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    Thank you for letting me join the forum. While I haven't had the pleasure of owning a Mack yet, I still love these man made creatures of might. One of my favorite Macks is an old Mack Prime Mover from Hallamore Transportation in Holbrook, MA. Here's a pic my brother took back in the early 90s.
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    Ashland, post ice shack blast.
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    Just want to show another titan at work and why yes, that is my service truck in front of it!!! Lol. That is a 2007 titan and was carrying a drill to cape canveral a few years ago. I do love playing with my puppy dogs!!!!!
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    I here police brought in this toughie for questioning.
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    Thought I would give you guys a update, well after 7 weeks my engine finally came In yesterday.I was originally told it would take 2 weeks imagine that, so truck goes in Monday morning to get it installed they said they can do it in 30 hours so you can probably double that. I will update when they get it installed.
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    My dad and I picked up a 2007 Granite MP7 405 Tri Axle dump from auction this week. Truck only has 112k & 6xxx hours. Cab& chassis are in great shape, ox steel body is beat to hell. Curious on everyone's thoughts about the early MP7 engines? What do we need to be aware of? Truck sounds and runs good. Only issues I can find are a minor air leak under cab, and the small gauges on the dash are broken off from the bezel and have fallen back a little. It has the Mack 10 speed trans. So far pretty happy with it from what we see. We have owned 3 R models over the years 78,86.& 95 (still have the 95) and they have consistently been the most reliable trucks. Hopefully this Granite will live up to the Mack reputation.
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    Hello all, I recently purchased a 2003 CH613 with an E-7 (pre-emissions) to get started in trucking. I have no experience and I usually attend the school of hard knocks and teach myself as long as it is safe. A friend of mine has some extra work from time to time and I have always wanted to get into trucking, he offered to ride with me and show me the ropes when he is not busy. I am an auto tech and fabricator by trade, no diesel experience. The truck has 900,000 miles on it and a miss when it is cold. I got it for a good deal and it is in nice shape. I noticed when the truck warms up it idles well (possibly eliminates the miss) and hold 20# on the oil pressure. There is significant blowby from the tube under the engine and it looks like clear water that drips...... I am guessing that is condensation from the excessive blowby. No visible water in the oil, and goes down the road well. I was thinking that if it pulls OK enough for a rookie under load I might be able to push off a rebuild for a while. My rookie question is obviously this truck needs an inframe but when is it mandatory. The previous owner says it doesn't use oil but then again I was handing him a stack of cash.... Can DOT get me for blowby (there are steady puffs from the tube at idle)?? If the engine runs cool and has good oil pressure am I doing other damage? Is there a good trick to verify the miss when warm?.... I can't just disable the spark plug lol, or use my snap on scan tool to kill the injector and watch my RPMs Could something be making this blowby worse than it is? I read about other things that causing high crankcase pressure, obviously, the 900k is the major concern. I know the inframe is going to be expensive even if I try and do it myself and it will, of course, open a bigger can of worms than I can possibly plan for. I am just curious if I can drive it for a few months learn a little about the business and maybe save up some money. Great Info on here.... This site convinced me to buy a MACK
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    Well my truck is down again with emission system failure. Shut down last night. So again I asked my tech if it's time to delete and he told me don't do it. Apparently (at least here in Canada) he said they have new testing equipment on the way that measures every thing, even the NOX sensors and he told me everyone will be getting caught. So true or scare tactic I don't know? What I can't understand is why everyone in the industry hasn't filed a law suit against the government for forcing all this crap on us that is putting businesses bankrupt. If thye want to force this crap on us, then they should be forced to warranty it for the life of the vehicle.
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    I like them. Both versions. I would buy that before I buy another HD pickup.
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    Why can't a person look to a machine shop that does shaft grinding make the pins for you they should be able to find the right grade of steel and have it hardened ? Bushings should be cake for most shops. you could find tie rods that are close and have machine shop open the taper to fit, then go to a good truck junk yard and match up a tie rod to fit the ends. When I put a 292 chevy engine in my fj45 pickup I put a chevy power steering setup on it and I had to scrounge around to make things work.
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    im actually not that big on ice fishing, iv gone a few times with friends, and i love fishing in the summer time generally fish the Missouri or sakakawea been meaning to plan a summer trip to devils lake but haven't fished there yet, drive threw devils lake quite a bit in the spring in the truck. but just never could really get into ice fishing much maybe if i had one of them ice castle fish houses id enjoy it more....haha lol
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    I don't know the "terms" of the deal. Once you deduct all the kickbacks, the price of the trucks themselves is probably reasonable.
