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    I have been thinking about getting one of those urban assault canes (or should I say urban defense canes), cold steel sells , a little practice and I would be good to go . Gota work on the get a way though and I will have to practice my screaming "he is trying to rob me" while I beat him like a rented mule.
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    While taking the kids to a Christmas event ran into a guy I've known for 10 years. Had no idea he was an English Bulldog breeder. Snapped a couple pics of the fella. 1.5 years old. The massive head/neck on him has to be stealing traction for the rear drives. Seemed like the nicest dog till I tried to pet him...…. Guessing he is still testy about the Volvo acquisition thing? I left him alone.
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    that'll teach Him to resist......
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    On a country road in southern New Hampshire.
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    Greetings, Very excited to be part of this family, looking foward to learn and contribute!! Thanks!!
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    Wow Daimler sure is smarter than them dumb asses at Volvo (ie. x12 option in the Granite and x15 option in a redesigned Pinnacle AF).
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    The snow is almost knee deep around here! I've been watching birds and mammals mostly- I did see a big Mack truck in Ambridge, Pa. A super size chain- Some big Mack trucks at the Keystone Tractor Museum. Some Winfall wimmens posing by the Winfall sign. Some big Mack trucks.
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    I bought this washer at my grandparents sale about 15 years ago. If I new how to use it I bet it would still work.
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    So the sickness begins...
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    KS- That jeep looks like it could still be sold>
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    That is why the rumored 7.3 V-8 is so important. Lower first cost, good power, and if you are not running high annual miles the economics make sense.
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    We've been lucky so far nothing on the ground and nothing forecast in the next couple of weeks. Just bought a 40 x 32 heavy duty greenhouse frame that I'm going to mount between 2 shipping containers so I can get everything under cover before the snow flies. Gotta work fast.
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    A unique case, the C15 was available on CAT trucks in Australia because the country is Euro 5. But they are heading to Euro 6 and indeed many truckmakers are now selling Euro 6 product there anyway, including Scania. China is Euro 6 in the major cities and heading for nationwide soon. They're using Euro 6 tech to reach Euro 5, so the nationwide jump to Euro 6 will be a blink. The EU of course is Euro 6, where the trucks generally speaking have no issues. Remember EPA2007 and all the EGR issues? American Macks had windshield washer reservoirs melting under the hood. EPA2007 was the equivalent of Euro 5. EU operators had a choice of SCR or EGR. The Scania and MAN EGR trucks had no issues.
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    He is just an unhappy liberal that can't stand the president and the constitution that created this country
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    Should have asked what are you resisting? More money in your pocket? (probably lives in mama's cellar) A good job? (probably on the dole) You resisting the fact you didn't vote? (to much trouble). Could have tripped him "accidentally" with your cane.
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    Thx for jumping in with your experiences. As for your comment on...."first look under the hood....." makes me wonder if the new GM/Navistar class 4,5,6 with their tilting hood does anything for their sales because of improved serviceability.
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    I'm not saying that Workhorse should get it, but if they don't, they're heading for bankruptcy. Surefly has squandered all their money. The three million dollar question is why neither Ford nor GM are bidding on this contract. If they can't create a mail truck, on their own, they might as well close tomorrow (obviously they can). Ford has several applicable platforms including the mid-size Transit Custom and full-size Transit. Not a single one of the bidders is qualified to build the new NGDV, which is to say no American vehicle manufacturer is more qualified than Ford and GM. How can Bill Ford blow this off and hold up his face in public?
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