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    I was at my local HD yesterday buying a few electrical items for my Plasma Death Ray project. Eaton BR 15 amp breaker... check. Flexible conduit bushings.... check. Various EMT fittings.... check. These two fellows approach and start asking me where stuff is and how to hook it up. Obviously my attire which consists of blue jeans, a Shelby Racing T shirt, green jacket and black baseball cap looks exactly like the standard orange smock of HD employees. They thanked me for the assistance and were gone. Real life can be fairly entertaining. I wonder when my next shift will be...?
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    You are looking at a very nice "one of a kind" original 1955 Mack B Model Fire Truck completely made by Mack in Allentown and shipped on 2/18/1955 To Fairmont Fire Company Landsdale, Pa. It is equipped with the 707 cubic inch gas 6 cylinder engine and air brakes. It has 26,237 original miles however the title reads exempt. This truck has been hidden away in a dry garage for almost 30 years which made most people who were looking for it, think that it had been scrapped. The owner had disconnected the water lines feeding to the water the tank and pump prior to storage, so I have not pumped water out of it. He also had drained the fuel. I installed new batteries, fresh fuel, new points and it fired right up. I did pull the PTO for the pump and it turned on, but I immediately turned it off from fear of burning it out from running dry. It runs and drives perfect. It has good oil pressure, water temperature, and air pressure. It has a clear Pa Title and it really should be in a museum. The tires and brakes are in good usable condition. This truck can also be seen in the book authored by Harvey Eckart Mack Model B fire Trucks pages15,16. The book reads: B85F1022, built 1954. This semi cab for Landsdale, Pa featured a very unusual body, with a lip. The rotor ray light shown over the bell (bell is missing) was popular in the Phila area. The many enclosed body compartments that were uncommon in this era, as were the dual rear-mounted booster reels. This truck is located in Coal Township, Pa 17866 area and can be viewed there prior to the ending of the sale. It is being sold As-Is and the buyer is responsible for pick up. There will be a non-refundable deposit of $500. within 24 hours at the end of this sale. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, however so you know in advance, I don't know much about fire trucks, however I have knowledge of the drive train. Thank you and happy bidding! The paint, body and crome is not perfect, however for the year it is in amazing condition. There is no rust thru the body and the frame is in great shape. more pics in the ad https://www.ebay.com/itm/1955-Mack-B85-Fire-Truck/142991572763?hash=item214af63f1b:g:mBEAAOSwRBVb1NPO:rk:1:pf:0
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    Unfortunately, I live in the bluest county in my red state and most "locals" run unopposed. There us little point in voting in those races, but it would be nice if they included a "NO" option! My polling place is an elementary school just around the corner from me and there are never more than 8-10 people there at the same time when I go, so I will just vote on Tuesday like usual. The big race here is for Governor. I will be voting for the preservation of my Constitutional rights and against the spread of socialism!
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    It’s not bad having self check out as an option. You come walking up with six pair of women’s underwear and a pregnancy test kit you can guarantee the cashier is going to be some lovely ol’church lady you’ve known your whole life and then she will be calling in a manager to get an approval swipe for the Jack Daniels. Whole time your answering questions about how your parents are doing.
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    You never know . I was going to Iowa with a truck and trailer when I had a radiator leak . Found a parts place in Morton IL. that also had a radiator shop . The shop would repair the radiator if I took it out . While getting it out a man pulled in with a truck with a bad power steering pump . He asked if I would remove it and install a new one that the parts place had . I told him that I did not work here but would do it when I got the radiator out . Got the new pump installed he offered to pay me. I refused and told him I was just killing time while waiting on my radiator. Then a women with a car pulled in and asked if I would would change the wires and plugs on he car . Told he sorry but my radiator was done and had to get going as it started to rain . The shop would not charge me for the work on the radiator . This was on Friday afternoon . Everyone in the parts place and man in the shop was starting to drink a beer getting a start on the week end . I went to a store close by and bought a 12 pack for everyone . Was on my way was about 4:30 that afternoon .
