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    These pieces of iron were hanging out with the AC's Truck Shop
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    Happy new year to all my friends on the Mack site!! BULLHUSK
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    It is always nice to have your own ez8
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    Photo taken in Maine Lobsta and MoxieHauler
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    seems like a real nice one. Location: Kansasville, Wisconsin, 53139 VIN #: EF1S 11862 Mileage: 50,734 Transmission: Manual Condition: Excellent Exterior: Green Interior: Brown Seller’s Description: This truck is an all original one owner truck that was custom built for a local excavator. It was in service until 1985 and put back on the road in 1991 and has been used as a parade vehicle since. It is in excellent running condition, everything works as it should. Price: $20,000 negotiable more pics in the ad: https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/cars-for-sale/mack/unspecified/2214097.html
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    The blower motor is shutting ? This is a sign that the Accessory relay Is possibly Fubar!
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    Wow! i see Buda-Lanova diesel for the first time. It's not written "Lanova" on it but from the location of injectors it used Lanova pre-chambers.
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    That one is an IDF composite Cummins V8, Allison automatic with a French copy of the WWII German Panther high Velocity 75mm.
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    l wouldn't be afraid of the garden tractor. As l would be of that steam powered thing-a-ma-jig-what-ya-ma-call-it! Looks like something the Three Stooges built! .....Hippy
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    Paul, I have a sneaking suspicion that "Newto" used to be the Australian Distributor for tecbrake..... Might be worth chasing up??
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    I put an Auslow Models Resin E9 Australian spec 500 h.p. in an AMT Cruiseliner with no issues at all.
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    Put a couple of stamps on that little CAT and send it my way!
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    Mack put the E9 into Cruisers. Factory code WS721 as an example. If the model maker followed OEM dimensions, it should work.
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    We just call it horrible freight But in all so honesty there c clamps, grinding discs, flap wheels, moving dollies, moving blankets are good They are also good for limited or occasional use tools The silver tarps are better than the blue ones Price check almost everything I buy on the internet
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    Was a ticket/citation issued? If so, was the relevant section of the Illinois MVC cited on the ticket? If not the ticket can be thrown out but that's another story for another time. For now, if a ticket was issued, and the section was cited, you should be able to pull it up on the interwebz. If a Citation was not issued and it was more or less a polite warning for you, I would call the Officer and politely ask him to cite the relevant section of the Illinois MVC and verify before you start the hassle of spending money and time getting your people into compliance.
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    Received my rule bending pair of Holly's today. Nostalgia class says that you can only run a pair of any CFM Two Barrel carbs. So this one of the pair I bought on Racing Junk.com, one new one used for $500. 1100 CFM Holly Two Barrel dual feed carbs. Have to do a bit of machine work on the air horns, venturies and the throttle shafts to kick up the flow. Need to do some sizing on the jet plates and open the power valve port .003 to .004 Heads are due tomorrow or saturday and my grandson is polishing my 6/71 case and carb adapter. Still searching for a nice clean set of M/T cast Aluminum Valve covers and a 3" x 8.250 dia. lower blower pulley with a thin V belt adapter for my water pump drive. Rules require mechanical water pump not electric. Being a widower I can stay in the shop all hours now. Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki
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    The question remains what do they need the full auto weapons for ,do they think they are Eliot Ness and they are going after Al Capone .And why the four silencers ? Is that so we can't hear them shot use in the back.
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    A pair of lowboy trucks still working.
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    R and U had the rails the same if we mean R400 and R600. R700 has higher rail section and different front spring mounting brackets being removed backwards to accomodate longer hood (engine) RD with RB also had higher section and fatter steel than a basic R but the same general frame shape. Same spread and lowering of the section to the front. DM has its own frame style with its special front end (not like a R) and deep center behind the cab for greater capacity. F model had its own frame, not similar to a R or DM. RW2 together with MH and CL (not CH/CX) have their special chassis with "art" siluette of the frond rail ends looking from the side. Easy to figure out what I mean looking at any pic of a RW2 with the hood open. RW2 and MH also utilizes similar front spring mounting brackets, battery boxes together with front air tanks, fuel tank brackets and even the steering gerar setup. The front axles were also similar excepting particular load ratings of the beams and springs. Both had a standard higth of section and thickness (RW600, MH600) and larger numbers for RW700 and MH600 as an option. Aluminium rails could be used but those were bolted to the standard steel front section of the chassis. CL frame looks similar at the front but spring mounts are different because of the set back axle relating to RW/MH. CH is almost another story with straight rails front to back. Probably interchangable with Visions CX up to 2004 when Vovlo frames took the place. RS700 and RS600 Western Valueliners (including Macungie ones as I got figured out) had their special chassis with constant section straight rails front to back. Could be aluminium as an option. Don't know the section higth and distance between the rails but suppose the last was the same as Eastern R's had at their back end. RW1 Hayward together with WS Cruiseliner Western models utilized similar frames. The speciality was split design when the front part of the rails was an independent unit bolted to the pair of straight rails right behind the cab on a WS and below it on RW1. Another especiallity of those models was a steering gear mounted on the front axle beam, not the frame rail. Don't know much about B-models excepting their frames had nothing common with a R and there were different desgns depending on load capacity. Too probably some other models of Macks of those years utilized similar frame style. Can tell H63/67 were different but nothing above it.
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