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    Got the frame up today. If good weather holds out should be able to finish it up except the doors in a day
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    At least it's not up side down and on fire. . .
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    Don't forget to hang an empty chip bag out the window for the sound.
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    Or parked on top of a honda .
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    or both ends facing the same direction........
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    It is almost New Years when some may be seeing double. Painted to match but spec'd differently. 1972 R-685 doing the work with a 1969 R-611T out back.
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    Too many things that is not going to work for you.The E model is much longer and the trans and clutch is not big enough and the rad is too small as well as the air/air cooler is too small.
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    I have used their injectors haven't used their injectors and turbo together never had any issues with them. I have also used injectors from K&S Diesel seem to be just as good only about half as much money
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    The whole truck.
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    7mil white polyethylene. Supposed to be able to get 4-5 years out of it. It's the same stuff they shrink wrap boats with and make backyard skating rinks out of.
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    I took the picture about 10 years ago.
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    This is the support topic for the tutorial 2002 Mack RD600 Dimensions. Please post here if you have any questions or feedback.
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    Jay Leno has grown on me over the years He always came across as aloud mouth Yank to me when he was on late night TV in Australia, it would appear that may have just been a act for the show He is so respectful to other people and their cars and other peoples families cars Paul
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    Probably the Swift driver's neighbors were complaining about him parking, so he used F Model's truck as an example to get out of his bind..
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    A price up front will weed out a lot of responses. terry
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    I purchased this B61 last year with the intention of finishing its restoration. Health issues will not allow that, so it needs to go to a new owner to give it the attention it needs. It has the D673P Thermadyne engine with the Triplex transmission. Good tires with spares. It is licensed and insured, but not road ready. It needs new wiring to some of the lights and the air horn is in-op. Bad reeds. It has a huge winch driven by a PTO. I don't know it's condition. It is bolted on and can be removed. It is complete. 5th wheel and goose neck hitches. Custom bumpers. It drives great and will do 65mph. Dash gauges need redone and I have another speedo and some clearance lights too. $8500
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    Let me toss a handful of dirt a question in the ring - do you relate R600 and R700 Eastern R-model hoods? From what is written above looks like you do that. But I'm pretty sure the measurments of RS600 and RS/RL700 Western Valueliners would differ.
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    Put some time in the past few days. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
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    I measured hood of my '86 RD688 and hood of '77 R795 . I'm not sure if this helps of confuses the answer. The difference between mine is 10.5 inches . I will measure the hood of my R688 , but i'm pretty sure its the same as my RD.
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    besides that, I don't wanna see that wench
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    It is quite a busy street as it is one of two roads in and out of the towns industrial park area. Oh no worries on the building I hate having my things sit out side anyway. Now on with the permits and footings 🧐
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    It can get more complicated than that... Several years back I researched upgrading from the 12k# front axle on an MR. Turned out the next rating up, 12.6k# IIRC, looked the same but had a more thorough heat treating.
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    excellent i hadda 50,,, 4 door sedan back in the 70s nice lookin ride lotsa chrome inside and out....bob
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    ^^^ yup^^^ it is everyones fault except for the poor innocent dirtbag that pulled the trigger.
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    1986 e9 400hp found this truck in illinois about 6 years ago we had it at tri-state truck show in winchester va last time we took it any were it like number 180 built
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    When Bad Dog mentioned 'My New Ride' Twaz sorta xpectin sumthing like this But good 2 C U chose a cheaper model to own n operate LOL cya
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    Hey, i know this thread has been dead a while, but if any of you guys are sanding aluminum, I’ve found an airway wheel that works very well when used at low rpm’s. I’ve been polishing longer then I’ve been trucking, and this wheel saves lots of time. I found it on renegadeproductsusa.com. Under the metal restoration category, they sell a “satin airway” wheel. Its almost like a scotch brite material that puts a satin finish on the aluminum. I used it on tanks and wheels with great success. I use it as a more aggressive sanding and follow up with 320/400 grit and higher paper. The wheel greatly speeds up the time finishing the contours of a wheel. I use a buffer and run it at 3000 rpm or less. The 6000 rpm grinder will just destroy the wheel in a hurry. They’re a little pricey, so you don’t want to do that.
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    And have the neighbors pay for it!! .....Hippy
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    Do what Trump said, build that wall!
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    about 15 years ago i had a new neighbor move in next door. within a year she turned in to the neighbor from hell. nothing was good enough. and she complained about everything. the straw that broke the camels back was the day she complained to the town council about "the junk yard of non running abandoned vehicles next door" lucky for me i was home the next day when the police, zoning board officials, code enforcement officials, and two council members showed up, along with 2 wreckers to tow away all the "abandoned" vehicles. when i asked what was going on they started to explain. i said oh, that truck? handed one of the cops the registration and insurance card, got in the truck , started it up, and pulled it out onto the road. and proceeded to do the same thing with 7 other trucks and cars. when the asked about the one truck i did not go near, i told the zoning officer " i am allowed one non registered or insured vehicle, and that is it. it runs, but i can not pull it out on the road because it is not registered or insured. i started it up, and moved it forward and back into it's spot. then parked all the others. with nothing they could do, they had to pay the two wreckers for nothing, and left. never had any issues with the town after that, and the witch moved out a year later.
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    Ok that is why I was asking... with 5.73 rears you are kinda limited. That Mack 5 speed has a .60 overdrive in 5th gear and should put you at 74MPH at 2100RPM . If you can only do 65 I think you may have a low RPM pump setting (1800RPM) you can turn that pump up to a normal 2100RPM pump and it will run alot better but it will drink some fuel. for example here are the top speeds at 2100 rpm with 22.5 tires and 5.73 rears Mack 5 or 6 speed direct with 22.5 tires and 1:1 trans 44MPH in top gear T2090 Mack 9 speed with 22.5 tires and .71 OD puts you at 62 MPH in 9th gear 12 speed mack with 22.5 tires and .78OD 57MPH in 12th gear 8LL with 22.5 tires and .60 OD puts you at 60 MPH in 8th gear you can see from where the speeds fall between a direct trans or a .60 to .78 over drive Trent
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