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    The local WM depot had this Superliner in their kennel back in 2014.
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    Here are a few pictures from the CL add. Accurately shows condition. Once I saw it I cut a deal and then figured a day and time to go back and pay, get title and hopefully move it. Not sure if you can tell from the pics but she was pretty buried in that yard. Obviously no intention of moving or using it any time soon. Probably took me and my buddy about an hour to clean out all the shit in front of the truck so we could move it out of the yard. Brought the support rig down on Monday and got the old girl fired up and out of the yard. It's in their private drive waiting until I can get a lowboy there.
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    https://www.junkmail.co.za/trucks/gauteng/other-gauteng/2-x-ford-louisville-trucks-for-sale/a1872f33b5d84ad4953fb9c1dbb7114c# .
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    Plan is to make road worthy and haul locally. Although we're still feeling out our relationship this may change lol.
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    ain't that the truth!!! i went from this: to this!!:
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    ...and, in conclusion- I must be off. Might check out my Christmas present...
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    Another quick video: Loving that old school alarm!!!<br/>
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    god damnit google is junk. i'll get pics tonight. in the mean time here:
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    Looks as though it was assembled yesterday Bob. .
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    Actually White just revived an old concept that hadn't been dead all that long, for example International offered an integral sleeper on the Emeryville conventionals in the 60s.
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    You could build one with 3x the CID and have the same though if you could've built it with 4x the CID...
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    Proof that Volvo copied American truckmaker Ford to create their "Integral Sleeper".
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    Since you have two 359's now, it is officially a collection! Mine is a 1969 Brockway E359T (671 and a RT-910).
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    Starting December 6th, 2018, we will be sending out a daily email featuring a specially priced product or service as well as the instructions for the daily prize contest! Everyone on our emailing list will be eligible to win as long as you follow the instructions to call in! Emails will drop daily at 11:00am EST! Be sure to visit our website and join the email list so you don't miss any of the action! https://wattstruckcenter.com/12-days-of-christmas/
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    Great video kind of surprised the UP wasn't in it.
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    I'll get some more pictures later this week, but I believe she was refurb'ed post-FDNY when she was with her first dept in VA. The rear canopy is slanted and not straight, so I'm assuming that was replaced at some point, probably during the refurb. As you can see, no MT# painted on the cab. Is there anywhere else I could find it? Doing some research, I believe her to be MT7313, in service as Ladder 31. Multiple online people have claimed her for be Ladder 31, which I thought was pretty neat (and hopefully true). There's a PTO switch in the cab, just by the gear selector. Does he need to be in gear like an Engine before switching the PTO on? The Jacks and Stabilizer controls are where you say they are (drivers side, by the turntable) and I saw the jacks and ladder switch. I'd like to track down an operators manual so I can understand the aerial system better. I'm sure all that stuff is long gone from FDNY, but maybe on ebay or SPAAMFAA
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    on your eng . from the 90s you`re as bad as i am i`ve got a big cam cummins that i built in about 93-4 everything new inside recon heads and all that i have not started . keep it oiled and turned over but no smoke yet
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    I've got to say that is pretty cool and looks to be well done.
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    Got it all figured out. A friend printed me out the wiring diagram on a massive printer. Turns out the previous owners had the wires run differently and they also had the wrong style switch in place. All back together everything working.
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    RV has 15' Living Quarters. 350 Big Cam Cummins with less than 50k miles on overhaul. 13 Speed Transmission with 264 ratio rear-end. Air-ride. My son looked at it a few weeks ago. Paul
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    funny thing is, if you show that picture to people they think it is my nephew. we bust his chops that all he has to look forward to when getting older is looking like me.
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    Wow quiet and no smoke good catch....have a ball with it....bob
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    You’re not all alone Bubba......we about all have the same issue. ..:lol ...bob Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    God love ya........love that old photo. Was nice to be young and thin too bad we gotta get old and fat lol...bob Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What are you’re plans for the truck?
