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    Tanker 2621, Tri-Clover FD, Orefield, PA 1999 Mack RD688S/US Tanker 1000/3000 #45019/#75642
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    Can't say much for the looks of it !! terry
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    I believe I only gave around 350 for some from K&S Diesel Schofield WI
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    Well today I decided to tackle the manifold leak. I ordered some silica rope gasket from MSC in 1/8" and 1/4" diameter. Took the 1/8 and was able to force it into joint with a screwdriver for 3 rounds. Next I rapped the 1/4 around it 3 rounds and then forced it in tight with a hose clamp. After a test run, everything is holding good. The silica rope gasket is rated for around 2,000 deg.
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    no the clutch was adjusted at around 152k and still has the right amount of play in the pedal. the trans as well as the truck has 157k miles.
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    If they are going to make a 4 door car based on a Mustang they should not do automotive blasphemy and call it a Mustang. Give it the Falcon name or something and offer it in AWD. Ford would make a killing. Chrysler is still milking the aged Charger because a tough, fast, good sounding rear drive sedan will still sell.
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    I'd be interested in buying the chrome radiator shell to help bring the price of the truck down for someone else.
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    http://www.conleyprecision.com/609.htm Naturally aspirated $8200. and change, 5.5 h.p. @9500 rpm , Blown add about $2500 more for 9.9 h.p. These are the "tiny slow" ones from butt crack racing. Seen 3 to 5 grand pass hands at a meet.
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    Gotta wonder how much the things produce in torque and HP????
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    god where the hell are these prices coming from? maybe I should start advertising some of my 1500-2500 B61T's for 6-8000
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    How do you tell them apart?
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    I believe the first couple of years the CX Vision was introduced you couldn’t even get Mack rears in them. But I do know that where I worked, we took lots of used CX Vision trade ins and pulled the sleepers off and beefed up the front springs, and slid Camelbacks under the rear end and put dump beds on them . I think we even had a local steel company bend us some frame rails so we could double frame them. I’d say we did at least 10 of them. We had a large local trucking company that would trade in 10-15 CX’s at a time and we had to do something with them.
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    Well my last truck that I really miss is my 2005 International Paystar. It was as reliable as the old Superliner's and R model's I ran. Same with my old 9900i International. Both were Cat powered. But from 2013 up I can only comment on two personally. And I can say the Mexican built Freightliner Coronado 122SD has superior build quality compared to my US built Western Star 4900. This Star has made me hate trucks and trucking. I love the truck, but it was built by disgruntled drug addicts I think, who hadn't slept in days.
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    I remember telling the accountant where I worked at that wanted to install some Driver tracking/recording device to get an insurance discount or something. I told him that I would cut the wires to the thing before it left the shop and then would call him middle of the night, on his home land line, to give him personal updates of my location,speed, and heading. He wised up.
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    You should always buy new trucks with lotsa gauges and dual pipes, makes girls go AW with all them gauges to look at, and you really feel special with more gauges, like a pilot or ship captain, and the dual pipes make your truck go faster, and make them point to the rear so they can help push the truck down the road, if you use a single on one side your truck will lean, if you need anymore stupid comments I have plenty, I learned them all from my help.
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    Every new Mack truck will have led headlights. If this granite doesn't have them, you'll be able to get them. Your dealership shouldn't make that a deal breaker. He should be able to get them installed on that truck. Never get the M-ride. Piss poor setup. Go with Camelback or air ride. The M ride is the old Volvo T ride. They're pushing it at some dealerships and in our area it was tried and the dealer said, never again. I know what you mean by the gauges comment. I like the dash layout in my Titan way better.
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    Was estimating a seawall job in Chesapeake last spring and stopped at Tidewater Mack. Looked at an Anthem and asked the salesman if I ordered one, whats the lead time for delivery. Straight faced told me 6 to 10 months or longer, Volvo has supply issues and really could give a crap if they sell or not. Heard the same thing from Excel in Roanoake and Gabrielli in N.Y.
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Cleaning is done. Time for paint Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    That’s not uncommon now days
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    Thats good to know. I thoughtmack went back to the 1970s when many Mack Westerns did not even have tow hooks. My 77 RS700L has a nice factory aluminum bumper but who ever ordered it new speced it with out tow hooks. Not that I ever needed them but still think every truck should have them as standard equipment.
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    so Mack is a "vocational" truck...and you have to take off the bumper to get to the tow hooks...I think the engineers must have their neckties on way too tight. that has to be the dumbest thing I've heard in at least 5 minutes
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    That.....is very painful to look at. The former CAT truck designers and Tonka would be impressed though.
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