generator or other storm related stuff is common here in Florida! Then the thing is used and they can't legally sell it as new! But 48 hrs on a new appliance is ridiculous!
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    Well my truck is down again with emission system failure. Shut down last night. So again I asked my tech if it's time to delete and he told me don't do it. Apparently (at least here in Canada) he said they have new testing equipment on the way that measures every thing, even the NOX sensors and he told me everyone will be getting caught. So true or scare tactic I don't know? What I can't understand is why everyone in the industry hasn't filed a law suit against the government for forcing all this crap on us that is putting businesses bankrupt. If thye want to force this crap on us, then they should be forced to warranty it for the life of the vehicle.
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    Insurance sucks!!!! The money part!!
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    Great stuff; when you going to sell your place & move to Florida? Your place should be worth a bunch since so close to the winfall wimmims!
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    I have seen that truck in person and it's quite rough. Good for parts probably but not something to build upon unless an endless pocketbook mentality is applied.
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    I buy the "cat whiskers", (door glass run is proper name) in bulk and make my own. Perimeter door seal is also purchased in bulk along with the proper solvent glue to melt it together. Usually, (not always) you can get away from purchasing new OEM seals and do just as good of job. Not quite as "ram and slam" as original, but a lot less expensive overall.
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    Heck yeah, best theory yet H.Seed! A Landfill Monkey(Raccoon). If the portable shack smelled at all like fish....or snack food, etc, naturally the raccoon are going to screw around with it. You always have food in your shack. It’s been unseasonably warm this winter so the coon have been out of hibernation, especially in the city where there’s always a lot to eat. They have monkey hands, 4 fingers + thumb and dexterity to dig, claw, pull and hold. Things love to walk on vehicles like a cat. It easily fills the missing piece of the puzzle, “what shorted the batteries?”.
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    Pure W.A.G. is that the "dog" or some other "wildlife" walked over the Top of everything on the rack & shorted a Battery out causing a Spark & a chain reaction.. maybe???
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    You have the old style FA-522 steering axle. There was a change for the 1962 model year, (IIRC) that went to upper needle bearings. My 1964 B-61 w/FA-522 steering axle has needle bearings. Your king pins should measure 1.3510-1.3515" diameter at the top, 1.6215-1.6220" diameter at the bottom. You should have a threaded adjuster plug in the bottom and the style is known as "Type 3 w/o needle bearings" according to a B model service manual from the 1960's I have.
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    It really sucks a weekend warrior can drag his 40 foot camper trailer anywhere he wants no special license or medical card but pull a trailer for a living and things change quickly.
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    Their parts pricing is attempt to make older macks more expensive to work on. Example: i got a quote from Transedge last week for door gaskets and cat whiskers on a drivers door (95 RD).... over $500. Thats insane. Mack always had the lowest cost of ownership Volvo certainly fixed that.
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    If you are going slow before you get into something slick you can engage power divider, you just can't engage when wheels are spinning that is where you have to come to a stop and engage the divider. I have done this for 40 years on macks and no divider troubles. terry
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    I use the power divider frequently I have been told not to use it any more than necessary on dry pavement and never engage the power divider when the truck is moving I have a 1989 truck with 25,000 miles on it with the Hendrickson four spring suspension on it and it would spin a tire on the driveway and not move until I locked the power divider when it was empty. This problem went a way when we replaced the suspension bushings, they were cracked and seized from lack of use.
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    Another great truck with a horribly failed marketing.
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    Many thanks! A nice sample of classic ingenuity.
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    I don't see any need at all for Navistar and Ford to have any sort of relationship regardless of how far the Ford/VW agreement goes.
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    Thought I would give you guys a update, well after 7 weeks my engine finally came In yesterday.I was originally told it would take 2 weeks imagine that, so truck goes in Monday morning to get it installed they said they can do it in 30 hours so you can probably double that. I will update when they get it installed.
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    Just the same az Ice Road Truckers But Summer addition LOL 🇦🇮 cya
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    Produced by Wagner for Mack, they have significantly more force, a requirement for a 20k axle versus a 12k axle. That Volvo wants to charge you $744.85 for a $200 component should be a crime. Volvo doesn't want you operating a 1996 vintage truck. And they want to rinse their hands of "American" Macks.
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    Aussie Valueliner - Mack V8 - E9/500 possibly 1988, straight pipes, picture taken Sept 2018, Dalby Queensland, returning home to Brisbane after delivering heavy load in central Queensland
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    Check and clean your battery/starter connections Bad grounds do weird things ! Check the cheap and easy stuff first!
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    Most auto and truckmakers today hire targeting diversity, not experience. Volvo is a textbook example of that.
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