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    296 million for 683 Trucks is $433,382.14 Each... Kevin, would that figure be the up front cost of each truck?? Or does It include Parts support/ect for the life of the Contract??
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    Sounds like Hunts point in the 70s, stop at red light trailer would get unloaded, never saw a cop stop a truck for running red light at night in the Bronx or Hunts Point, of course you were going very fast either.
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    Major points, more or less in order: Ford and Navistar split for good over the 6.0L Powerstroke debacle. Navistar has a joint venture with GM for medium duty truck production, and assembly of GM's cut-away van chassis models. Likely more to come. Navistar has a relationship with Traton (formally VW's truck group) for diesel engines and other components sharing and parts procurement. Traton owns 17% of Navistar. Will Traton ever buy more or all of Navistar? Who knows. VW is spinning off their truck unit, now know as Traton. It will be a completely separate entity from VW cars, but VW Group will likely retain some ownership. GM sold off all European operations to Peugeot, including JV van production. GM is completely out of auto manufacturing in Europe (I think a good move). VW (cars) and Ford: Speculation on my part, but I think Ford wants out of auto manufacturing in Europe but not necessarily out of the European market. VW could conceivably make this happen by taking over Ford's manufacturing in Europe and with car platform sharing between Ford and VW. VW could get access to Ford's Transit van in Europe, and possibly the new Ranger in the U.S. and other markets. I do not see this deal having anything to do with larger commercial trucks, only the Ranger and Transit. VW is scary. It may well be the least efficient auto manufacture in the world. It has too many plants and too many employees for the number of vehicles it produces. In some respects it's a quasi-socialist organization owned and controlled to a large extent by the Government of Lower Saxony in Germany. I think VW will do whatever it takes to survive and would gladly sacrifice Ford to do so. I see this as potentially much worse than DaimlerChrysler. Will GM be the last U.S. owned auto manufacturer in a couple of years?
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    Guess whatever keeps the chickens warm, happy and safe on the way to the McNugget blender?
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    Yes, I was thinking AITM was offering that MH cab. Now seems I was wrong. Of modelling I got stuck with Mack AC. And seems I stuck tough having them big Macks. There was a Russian guy who built Aussie (or NZ) tween steer MH. He used the same cab as you posted but had to modify it really much as I remember. http://www.autoinscale.com/?section=article&id=1166
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    Just the same az Ice Road Truckers But Summer addition LOL 🇦🇮 cya
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    I’d paint it flat black.
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    News people must be cut from the same piece of cloth? The town of Ashland was "Rocked!!!!",...…...I.O.W. -neighborhood dogs were barking.
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    Produced by Wagner for Mack, they have significantly more force, a requirement for a 20k axle versus a 12k axle. That Volvo wants to charge you $744.85 for a $200 component should be a crime. Volvo doesn't want you operating a 1996 vintage truck. And they want to rinse their hands of "American" Macks.
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    I hope so I changed the 3rd relay it had a black burn spot on it..put electric grease on all them .ran 11hrs yesterday no problem so far working it today so far its good.. Thanks for all you guys help
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    Did they clear this with VW Group?
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    Aussie Valueliner - Mack V8 - E9/500 possibly 1988, straight pipes, picture taken Sept 2018, Dalby Queensland, returning home to Brisbane after delivering heavy load in central Queensland
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    The AI engines are not known for being powerful ( regardless of HP rating) . However they are pretty reliable. Compared to 2008 and up trucks, you won’t be stuck on the side of the road doing regens or in 5 mph derate due to emissions. So that’s a big plus.
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    Welcome Jim. This IS a great site to learn stuff. Wide diversity of people and Mack experience. Run it. Do oil sampling to see how much metal is on the move inside your engine, don’t want an inspection hole in engine block. Blowby is legal in 50 states. Water is condensate or evaporation of coolant, oil test will verify if it’s only condensate. Knock the chrome covers off EUPs on right side. Make a 3” jumper wire. Start cold. Short out EUPs one at a time to see which hole won’t wake up cold. A tune up with injector tips is a cheap refresher if you can do most of it yourself. Takes minimal knowledge and a good book. If you rebuild, those parts are good for reuse..... so no loss. A free engine manual download is available for OEM engine rebuild and procedures. Go to search window and enter “makeshift manometer” and you’ll find my directions to build a blowby gauge. That will give you a solid number if you want one.
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    EQ was tandem chain drive and was the direct replacement for the AB series. 1937-1950, 10661 pcs. produced, GVW is 11.3 tons, engine is EN454A
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    Most are probably jealous of your trouble free pre-emissions ride that runs every single day.
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    and some people wonder why i run a 19 year old truck.
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