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    i thought you guys might enjoy this one. i added some "stealth" chicken lights if you want to call them that....lol basically my goal was to not have it stand out and be gaudy looking on a mack when there turned off but still make the truck stand out at night. i think i succeeded at what i was going for. pretty happy with how they came out.
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    Nice. Did the same with my truck. I mounted the 3/4" LED under the lip of the bunk, so they are invisible during the day, but light up and shine down on the road at night. I did similar under cab, I made small brackets and riveted them to the inside of the rocker so only the edge of the light hangs down and it glows on the tanks. I then put them up each side of the bunk in the back. I got the SS covers for them to kinda cover up the black rubber grommet. I got the clear lens also so not as noticeable during the day. You can get those 3/4" LED's cheap from Amazon. They keep offering bigger quantities for cheap. If I can't make the truck shiny, I might as well light it up at night?? You know the old Beach Boys song..."She's my no go show boat".........
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    Most of the return policy has a bit to do with Sandy and later hurricanes. Saw in the Charlottesville and the Richmond Home Depots after the storm didn't hit as expected a ton of generators returned "unused" because the panicked sheep were done with them. About 60% were sold for half or more off the retail prices. Lot of monies to have to eat with their no questions asked return policy.
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    Yea it seem's like a bum deal you buy a thousand dollar washer and It doesn't work from the get go.One of the reasons Sears is disappearing is because of this kind of crap , drove all the loyal customers away .
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    I think if they sell a bum appliance they should exchange it...2 days is awful short.
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    After searching extensively I finally tracked down an old manual for the transmission and found out what the "problem" is! I'm mainly just replying here so that if anyone searches this they will find my post and perhaps it will help them out. The "issue" I'm having isn't an issue at all. It turns out that the Allison HT750DRD (and a few other Allison automatics) have lockup clutches where the transmission runs like a direct drive instead of through the torque convertor. When the transmission locks up the clutches, it feels like a gear shift...a temporary interruption in power. I thought it was a problem as I've never driven a heavy duty Allison transmission, I usually only deal with manuals. The way the transmission works is this: 1st gear: (only used for heavy loads) runs through torque convertor (TC) 2nd gear: runs through TC, then locks (L) later in the rev range 3rd, 4th, and 5th gear: fully L I hope this helps someone who thinks something is wrong like I did! It feels like a gear shift but only happens in 2nd gear (in my trans), but it turns out that all is well. Link to the manual that talks about this: https://www.wanderlodgeownersgroup.com/downloads/Allison Transmission Operators Manual.pdf
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    FYI: I helped a friend yesterday install a Bosch dishwasher he purchased from Home Depot on Friday. Immediately after installing we tried it and it leak profusely out of the sump. Unhooked it and tried to return to HD first thing this AM. We were informed the HD policy is that an appliance must be returned within 48 hours. After which time you must have it fixed via a service call. So we reinstalled and will have to wait 4-days for Bosch service to arrive. I haven’t been a big fan of HD since they quit honoring the 5% Lowes discount if you used your HD credit card this is another reason shop less at HD. Just wanted to let others know and not get stuck as my friend did.
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    Hello all, I am posting this for a friend of mine that is trying to sell this 1941 Mack EQ that is in amazing condition. The truck has been restored about 15 to 20 yrs ago and still looks amazing. I don't have all the specifics yet or drivetrain specs. But, if anyone is interested you can call, text or email him directly. He's a really good guy. So here is the info. Good Luck!!!! I will try and load the pics here or in another post. Paul Fisher Mount Pocono, Pa 18344 Phone (570) 842-5000 Fax (570) 842-1555 paulfisherinc@aol.com
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    Nice!!! I put two lights under the cab, keeping the signal lite. 1/8 flat stock and used the existing marks there Looked great
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    i have only pushed snow twice so far this year but one of them was about a 8 inch snowfall. i am perfectly happy when we don't get any snow....lol we have had several other snowfalls that were an inch or less
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    Ten4.. thanks for the info. Believe I will order the stuff this week.
