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    This is a '67 F-750 with a Holmes 600 I had years ago. Great for dragging stuff home.
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    you had to stay on very good terms with those shovel operators if you were the guy in the cab
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    Ok guys update on what I've found.. Took cover off passenger side with computer on it shock white plug light went off truck runs fine..o took computer out cleaned it up put electrical grease on pins reinstalled plugs truck has been running great..thank you all for your help..
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    I've been experimenting for years on a cure for salt cancer. This stuff is the best and worst out there. Best because it works like a charm at sealing out salt and water and is impossible to wash off, worst because it is impossible to deal with when it gets on you. It doesn't just get on you, it bonds to you and becomes integrated to your body for the next week or two. We use it at the facility to lubricate massive, slow RPM, turntable gears. The consistency is liquid for the first 10 minutes then it becomes a black petroleum gum similar to pine pitch. In cold weather and after years in service it stays soft and shiny, you can cut it with your fingernail. After I rebuilt my Meat Collector Edition F150 I coated it, top to bottom, and all drivetrain units. I did interior body pockets and dead spaces, door interiors, included foot-salt run off zones, beautiful. Has no residual smell even on a hot day. When I did the tank I set it on my chest while lifting, it ripped holes in my bio-hazard smurf suit and tore my thin latex gloves. Small price to pay for an eternally mummified steel. In time it loses it's surface tackiness.
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    I wonder if any one knows or has seen my old Mack MH. It was sold several years ago to a guy in Virginia that kept it as a hobby and may run some dry freight. Just curious
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    A quick clip of D. Rounds working show trucks on you tube.
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    Clean unit and ready to work.
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    so just range as in high and low..not underdrive and direct?
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    I've never seen those brands here. That's why we all use Krown. Does that stuff creep like Krown? And if you spray Krown on a wet piece of steel, the water will actually bead and roll off. So don't know if it is any better but it's all I know and it has saved my vehicles. They have a de-salt wash now too. I get it done and it works really nice. The chemicals they have on the roads here, and the amounts they put on are ridiculous. You literally have to keep stopping and using a liquid to clean your headlights because it is like a layer of cement on them. Here's the stuff I use: https://www.krown.com/en/
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    In your hair, cut it off. On your clothes, throw'em out. In your eyes...….. Kidding aside, 3M Brake Cleaner liquefies it.
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    Rule #1-NEVER!!!! piss off the loader operator Rule #2-never piss off the scale operator
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    the thing that I cant stand is how anytime any truck spins, bein a brand new star or whatever, they use the same clip of the old General with Dayton wheels spinning. really??? and they never show them getting paid for all these pull up the hills and winch out. as someone whos in the business that is the real drama part. fighting with some foreign shitbag who doesn't want to pay or doesn't have a card or doesn't wanna call home base for a compcheck! or some foreigner cause they all do it, that wants a 'break' on the bill. when the bill comes out my rule is No negotiating, don't deal! and I don't care who it is ,how the hell do they make a boom and winch last by hooking on some loaded rig and snapping the cable and ripping someone up the hill? yea, try that a few times and youll rip the plannateries right out! a winch is made for the cable to be pulled out and to pull someone up the hill or out, not to hook up and snap the cable and use it as a chain
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    Predecessor to the export CJ-10 pickup......Jeep "Overlander". .
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    Here is a few more. Lyon's ford wrecker was restored and at Riverhead Ford Hosted on Fotki .Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki
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    Mack syncrhos starting failing in 2003. This is when I started doing inframe repairs. First they said it was range shifting in reverse that was breaking snaprings. So they updated the aux mainshaft with thicker snap rings and grooves. Synchros kept failing. Then it was the synchro shift fork bolt loosen up and causing incomplete shifts and eventually failure. So start checking torque on the bolt but Synchros kept failing. So they updated synchro, lo and hi gears. Guess what , you still see failures. Then you have the barrel trans cooler under the “cactus” hose failing and pumping coolant into the trans destroying Synchros. Seems like the T2 trans where doing well, then they got cheap with the T3s, it’s never been the same. Have synchro failures actually ever been eliminated? I would say no. Updated this, updated that, is something that dealers say to make you fell better.
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    Had a 1951 Ford F-7 Big Job with Marmon Herrington 4X4 many years ago. It had served the Richmond, MA Fire Dept and utilized a mid ship pump. All the fire gear had been removed before I got it.
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    There were quite a few “Big Jobs” built into fire apparatus. They were a good option for Departments that couldn’t afford custom apparatus. Here is one sitting out in a field in VA. It is in good company with about 20-Macks
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    That one deserves another
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    Still one of the best reality shows on tv. I enjoy watching it. Not as phony as all the other shows....other than now that they are sponsored by Toyota they always have to show a Tundra saving the day when a big truck can't seem to pull something. LOL. But that's easy to take compared to trying to sit through 10 seconds of Ice Road Seatcovers or Goldrush.
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    Well perfect that will give mighty Moe some thing else to tow when it needs to go to the shop for frost up def and the like!😎
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    When I was a kid; the fellows I helped in farming, had a 60’s something model farmall bob truck; (345 I think) tough as nails, block had been welded where it had frozen. Ran like a champ but was very hard to hold in the road. Good times! Taught me a lot
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    A pastor and I previewed Ken Ham’s “answers in Genesis” and were convinced we needed some Vegemite. Rock, paper, scissors and I ended up mail ordering some. Definitely an acquired taste, beef bouillon with a hint of stale beer. Ham said you can’t convince an American kid to eat vegimite and even less an Australian kid to eat a pickle.....appears he was right after letting the kids taste it.
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    I'll stick with the classy jeep pickups an 1958 FC-170. I have evicted the tin worms for good via sandblasting and high zinc primer.
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