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    Those L series Fords Were a DAMN fine Truck.. I've had 7 of 'em over the years, From a '76 LN7000 right through to a late LTS9000 ..In fact I still have a couple. One with 3 & 1/2 Million Kms & still earning her Keep, I keep telling my Wife , When It's working days are over I'm parking at the Front Gate ,Wind a window down a bit & use It as A mail box, Then Finally I'm going to be buried in It..
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    those were the top of the 75th anniversary wild turkey whiskey bottles,evidently they had some that never got used,the ones for the bottles were glazed in gold,see them sell on Ebay alot.
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    Mack T maybe his shop is calling the dogs or sliding clutches a synchro? terry
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    I wanted to share my latest addition . It started life as an R795 . But the owner ( that has passed now ) liked detroit motors. So they put an 8V92 in it. I don't know a lot about the truck. I believe it has 44 k rears, 12 k front . I do know it is a 1977 , 475 hp and it has a 13 speed . I am now the 3rd owner of the truck. My plan is to use it a little to move equipment and take to the occasional show. As strange as it seems …….. my attraction to this truck is the motor. It just sounds so cool ! I plan on doing some video of it . I will post when i get something uploaded .
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    A quick clip of D. Rounds working show trucks on you tube.
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    Some folks on the BMT forum are railfans and may be fans of GHWB as well.
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    41 was a true American hero...one of the greatest presidents we have had.
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    41, I've notice you have nearly one of everything. Cars, Trucks, Gadgets, apocalypse generators, cool shift knobs, guns, power boats, etc. I didn't have the "statue of David" on my assumed toys list??? I'm not an art buff, but the white legs next to you on the reflection is 100% Michelangelo….. gotta Google search for stolen David statue to see if I'm collecting a crime stoppers reward. Or you could let me borrow your boat for a weekend and I'll forget the whole thing...….
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    Red Horse, good point about the multi-brand dealerships. Here in Minnesota and surrounding states Boyer Trucks is the "big dog" in work trucks, carrying Daimler, International, Isuzu, and Ford. They started with Ford, but when Ford sold off the heavy trucks Boyer was forced to diversify to survive. If Ford isn't competitive, they can offer the customers the International version of the Chevy conventional, the Isuzu version of the Chevy cabover, as well as Daimler's offerings.
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    The one negative about the Class 6 Silverado/CV is it looks like a “baby Class 6” when parked next to a DuraStar or Freightliner M2 106. It really only competes with the F-650. Like the F-650, lacking a Cummins ISB option, many fleets will pass and continue to buy DuraStars (MV) or M2s.
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    I think the bigger threat is Navistar selling these trucks. We have a former Ford heavy truck dealership in the Boston area that is now an International/Ford medium dealer. In their ads, they NEVER show any new Fords other than 550. Once these class 4 and 5 and 6 trucks hit their lot, guess which trucks they will push? Plus, if I have a fleet of mediums and heavies -down to class 4- am I likely to go to my Ford dealer for a class 4/5 and my International dealer for the others? I don't think so I'm afraid Ford is going to do nothing but lose market share unless they wake up and do something with class 6 and 7 to expand their offering-to include going into baby 8 with a tandem and some power train other than their in house Power Stroke/Torque shift.
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    Zack1978, I have a 64 C85 with a factory diesel that I would sell. I live in the Hagerstown, MD area, so not too far away from you. I have attached a few photos of the rig. PM me if you would like to discuss further. Doug
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    I hear you. But surprisingly GM has some legitimate truck people. Navistar head Troy Clarke is GM alumni.....I know him personally.....he’s sharp as a tack. The GM-Navistar cooperation will proceed blossom, and expand. It’s a great win-win that eliminates duplication of effort, resulting in great savings. Does Ford really do it all in-house? The PowerStroke was not designed by Ford. Ford outsourced it to AVL in Austria.
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    If Volvo has good sense Paul, they’d make you head of Mack brand sales marketing. You have the gift.
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    A friend of mine owned this 1980 9000 with a silver. I drove it several times he also owned a 352 Pete that I normally drove. Truck Shop
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    I prefer to think your right, but consider the number 6. He dreamed up a synchro on each side of sliders....... They replaced the trans and something was fixed cause he is driving it and liking it.... so good job?
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    GM has been left in the dust in the commercial sector by still not having a modern competitor for the Transit/RAM/Sprinter vans. There is still a gap in the Astro van size segment they left years ago too. Now the Metris is trying to fill that gap.
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    Duh, obviously GM needs to hire a furniture man to head the company and move their HQ to an old railroad station. Jeez.
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    GM Fleet "gets it"- Fleet purchasing departments prefer to deal with one supplier. Being able to supply everything from a compact van or pickup up though Class 8 is a major advantage in the marketplace.
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    Thx Kevin-Never saw that commercial-back when they really tried to be in the business versus their half hearted attempts today-at least in the US.
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    Rule #1-NEVER!!!! piss off the loader operator Rule #2-never piss off the scale operator
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    This is a '67 F-750 with a Holmes 600 I had years ago. Great for dragging stuff home.
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    99 times out of 100, you'll twist the screws off. Every once in a while though, you'll be able to get them out. I'll always try the screws before I pull the whole cap. If you do manage to get the screws out, add a healthy dose of anti-seize, and they will be easier to get out next time. Seems you have to change these quite often, as the plastic window gets brittle with age and cracks.
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    That one deserves another
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    Nah mate, but the next video series has sort of started some months ago Just gotta get some more done before publishing Have been a tad busy The motor is in my mates Landcruiser and he is the fella that painted Mrs Mack Paul
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    I can see about 1800.00 worth of s/b & paint there if it had been done by a comm. shop and a ton of labor for all the rest. looking good
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    Paul, is this job going to result in a new video series? Everyone enjoyed the last one.
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    If it's anything like the other GM push rods it has either guide plates or a precision hole in the head as a pushrod guide. There should be a clean spot where it rubs the guide, that would be the top
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    Really cool truck. Thanks for sharing your detroit knowledge at the beginning of thread. Its very helpful for a detroit greenhorn like me.
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    Those knobs are bringing top dollar on e-bay. I wish I had bought a few of them every week in the 80's, when all the truck stops had a whole aisle full of shift knobs and extensions of all different sizes, shapes, and colors. I could retire now...move to Florida.
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    also emptied the cab so it can be repaird
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