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    You're creating a can of worms. Respectfully speaking, you'd be far better off to buy a truck factory-spec'd as you want/need.
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    Just the right thing to do plus nobody else will take care of us without holding it over our heads. I'm just fortunate enough to have done very well and damned if I give it to free loaders.
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    Last night while shopping for supper I saw a smug looking guy with a resist hat on and had an over whelming desire to speak to the guy with the end of a steel ended tire knocker . Being a 71 yr old with a bad heart and COPD I could have only gotten about two or three good licks in before I would have been layed out on the floor near him . Not much of a get away. So I went home instead.
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    Found a 95 e9 shows 24k hrs 18 frt 22 push and 22 rears double frame what’s it worth thanks
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    The 79 F model I drove had a 10 speed overdrive transmission in it and when I dropped the first gear when I started up Christiansburg Mountain one night the gear shift felt a little funny...the next time I tried to downshift the whole stick just broke off in my hand. I pulled onto the shoulder to see what I could do and saw the handle to the hydraulic jack I carried laying in the side box. It just happened to be the perfect size to slide down over the few inches of the gear shift that was sticking through the floor. I put it over the shift lever, tapped it a couple of times, put the hose clamps on the range selector valve, and rode on. The jack handle stayed on it the whole time I drove that truck.
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    Left the show today and the gear lever broke at the threads while shifting. Hopefully I can get the broken thread portion out of the Select Air Knob. Either will need a new stick or repair this one. I will look at it in a couple of days. This wasn't on my list of things to do....
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    thanks tjc i have been leaning toward mack minimum 405-425 tri axe 16' dump (ox) or comparable
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    Pretty sure when the actual fight starts the hat can be reversed and says “I’LL SUE”.
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    Spose 2 B pix of trucks can U name m make take a long time scrutin izin each pic WotSwzU? got more but dunno if U can see the truck cya
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    Midliner parts seem scarce and costly for what little is around.
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    Really cleaned up nice . Great work .
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    IIRC around that time the Macks were switched over to the Volvo frame design, which IIRC is a bit narrower than the SAE standard 34" outer frame width.
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    Correct! The diver of truck 156 was Ezradia Swift who later in life (after a string of dump truck errors) decided to go OTR and hired former grifters and neer do wells to drive and train drivers. Ezradia was shooting of a 85% accident rate because of his dreams of inter state demo derbies. Thats the story I'm sticking to for now.
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    What are the specs on this truck ? I would think for $140,000.00 it is not heavy spec for tri-axle dump with 46,000 rears 20,000 lb front axle and most likely no lift axle.Most dump tri-axle trucks I see at 2018 prices are at least $170,000.00 + FET. These are 46 rears 20 fronts steerable 18-20,000 lb lift axle double frame,Detroit engine 13 liter or larger,Mack 405-505 HP or Cummins500 Hp.
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    Well it seems to me, that there was little remembrance today on the newscasts. Nothing but ongoing bullsh*t over Cohen. Comey, blah blah. Sad state of affairs.
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    This is a '67 F-750 with a Holmes 600 I had years ago. Great for dragging stuff home.
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    I do believe that started with the '61 Super Duties-850 and up.
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    You really not supposed to force it to shift! ha ha!
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    You can tell a countries morals by how children and the old are take care of as opposed to criminals and illegals getting the best.
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    half the problem stems from no death penalty in half these states. Ny being one of those Pussy states. kill em off, don't send the in for life in prision. really, so we have to pay for them to have free room and board and education, internet and tv?? you kill someone, you don't get to live, mandatory death within a month. over. scare some of these lowlifes and set an example.
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    here on the udder side of the world in Australia we had a bra named HESTIA Holds Every Size Tit In Australia also know as 'Ovr the shoulder bolder holder' LOL http://1037theloon.com/files/2014/01/Marliyn.jpg[/img] cya §wishy
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    Lavar Balls son is a typical I'm entitled because I'm ---- fill in the "minority excuse of your choice" the boy stole from shops, stole cars till he got busted when he was 14. Typical liberal trash. Lavar Ball may not let his son use his Ferrari for a day or two as punishment for what? getting caught? . ESPN News.11/19 UCLA freshman LiAngelo Ball may have set a record for steals in the storied college basketball program’s history before even playing one game. The reported shoplifting arrest of the “big baller” in China could result in a much bigger punishment than some might expect. Ball was among three UCLA players accused of looking for a five-finger discount at the Louis Vuitton store in Hangzhou, ESPN reported Tuesday afternoon. The son of the polarizing LaVar Ball and brother to hoops stars Lonzo and LaMelo was nabbed just days ahead of UCLA’s game against Georgia Tech on Friday. While immediate details were scarce, such to the value of what was stolen, criminal penalties for theft in China are among the strictest in the world. “Those robbing public or private property using force, coercion, or other methods are to be sentenced to three to 10 years in prison in addition to fine,” according to the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China. If a weapon was used or if anyone was hurt, LiAngelo and/or his teammates could also face the death penalty, according to Chapter V of “The Crime of Encroaching on Property” portion of the criminal code. (but daddy say it's no big thing) The laws in China are so strict that one woman was sentenced to serve a decade in prison for stealing a cellphone in China. Another woman who stole food from a grocery store was sentenced to being publicly shamed by being forced to hold up a sign reading, “I am a shameless thief,” China Daily reported. In another sign of the country’s rigid criminal justice system, the above penalties were seen as being “too lenient” for shoplifting in 2001, according to the South China Morning Post. Back home in Southern California, LiAngelo drives a Ferrari, which typically sells for as much as $400,000. His younger brother LaMelo drives a Lamborghini. Their older brother Lonzo just signed a lucrative multi-million dollar contract with the Lakers. Their father was running the Big Baller Brand, an athletic lifestyle brand that sells sneakers for $495 a pair, among other pricy items. All of those facts likely left many wondering why exactly LiAngelo would need to steal anything at all. The least-heralded Ball brother, far from an NBA prospect, was largely seen as part of a package deal to guarantee his brothers would play for the storied UCLA program A few years ago my grandson and "friend" broke into my shop. Stole a blown alcohol Ed Pink engine from my funny car ($44,000 engine) a complete ready to run Max Wedge II Dodge engine and a 340 6 pack engine. Totaled up to just under 90 grand, they got $150 from a recycler, (I got them all back less a set of carbs) I pressed charges for Grand Theft and insisted the DA put the grandson in jail no plea bargaining or I'd be on the news making his life hell. Liberal daughter in law and idiot son wanted me to forgive him drop the charges and "just talk with him. Sentenced him to 3 years in the County Jail, let him out in 1 1/2 . . .he tried to steal a brand new Mustang from a dealer near the jail to "get home". Now doing 5 to 8 in NYS prison. The liberal parents insist to this day "if I didn't have those engines he wouldn't have taken them". MY FAULT ! That if I only listened to the reason they stole them I'd forgive him. I did like their reaction when I informed them that if he comes near or on my property they WILL have no need to leave the light on for him.

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