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    Yes it was. Mack called it the END 672. Starting in 1949, the Mack Diesel Caravan program traveled the country promoting the use of diesel engines in trucks. I wouldn't be surprised that same gassers were converted to diesel as an upgrade by their owners.
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    Post a pict so we can see your project. No matter if you go with 5" or 6" , or single or dual , it will look great.. Classic iron looks good !
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    I've got a set of 65K rears under my truck. Never really have paid much attention to the details of it. The axles are physically bigger than the smaller ones, the trunnion mount is massive with lots of bracing, and it's on walking beams.
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    Do you mean AITM in New Jersey? They do no do a MH cab only F ,G , H, MB and W coe cabs. KFS and Auslow both did a MH conversion cab in 1/25. Here is the one I bought years ago. This conversion is made for the AMT modified Cruiseliner kit. I've done a Cruiseliner with the E9 resin engine kit from Auslow and an other Cruiseliner with a 866 V8 and added a charge air cooler and piping with no issues. Also did an E9 conversion the the Italeri Superliner from P&P again with no issues. Danmodels from Romania is was going to do a full conversion kit of the MH Magnum. search DANMODELS on E Bay to see his resin kits and conversions. They are awesome. Paul
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    I haven't worked it enough, things are slow now but I did test drive it and on a hard pull in 7th the pyro was at 1025 water was normal 200. The fan didn't come on either.
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    Keeping busy and getting used to things as they are. Spending a lot of time in my shop mostly. Odd life now.
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    I cannot help you with part numbers and such, but I do have a 1996 Mack RD688S with an Allison HT 750 DRD in it from the factory. I can take some pictures of it if you need them. It is mated up to a E7 300. I would assume that the frames on our trucks are very similar. I am currently having some work done on the transmission, there is a company called Clarke Power that has facilities all around the United States. They specialize in Allison transmissions. You might give them a call, they’re doing my work and seem pretty knowledgeable. My local Mack has them do Allison trans work for them.
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    Well, the energy suspension bushing kits were a bit too small in diameter. I found raw material and have some 2 3/4" round stock on the way.
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    Depends on how much scratch building you want to do. Vlad is spot on as usual. The US spec MH had an entirely new frame which was also used on the Super-liner 2. Here's a link to a series of articles on upgrading the old Italeri Superliner including scratch building the correct frame. I'd have thought you could pretty much follow this but using the MH Cab. https://public.fotki.com/modeltrucks25thscale/model_magazine_articles/scale_auto_enthousiast/sae_2000-2004/sae_2001_02__februari/saefeb01p1.html
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    Al she is beautiful. !!! I always like the looks of that bumper and grill guard.that would look great on mine.is it boxed in on top to keep pit mess off it
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    If you're going to build a model of MH you need a frame of MH, RW2 or CL. Neither of them were represented in a model. No 1:24 and no 1:25. And too probably neither model in any scale at all. Cruiseliner frame accomodates E9 and Superliner 1 either and those frames were the same as I mentioned above. R-model rails could get E9 since there were factory V8's of earlier series mounted onto R700 trucks. But neither R600 or R700 chassis had anything in common with a MH about shape. So only way to make a correct model is a custom-built (scratch) frame rails. And they're not simple to reproduce. There's another option though which would put you into a story of special kind. I suppose (about almost sure) Australian MH's were built on R700 style frames. So in theory you could get AMT R-model (which is 1:25) and put MH cab on it. If you use AIM one those are 1:25 too. But right hand steering and many other Aussie things would be "a must" points.
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    With a straight pipe, no less. Nothing sounds better than a 300 Maxidyne with a straight pipe--not loud, either.
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    When I was selling Mack's, in the previous century, often our Sales Manager would order extras of a spec if it was mostly typical. That is if customer "X" ordered 8 he would submit an order for 10 thinking that he might be able to talk the customer into the 2 extra as they would not all arrive at once and sometimes the end of the order might be months out. The other option was to just add the extras to the floor plan to have new stock. A long time customer ordered several RD's & RB's every year & we would always add on 3 or more to each order. There were several other customers who ran the same spec just because they had bought some of these "overages" years earlier. It is a sales advantage to have a common spec on the lot that works well for several customers.
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