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    I think this was the picture I posted back in 2014. Has a few miles and some road rash now.
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    Apparently my friend thought his Ford F650 rollback was lonely so he purchased a 2019 F550 V10 4 X 4. It was delivered last Friday afternoon. He was busy with it on New Years Eve. Next stop is the sign shop.
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    I bought Hendrickson part # 7644 for my '88 R690. Bolted right on even though it was made for later RD's. A MACK purest stopped by one day and told me he liked the factory bumper because they had a sharper not a gradual bend in them like mine.
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    The Australian Mack MIR did use the Brockway Huskiteer cab. If you check your Double Clutch magazine, you will see mention of it in a recent article on Mack Cabovers Downunder, by Gary Richards. There will be a follow up story coming up soon on the MIR. This is the only known use of a Brockway cab on a Mack chassis.
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    A couple pics of 690's.
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    Obama weaponized the IRS to stall out Tea Party groups applying for tax exemption..... phase 2 was shoot them if they got tax exemptions.
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    Hey there! I just saw your post. I am near St.Louis and I have a 1946 Type 45 Open Cab. I can probably help. Brian
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    Not trying to be a jerk but how do you know this truck on flat tires that is missing tons of key parts to make it road worthy “runs, shifts and drives good”?
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    I think these are the dimensions you want: 1977 RS700L BBC= 117 inches Bumper to front wheel centre= 28 inches 1977 RS600L BBC = 105 inches Bumper to front wheel centre= 28 inches 1985 RS600L Value-Liner BBC = 106.75 inches Bumper to front wheel centre= 29.75 inches The difference in 1970's models was a clear 12 inches but the introduction of the intercooler ahead of the radiator added an extra 1.75 inches to the front end of the RS 600L so the difference between your RS600L and an RS700L should be 10.25 inches. I've no experience of real tucks so can only speak theoretically. I have made reasonably accurate scale models of both the RS700L and RS600L. The front cab mounts for a 77 RS 700L and Value-liner look the same and also had one of the battery box mounts incorporated. On the RS700L the cab/battery box bracket was the rear support for the battery box but on the Value-liner it was swapped to become the front support. I don't know if the battery box/ cab support mounting holes for the front and back were in the same position on the frame and therefore interchangeable on both the 600 and 700 models but it might be worth looking into. Then there would still be the extra 1.75 inches at the front to consider as well as the other things Vlad listed. spec sheet0001.pdf
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    My B Mixer has that set up. It's a Garrison Hydraulic Assist. All the parts are available from Garrison in California and from Steering Re-builders and Truck Parts in Texas. For both Ross and Shepard boxes.
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    Sounds like garrison power assist steering Clean the grease off of the control valve, drag link, you may find a part number If you pm me your email address I can send you the manuals that I have Does it turn to the right with power assist? Depending on where you are located you may be able to get it to work by changing the fluid Good news is that garrison is still in business and located in Southern California Bad news is that the valves quite often are not rebuildable due to wear.
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    Made me think of Maxwell the Pig.
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    Hello All. After many years with the old mack, I need a bigger truck for the family, so this one needs a new home. It has a rebuilt 237 in it with an Eaton 910 transmission. Air ride on the truck and seats. AC!!, Alum fifth wheel, and about any other up grade you would like. Let me know if you have questions. This is priced to sell today. First 40,000 to get here gets it!! Located in Morehead KY. First tank of fuel is on me. All fluids and filters changed this year.
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    If you remember the amount of irs employees ballooned an astonishing amount right after Obamacare was forced into action. Got to arm all of those agents.
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    I think I'm getting to more than 1/2. If I ever attempted to do something like this at home I wouldn't wake up the next morning.
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    Jim, Did you ever posted outside views of your B75? During the years I don't remember seeing any but from these inside the cab shots it must be a very nice looking unit. I even was going to ask this question at Macungie this past summer but we were in contact for just a moment. Good thing I was lucky to meet you in person at all
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    Got the frame up today. If good weather holds out should be able to finish it up except the doors in a day
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    got my new driveshaft in today. then also biult a driveshaft safety loop out of some 1/4" thick steel
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    Used as a sign for a classic car mall
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    Show season? Is there a show season? Come to California the shows go on year round except when it rains
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    Standing guard outside the gate.
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    I would do it myself. There are various products out there for cleaning diesel fuel. Power Service makes a cleaner. https://powerservice.com/psp_product/clear-diesel-fuel-tank-cleaner/
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    sounds like a wiring issue ,might be best to rewire all,my Mack was like a rats nest with wiring added through the years, check all the steel brake lines too ,I had a steel line that rotted away. good luck and post photos
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    Sure sounds like it took cops a long time respond, either waiting shooter to run or donut stop, I remember local cops taking the long route when they heard a gun was involved, if they shot the kid it would made better impression on the rest of the nut jobs now we have to hear about his poor life and how the world messed up and how he is the victim. Pelosi is writing her anti gun manifesto right now, and it's all Trumps fault.
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