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    My Superliner, Uniontown, PA
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    I think the whole point of the current F-650/750 was to offer a low cost limited option medium duty with an 'in house' powertrain. I think that Ford has been quite successful with this plan, they may not have the best medium duty truck but they have a good cost advantage over the competition. The 7X engine should be a welcome replacement for the old V-10. What is this 'H' cab?
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    The City Express was not much more than a limited market testing exercise, if it would have sold GM would have built their own small van. It's a small price sensitive market in the U.S. that Ford practically owns, and it isn't real profitable anyway. Not sure VW will ever end up owning all of Navistar. My best guess is some sort of merger could be a possibility in the distant future after VW spins their truck unit off, but probably not before that. Not sure Navistar would want to kick GM out of their plants either. Navistar is doing good business assembling GM's cut-away van chassis (and probably wouldn't mind more of GM's van work). The JV medium will provide International a class 4/5 truck to replace the discontinued TerraStar, and GM will likely become an engine (small diesel and gasoline) and cab component supplier to Navistar. In addition, I think there will be more JV's between GM and Navistar going forward. No doubt MAN/Scania will also be very important partners as well, if not more so than GM. You know, with GM's Duramax, MAN, and Scania diesels, International could drop Cummins eventually.
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    And my favorite non-Mack apparatus:
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    it on the on the coolant tank or overflow, well at the end i found a crack on number one cylinder, had to replace one liner and one piston, some how a piston ring, scrach the liner all the way throw, cousing the compression getting in the coolant,
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    I drove a truck with one of those motors in it about 30 years ago.after 12 hrs of driving my ears were ringing. It was a screaming mother loud as hell
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    I'll take it. Just kidding. How about some more information? Location, condition, specs, price... pictures would be great but some people are having trouble up loading them. Welcome to the forum. Mike.
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    my wife would be pissing herself....she had one back in the day,,,,she says to this day ,,,it was her favorite vehicle ever....she grew up in san diego,,,,and ran around all year with the roof off....i really liked the way they looked....but never owned one....thanks for posting....bob
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    Have a set and they seem to stay down pretty well. Weigh about 7 or so lbs per flap.
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    Sounds like spool valve has some gunk stuck in it?
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