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    Couple pics from my son's wedding Sat.
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    Never plan on being a stoner, don't smoke, seldom drink and it fascinates me...…………….Stoner dude sits at home smoking state-approved weed & eat'in Cheetos, Democratic politicians boast whimsically about how many drugs they did in college, the companies CEO has a chrome box for his nose candy and Mr.BlueCollar is told "stay sober, clean, and your going to piss in a cup if you wanna get paid (or score a job)".
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    Making a delivery of new Mack LFT trucks.
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    Ready for the show! Macungie 2014.
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    Folks, we need to give Barry Holden a big hand!! If you notice on the home page, he has dedicated a tab at the top of page to the B Model Registry. Once you click on it, you can get to the registry plus a lot more info that I dug out of sales literature. There is still more to send to him, so keep checking from time to time. The old web site that all this info was on was discontinued for some reason. I'm grateful to Barry for posting all this again so everybody can learn more about their ride. Sent a personal note to Barry and thank him for this addition. I have noticed the times on messages he has sent here and I'm starting to think he lives at Watt's Mack. Not often you have a employee willing to put in that much time! Over & out from Ignorant Ridge, Tom
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    You know how it goes, just driving along on a mission, enjoying your own thoughts, listening to the music of a cool powered Mack, the whistle of that magic tip turbine singing away All this time big brother is watching you I am not complaining one little bit though Was stunned to see me on Facebook that night when I stopped So sit back, relax and have a good chuckle Paul received_350847202182842.mp4
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    Rails are drilled and painted and got a few parts installed, should have the crossmembers and suspension mounts installed this week. 280 wheel base on thirty foot rails. Truck Shop
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    Looking mighty fine! Shown at Macungie in 2015.
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    Added a few more parts and pieces Truck Shop
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    Distinctive look from Dodge.
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    Parked behind the Freeway Flyer Superliner.
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    Seems like it will all fit together. Finished all the modifications to the right sill/jamb, then test fit it all together along with the new rear floor panels. Lots of assembly/disassembly, test fitting, fitting the old parts back in, seeing if it will all line up. Still a ways to go, but it's getting there.
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    I am old enough (68) to think sometimes that the young men today do not have the backbone the men of the "greatess generation" had. But then I meet a few young men that are or have served the country, and I am struck by the patriotism and courage of these young men today. All is not lost........yet!
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    I dont care what people say, people were made of different stuff back then than they are today Paul
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    Here is the mate to J.Hancock's CH Tanker. CJ is the 10 wheel version.
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    Hi all, just thought I'd share a horn button repair I made to our Type 45 using some 3D printed parts. As you can see in the photo, one of the rubber blocks that retains the horn button had broken. I'm not really sure if these parts are available, but making one essentially for free is always better than buying if you're like me - more budget constrained than bound to strict originality. I drilled out the rivets holding the original rubbers, and had a friend of mine print up some replacements which are designed to accept a small flat head screw in place of the rivet. Blue would not have been my first choice but its what he had in a semi-flexible materials on hand and it doesn't show when the button is installed.
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    Mack Maxidyne equals Money Maker. Tip Turbine with associated plumbing for the hood scoop.
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    Still had that new paint smell at Macungie 2015.
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    Because of your post I took one of the warranty calls today, the gentleman hung up on me after I corrected my address. I asked him to verify my current address, he rattled off my NYS address, I said it wrong , here is my current address: NYS Home For The Criminally Insane, Building C, Cell #245 Central Islip N.Y. . I can't imagine why the nice man hung up, I even called back and asked him why he hung up. . .he hung up again..
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    I ask for sex acts, they hang up.
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    And frame assembled. Truck Shop
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    Not a lot of fleets of R and DMs left.
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    there are still places where people have common sense, know how to drive, and do not need big brother holding their hand every second of the day.
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    I do believe that was Teamstergrrrl.....................
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    Yes. A work ethic, self reliance, tolerance, sense of family and community, patriotism, common sense, practical education, knowing right from wrong, religion of some sort, the ability to see both sides of an issue and last the sense not to believe everything they hear or read.
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    We live free today because of men like him. I wonder how many young men today understand this?
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    TS7 ....Here you go Early Astro judging by mirrors
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    The 886 model was introduced within the DM series in 1974. The 886 continued until 1987 with a production of 1,938 units built.
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    Seeing as my F350 dump is disappearing before my eyes and since I don't want to replace all the sheetmetal on a truck with 190k on it, time for Craigslist. Found a 2000 k3500 6.5 diesel with 49k original on it for $2600, just needs a transmission (no reverse) and a bulldog hood ornament. A guy who lives down the street from my shop stopped by and said he thinks he has a good tranny for it so that might work out pretty good. Very clean almost rust free 20 year old truck, don't find that in New England often. Brought it home this morning, managed to put the front wheel thru the trailer deck while loading. I think I'll paint it to match my old 94 3500 HD that I sold because plowing driveways in 2 wheel drive sucks.
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    In my short experience I've learned they accuse others of their own crimes. Case and point, Hilary managing to get waste of time investigation into Trump when she's the one who pandered to Russia. https://thehill.com/opinion/white-house/429292-the-case-for-russia-collusion-against-the-democrats Trump may not be a morally perfect guy, but he's no socialist pig. And for those who are angry that he hasn't gotten a wall built yet, stop sending he swamp dwellers to work with in Congress. He's not a king for 4 years, he can only do what the Constitution allows him to do. Congress and the Courts have to do their part.
