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    Plenty fat girls in the south that like to go for rides in big trucks.
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    Finally got all the tires, hyd hoses, and air lines fixed. Got the big 5th wheel mounted and decided to take the trailer on it's maiden voyage around the block.
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    Good review of the Florida massacre........http://projects.sun-sentinel.com/2018/sfl-parkland-school-shooting-critical-moments/ Not to be blunt but, given that he murdered 17 people........why hasn't Nikolas Cruz been executed yet?
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    Manson, Bundy, Boston Bomber(s), Cruz and the rest are the media /political darlings... plus thanks to the ACLU and libs you can't do anything to violate their civil rights. Cruz was according to the "smart people" innocent, he was failed by a) the school, b) the counselors, c) the students who snubbed him, d) the NRA or e) all of the previous. No personal responsibility, no blame on the murderers and in the end no real punishment. Watch justice at work when the "poor" un documented emigrant in Cali who killed the young cop walks with a slap on the wrist. Already the media (CNN MSNBC HLN CBS and NBC) are blaming ICE for allowing him on the street, NOT Calis law against info sharing with the Feds on illegals.
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    Hopefully, It will. After I repair the lower cab and a few other areas, I'll start repairing the panels one by one. Then start the reinstallation. Just going to worry about it one panel/repair at a time. It's kind of daunting looking at it as a whole. This is the worst part of the whole restoration.
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    got my new driveshaft in today. then also biult a driveshaft safety loop out of some 1/4" thick steel
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    Back at it again. I've had some consistent time to devote and have gotten a lot accomplished. I had all the aluminum frame castings repaired where needed. Then I machined all the repairs and replaced all the holes on the Bridgeport. While I was doing that work, I made up a polished stainless bumper to replace the mangled aluminum one. Finally, welded in about 60' of 1" square tubing to brace it as a removed the final panels for repair.
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    A couple pics of 690's.
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    I just pulled it out of our warehouse and around the building. There is a learning curve to pulling it. It doesn’t track like a regular trailer at all. If you swing wide for a turn, you’ll likely end up in the far side ditch. To get it backed out of the building, it was kind of tight, so I had to put Dad to driving the truck, and I had to walk beside the trailer and manually steer it. Once in the clear, you put the trailer in automatic mode and it will steer with the truck.
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    For the same reason Dzhokhar Tsarnaev hasn’t been executed........ They give them time to find flakey girls who want to be their correspondent prison girlfriend, for injected cocktail drugs to be outlawed, a chance at getting insanity sympathy, to drag it out and drive up the cost of capital punishment so they can argue against it, to work on the book deals and so they can appeal again and again to find a mistake, juror impropriety, sympathetic liberal judge, or other loop hole to free them when the whole Earth knows they smoking-gun-did-it.
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    Well i decided to stay with the original gearing. Being a log truck and crawling around through the mud and mountains I think having the low end “grunt” will do me more good than the extra 5 mph down the highway. Thank you MT for the input!
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    Someone else might chime in, with a computer you should be able to individually shut down one EUP at a time to find which injector nozzle/eup might be faulty. I've never had a need to hook one up to a computer but the book says you can. See if your local non Mack Dealer shop can accommodate you on doing that. One truck I just looked at for potential buy had a miss when I cold started it, but once the truck warmed up I shut it off/restarted and the miss went away.
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    Looks a bit Too neatly Parked for a Swift truck...........
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    That is a bare bones cab!! Should look real good when you are done, like a new truck!! terry👍👍👍
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    I'm interested when you get them
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    i haddn't actually noticed that. i would have thought that would have a straight axle under it. i actually did some work on getting a proper driveshaft for my jag today. well pulled the one out that i made myself out of the old driveshaft a different yolk on one end welding the slip yolk solid and cutting it to length and then added a sae yolk on one end to get the trans slip yolk on, it worked but it had a little bit of vibration over 75-80 and i was a bit afraid that it wouldn't hold up to launching with traction. found that the actual flange on the rear end was sae even though the u joint was metric, so we were able to find a flange that mates right up and will be a much larger u joint, having the new driveshaft built with some big non grease able u joints. hopefully should have the new driveshaft back in a couple days. still have a goal of getting it to the drag strip for its first pass in the spring. scaled the car a while back it came in at 3720. engine should make about 400 na running 7 lbs of boost on it could me making as much as about 600 hp. so it could possibly run as fast as very low 11's
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    This 1996 Mack has enough to keep the cows happy for a little while.
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    Another quick video: Loving that old school alarm!!!<br/>
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    You're exactly right. From the highest tree on the courthouse lawn.
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    Tell them to go straight to Hell.I don't care what you do,just DO NOT give in,they want you to be scared and give up without a fight. I fought with zoning for 5 years,met every demand they placed on me,license,fence,etc.,they still wanted me gone,took me to court and I beat them,still here 14 years later. Just think where we'd be today if our leaders and troops just gave in without putting up a fight. Quote the Constitution to them,they hate that too.
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