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    A first year 1939 Pete and a extremely rare bird a 1944 KW built during the war in Yakima, Wa. KW's built during WWII are very rare, the Seattle factory was used by Boeing to build air craft so the truck factory was moved to Yakima. Very limited production during the war years, this is the only war bird I have ever seen. The federal is a X13 model.
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    Two AC's I got photos of today. Truck Shop
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    Of all the truck manufacturers from the late 1930's Pete,KW,Autocar until 1985 and Brockway until 1975 always had a bit of their original design in them.
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    Forgot the important photo
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    At least it isn't an 8" pipe!! I like the stock look. My 237 sounds good, and it isn't stupid loud with stock 4" pipes.
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    If you can find a bigger Amazon rip-off I'll give you 20 "likes". https://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200659134_200659134?cm_mmc=Google-pla&utm_source=Google_PLA&utm_medium=Welding > Welding Carts %2B Cabinets&utm_campaign=Klutch&utm_content=48410&&cm_mmc=Google-pla&utm_source=google_PLA&utm_campaign=&mkwid=sCblLYwup&pcrid=39155627516&devicetype=c&gclid=CjwKCAiAmO3gBRBBEiwA8d0Q4qTzjTTLoKyGAcz5ED3WWpY0e6h181p4LozbQUhgxj5dQ4qNWsfEIxoCZDoQAvD_BwE Vs. https://www.amazon.com/Klutch-2-Tier-Welding-Locking-Cabinet/dp/B0713STT2G/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1546625869&sr=8-5&keywords=klutch+welding+cart
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    Allen Chase the man who owns these has a personal museum in Union, Ore. He has three restored AC's plus a ton of other great rigs. Yes these are future projects. Truck Shop
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    The early 865 and 866 V8's are fine as long as you know the limits on use. No lugging and maintenance and watch the head temps. Issue is parts availability. My B mixer has the low h.p. 865 and has head bolt issues but nothing not repairable.
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    Wouldn’t want to know anyone who owns one out of fear of being asked for help replacing a head.
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    Very interesting to see these trucks. Thank you for sharing. Isn't there a closed cab Mack AC to the right of the Federal?
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    It is. They have developed their own variant of a globally established engineering concept. The key note for Americans to realize is, the Chinese are now self-developing high-end technology of all sorts. Typical of Asians, they are aggressive (go getters).
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    Dunno, but a 320 coolpower isnt to bad at all If the passenger window is up it's nice and quiet out side If I have something big and tall behind the cab it sounds fantastic climbing a hill Hmmm , wonder what it would sound like in a tunnel ??? Paul
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    It could be comparing it to its predecessor - the B model - which would be true.
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    Now to add to the confusion The hood on my 1975 RS685LT and my 1985 RS688LST both measure 54.25" and the distance from the grill to back if can on both trucks is 105" The 1975 hood is a flat top The 1985 hood has the raised center The 1985 RS688LST has the air to air after cooler mounted in front of the radiator The 1975 was built in Hayward The 1975 was built in Allentown
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    Does anyone know how come this V8 U model at the Gerhart's yard don't seem to have the raised cab and extended bottom of front hood and fenders like other V8 models?
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    Amazon is great for some things..........I can get the seven quarts of Royal Purple synthetic 5W20 and the filter for the Hemi cheaper through them than anyplace else. Including shipping.
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    My uncle had three of of the PD3751 silver side buses . they were said to be the last three Greyhound operated. They stopped at my Grandmother 's house for supper on there way back from picking them up. The logos were off but they were still blue,and quite a sight the three of them lined up on are little street. It must have been around 60,61 . I got to ride them a few times and to a 7th grader they were huge ,but oh so comfortable .
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    I have found th@ the truck makers do not do a one off custom truck I went n bought a 2nd hand Mack Titan Road train truck n cut it up to make it user friendly ended up sharter than wot can cum from factory cya
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    I've had thoughts of throwing a C note into this. Who knows? I've thrown more money at lesser things..... With all the horror stories of those old V8, not sure I'd trust it to go very far on its own?? There was that orange V8 F model for sale locally about 12 yrs ago. I looked at it, really crusty, but ran. The new owner got it home, unloaded it, and it blew up. Ugh. I just looked on their facebook site and found the pictures of the orange truck. It seems that is the old green V8 truck that has been for sale on here numerous times in the last few years.