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    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^This is the problem with Kids Today, In My Opinion..
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    Here are a few pictures from the Vintage Truck of Florida show
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    After finishing up the mock-up and marking everything for disassembly, I was trying to figure out how to get at the front pillars to get at some rust. Well, I guess I wasn't done taking it apart. So, I removed the cowl completely.. I can definitely get at them this way.
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    The US government officially controlled the internet until 2016 (and some say still unofficially controls it). So, if you're another sovereign country, large or small, they feel the right and need to control the internet within their borders. There's some logic to their argument. Hey, personally, I wish we'd all get together for a group hug and get along.
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    Slow progress this weekend: Picked up some Dynamat today, so I got some put on the doors. That should keep them from being a "GONG" when closed. I started to reassemble the mirrors, but need to get to the store and get all new stainless hardware. That and I want to get some thin plastic to isolate the brackets from the paint on the doors. I'd like to have stainless brackets, but that's a bit out of the budget. Friend blasted and painted the originals since there were in pretty nice condition and not rotted to pieces.
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    The woman is too stupid to have gotten elected on her own. I would not be surprised at all if somewhere down the road a conspiracy was uncovered and confirmed that somewhere, someone or some special interest backed her campaign and got her elected and is now her puppet master.
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    Sure, just think how much time sitting for regen, sensor failures and other mandated EPA friendly additions the lower the dependability. I'll stick with my old stuff. Here is an example. Sandy and Irene did massive damage at Port of Egypt and Orient Point Ferry. I was eliminated from the jetty repairs because i had "old equipment that is probably not reliable" . Two weeks after the contractor started and spent 8 plus days with down new equipment, I was asked to take his contract, which I did at a 30% increase in cost to them. Newer is not alway better when it puts food on the table. My humble opinion.
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    I believe it is the same truck. It is being lettered as #504.
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    I know the value varies from condition and amount of parts missing and lots of variables. But I’m looking to buy a 1951 mack LF that is local to me, and if I don’t end up buying I’ll pass the details on to anyone on here who is interested. Don’t have much info on the truck because the widow of the owner doesn’t know much about it. Just looking to get some more info on the LF series trucks and a range of value on the ole truck, can’t find much info on them. Thanks
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    Pulled into the Mack dealer in Medford L.I.N.Y. with my R for some filters the salesman in the show room asked me if I was trading in that piece of $hit for a good truck. I told him in a minute, got any new B models in stock? Had no clue what I was saying, seems thats the entire corporate attitude. IMO. One day working at Mickey D's next day at the truck dealer...
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    I’m sure everyone gets one of these calls at some point, a call from the IRS stating you owe them or you’ll be arrested, a call saying you’ve won a grant just for being a good citizen, or even informing you that your extended warranty on your vehicle has expired. Now even though this is a normal activity I seem to have gotten more than normal as of late. So I’ve done what any sane person would do, and I began actually answering the phone, might as well give them the benefit of the doubt. Well lately it’s always been about my car insurance expiring or my last chance for an extended warranty going away if I don’t answer the phone. So when I answer and get asked to confirm the year of my vehicle, I of course say “1953”. *click* Well darn, I really wanted to get that extended warranty. The next day the same call but this time telling me I have one last chance to pay for my insurances or it goes away, this time they ask for my zip code, I list the Frederick code, seeing as that’s where it’s from and right after I get again another nice *click*. Well not sure what that was about but alright. Now last night was the best one so far. I answer the phone and get a prerecorded message telling me that I haven’t responded to their mail telling me my chance to apply for extended warranty is about to go away, and to press 3 if my phone has less than 150,000 miles or to press 4 to be added to the do not call list. Now last time I checked the odometer it had much less than 150,000 miles, so naturally I press 3. “Your call is very important to us, please stay on the line.” Subtle jazz began playing for just a few seconds before a man with a very slight Indian accent responded. “Hello, can you confirm that you are interested in an extended warranty on your vehicle?” “Yes” “Ok sir, can you please provide the year, make and model of your vehicle to confirm the warranty.” “Well yeah, it’s a 1953 Mack LS85.” “Ok sir...” “Wait I’m sorry, it’s and LS95.” (I had been trying to find a good picture of the sister to my L and had 85 in my mind) “So do have this correct that it is a 1953 Mack LS95?” “Yes.” “Now is that the only vehicle you own?” “Well yes.” (I could’ve provided details about our CF too but it slipped my mind in the moment) “Ok sir, I’m afraid we are unable to extend the warranty on this vehicle.” “Oh, really? It’s got less then 150,000 miles.” “Yes sir, I’m very sorry.” *click* Now what have I gotten out of this experience? The satisfaction that if even for those few moments I was able to stop these people from using those moments to scam someone else who may own a newer Toyota RAV4 or a Ford Focus. I know for a fact had I given them such a thing they would’ve asked for a $500 iTunes gift card or something of the sort, and a surprising amount of people will do it, thinking they’re going to be able to continue their warranty for many more miles. Next time you get a phone call from a number you don’t recognize, and you have the time, make sure to answer it, and waste as much time as possible. It’s more fun than it seems.
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