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    1951 Mack L Model Fire Engine, Served Irvington NJ Fire Department I am listing this beautiful fire apparatus for sale on behalf of a good friend of mine. This is a beautiful 1951 Mack L85S pumper, fully restored and in excellent condition. It served the Irvington New Jersey Fire Department. It has a 750 GPM pump. It is powered by the Mack Thermodyne 707 gas engine. It runs very well. It has a battery conditioner/charger that has been added to it. The vehicle was restored by the seller. It is absolutely a showpiece!!!! The owner purchased an identical Mack pumper as a parts truck to ensure that the restoration was done with authentic original parts and materials as much as possible. The end result is phenomenal!!! It comes with several items of period equipment including wooden ground ladders, hard suction hose, hand tools, pike poles, soft suction hose, a few nozzles, fittings and extinguishers. Refer any questions to Tom at 502-419-5643 more pics in the ad
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    I didn't see a lot this week, because I wasn't paying attention...but I did see this big Mack truck in Sophia, N.C. And this scraper machine- Another older Chevrolet truck on 29 between Altavista and Lynchburg. And there was an accident on the Pa. Turnpike this week between Breezewood and Bedford, caused when one truck tried to pass another truck and lost control and wrecked both of them, according to the Pittsburgh news. The turnpike was closed from New Stanton to Breezewood on the eastbound side. It looked surreal, seeing absolutely nothing on the east side for miles and miles... ...and once again the Florida correspondent reported in with this photo of a Winfall Wimmen getting gas in Florida-
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    If I only had a garage big enough. Fully operational, always stored indoors! Comes with original operators and information manual! Great attention getter, or use for private fire control. Price very negotiable, come look! more pics in the ad
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    I looked into a Lingenfelter Super Charged LS9 750 h.p. for my 55 , only $36,099 GM Performance Super Charged LS9 638 h.p. is only $26,998, GM Performance Super Charged LT 5 755 h.p. is only $39,200. I wouldn't mind the Hellephant in my 55, 1000 h.p. in a 2405 lb car would be nice. Just would need my mrs guardian angel with me.
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    i make it a point to not use self checkout. have a cashier or ill shop somewhere else.
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    Not as cool, but I'm going to throw it out...….. Was going up the north corridor to the Apostle Islands and spotted this thing out in a field. Turned around and went back cause I recognized it from another unit that was at my neighbors house back home. The one my neighbor had was an original movie prop from the movie "Giant Spider Invasion". His still had the stripped Volkswagen car chassis attached. I saw a guy outside the house nearby and said "Hi, is that your structure out in the field, that domed thing" Guy "No, it's my neighbors, guess it was a movie prop?" Me "yeah, it's from Giant Spider Invasion" Guy "Ok, probably, He says he produced a few movies years back" Ended up talking for a while. It was Bill Rebane, the movie producer from Latvia. Neighbor told of Lauren Bacall coming to stay in the house he now lives in, but other than that nothing spectacular. Rebane made a movie down in my area that become notable because of rate of return. He spent $300,000 to make the movie and it brought a couple million in box office return and $23 million total gross. The math is 76 times payout for investment....blows most of todays margins out of the water. The movie is pretty cheesy, but good if you like a "B" movie on Halloween. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Rebane
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    There's strange thing with that indeed. Some people selling Macks in the US have very short skills of speaking Dutch or Russian
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    Very cool truck. Looks well taken care of. The DD is cool. I too just like the sounds of them, it takes me back to being a youngster and hearing them pull the grade on Rt 62 next to my elementary school all day. Plus living only about a mile away, listening to them through my open window all night.
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    I feel like I work at Home Depot when they make you do the self checkout b.s.
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    But if you had been wearing your I.C.E. hat you would have been alone in the store!
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    Handsome and heavy duty tractor. Very clean frame stamping above the front axle.
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    Them bitches were WITCH'S
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    ...and excellent reporting/pictures from the Florida Correspondent.
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    Nice pics for a slow week!
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    ...breaking news, this just in from our Florida correspondent- her and her friend all dressed up for the for the Halloween party. I forgot what they're dressed as, but when I asked if it was "hot-slutty cheerleaders" she said no, it was not.
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