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    Az google az me friend it shows n tells Most of the above from BigMackTrucksa from yesteryear Mack Takes Liberty With New Lines July 19, 1986|by DAN SHOPE, The Morning Call Mack Trucks Inc. of Allentown has leaped into the media madness over the restoration of the Statue of Liberty. About 90 miles west of Liberty Island,the truckmaker recently announced the introduction of a 200-unit limited edition lines of trucks called the "Freedom Series." The Ultra-Liner cab-over-engine and Super-Liner II conventional models feature an exclusive three-year, 300,000-mile warranty. Selling for between $75,000 to $100,000 depending upon the number of options, the trucks feature special graphics that reflect the Statue of Liberty. They are scheduled for delivery in September and October. "We had a limited edition last summer," explained William Restmeyer, Mack's supervisor of trade relations. "It proved to be an effective way to market our product to independent operators, those who own one truck or a small fleet. "The concept of a limited edition adds some uniqueness to the product. This appeals to the market segment. Independent operators buy trucks with more concern for the overall appearance and comfort items. This brings in a lot more of the automotive considerations not quite as important to those owning a large fleet. "A limited-edition run gives us a basis for advertising and special promotions." Restmeyer said Mack sold all 250 trucks in its "Magnum Series" last year. Because of the recent lackluster market conditions for large heavy-duty trucks, the company will produce only 200 "Freedom Series" this summer. Restmeyer said the name "Freedom Series" has two references: to the media coverage of the Statue of Liberty restoration and to the freedom from repair costs due to the special warranty. "The warranty basically covers the entire vehicle," Restmeyer said. "The only exception to coverage is such items as tires and consumables, like oil filters and lubricants." Mack established this program with the cooperation of about 100 suppliers. Restmeyer added that calculations based on operating conditions show that the "Freedom Series" warranty has a potential premium value of as much as $12,000 to $10,000 for the truck customer. Customers also have the freedom to specify items such as six cylinder or V-8 diesel engines in 350, 400, 450 or 500 horsepower configurations. All "Freedom Series" trucks sport a contemporary metallic gray paint scheme with red accent striping and Statue of Liberty decals. Your WellCum cya
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    And for sure, nothing wrong with the alternator!
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    Yeah, it doesn't look all rusted out like a lot of the steel cab trucks! Good find.
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    The expansion tank and radiator are considered chassis items so 1 year/100,000 miles from in service date. You can buy extended chassis warranty. The fleet I work for now has extended chassis warranty on all the Mack’s. Covers about everything but tires, bulbs, belts, brake shoes and clutches. You will usually go through 2 turn signal switches , a radiator and 2 expansion tanks, a chassis wiring harness and various ABS sensors under the extended chassis warranty.
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    Pretty big undertaking. Special transmission wire harness, and engine wire harnesses needed. Does the donor chassis have the same engine type as your RD, then maybe you could just pull the donor ECM. Not sure about component shop flashing new software. Flywheel housing should be the same, but flywheel needs swapped out and you need the spacer ring. Allisons are very heavy and require rear buggy spring mounts at the rear of the transmission, so you probably need to fabricate brackets on your frame. I'm not familiar with where the RD rear engine mounts are located (Flywheel Housing or Side of transmission) in either case they will not likely be the same. There would probably be more headaches along the way, that I'm not thinking of. Hate to say this, but I'd recommend trading your truck to get the transmission you want. Pic of buggy spring
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    Not a lot of C-Model Dodge survivors. I always wondered why Doge used the 6-71 Detroit Diesel with blower on drivers side I think IH 2070 used same setup.Good luck on the sale.If anyone remembers M+G Convoy out of Buffalo New York they had the best running 6-71 Detroits in Dodge C-900's.It had to be their mechanics as we ran some 6-71 Detroits in the 1970's and they always passed us like a freighttrain passing a HoBo. Joe D.
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