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    But..... Amazon has FREE SHIPPING!!!! I like Amazon, it's handy, but like anyplace you have to shop around! Same goes for Grainger, Mcmaster Carr, MSC, etc. They will be cheap for one thing, gouge your eyes out on other things. I've been contemplating a simple weld table for the garage since my work benches are always overflowing. I've found them for $50 to $200 depending on who's name is on it. Harbor Fraud is by far the cheapest so far.
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    There's a guy running one of the new Anthems with the 445SE 13 liter engine hauling milk at 80k pounds around the midwest, loaded over 60% of miles, and he's getting 9 MPG.
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    865 or the 866 V8 the cab and hood are raise up about 3 or so inches. The dog house is low enough that the heater clears it. Turbo fits under the doghouse. This is Yoos brothers U700 engine photo. Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki
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    The Mack engine designation 86 represented the use of ENDT676, EM6 285 or EM6 300 engines over the course of the production run. Early models used the Tip Turbine mounted on the engine for cooling the air charge. The front mounted charge cooler replaced the Tip Turbine around 1982 on most models. DM686 models continued longer with the Tip Turbine until 1988, for example. Engine designation 90 indicates the use of the EM6 300 (early), EM7 250 HP Econodyne or EM7 300.
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    I think these are the dimensions you want: 1977 RS700L BBC= 117 inches Bumper to front wheel centre= 28 inches 1977 RS600L BBC = 105 inches Bumper to front wheel centre= 28 inches 1985 RS600L Value-Liner BBC = 106.75 inches Bumper to front wheel centre= 29.75 inches The difference in 1970's models was a clear 12 inches but the introduction of the intercooler ahead of the radiator added an extra 1.75 inches to the front end of the RS 600L so the difference between your RS600L and an RS700L should be 10.25 inches. I've no experience of real tucks so can only speak theoretically. I have made reasonably accurate scale models of both the RS700L and RS600L. The front cab mounts for a 77 RS 700L and Value-liner look the same and also had one of the battery box mounts incorporated. On the RS700L the cab/battery box bracket was the rear support for the battery box but on the Value-liner it was swapped to become the front support. I don't know if the battery box/ cab support mounting holes for the front and back were in the same position on the frame and therefore interchangeable on both the 600 and 700 models but it might be worth looking into. Then there would still be the extra 1.75 inches at the front to consider as well as the other things Vlad listed. spec sheet0001.pdf
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    I do hope there isn't going to be a lot of yelling this time. It takes all the enjoyment out if a good shock wave and heat blast. Waa Waa Waa! It's too windy, it's too hot, the lights to bright...
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    you're right, but so are they.... one of the problems with bus conversions to RV is that most buses are monocoque with no frame, I've seen some conversions that have altered the floor to get more inside height and they wiggle as you drive them, then some try to alter door frames and add slideouts, never mind the overweight kitchens and bathrooms, some folks think they can create a house inside a bus frame using house building materials. On some models if you remove the plywood floor and drive it the structure will permanently deform. yes, vintage buses converted to an RV would be an interesting subject to discuss with RIV, I know of a few conversions brought in on an exemption but they needed a full inspection and engineers report before licencing, and if you fail it has to go back to the US where the title was previously cancelled so you are in limbo if it is not allowed back in... not worth the effort. the current process is to bring in a titled pre '71 bus with seats (exempt from fed rules), get it inspected as a commercial bus, title it, gut it, build an RV and change title... post '71 needs CMVSS confirmation from manufacturer.... buses built in Canada and directly exported to US may not qualify to be re-imported to Canada unless they were built to dual CMVSS/FMVSS standards... go figure. BC Mack
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    I couldn't believe this one.... I had one of my 2000 CH"s with a 427 ETECH. it was running fairly smooth, would pull ok for an ETECH. As the engine warmed up more and more I would get loads of white smoke out of the crank breather at the front timing gear cover. I had done head gaskets to the truck 5000 miles before that (Only because a rear head rearmost frost plug rotted through!!!) and thought something failed.(nothing worse then doing your own warranty work) Started thinking maybe turbo charging the crank through the oil drain tube or other things.....tested cooling system turned out ok..... Turned out to be an injector failure dumping to much fuel into one of the cylinders. Pulled all six delivery lines and injectors, replaced and roadtested.... problem solved!
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